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Desperately need a pair of size 11 for under 3.
Whites inspired by AliExpress doe Blacks homie blacks.
Tricos are Love that they were easy to attain. (Black version of course, whites are basura)
It was either 3 or 4. Don't play with fire though.
careful homie they got me good. Started with week bans then banned my account with 83 positive feedbacks :smh Had to start over with 0 feedback.
Those shelves be alright but i ain't about decorating a room using shoes. Reminds me of my high school days of hanging pages of the source on my wall Drop front storage boxes in the closet all day
Best hockey I've seen in a long time. Need to change to NHL playoff overtime format.
naw man. Keep sns 100%.I got offered my reigning champs and Ds black toes (2013) , for his kith ultra boost plus his 8/10 triple white 1.0What y'all think. I don't eem like the Kiths but it's trade bait for a dude that wants to trade his belugas for these kiths.
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