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We got you fam. I'm disappointed in my city not selling out the games , bunch of lames that jump on board when the team gets hot.4-1 sens on Thursday night.
Blue cage multis >>> black cage
Been hunting solar reds and neons for the longest time in us 11. Any oops are appreciated.
Naw ..... just naw.
I had pairs of both rc. 3.0 version is 1.0 sold off both pairs. I was never really feeling them. I think it's because I'm not into the whole mixed color scheme. Yes I'm in the minority I know.
Anyone who thinks that little girl shouldn't get a cut is foolish. Cmon son.
You don't think his daughter should get a cut ?
Interesting post from Reddit. Not sure if this has been explained yet but... So out here in Boston there is a local sports talk radio show called Toucher & Rich. Last hour they had on a law professor and a lawyer to explain what's going on and why he probably did it. Because his murder conviction is in appeal, and his recent gun charge will go into that he is dead, those appeals cannot be heard and those convictions will be vacated. And while this doesn't...
HOFFMAN Goal of playoffs
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