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This is the most anticipated Jordan this year that's NOT a Jordan 11. might be even better then black cement 4s.
i heard there's 30 people waiting outside minn ave already
less then 24 hours! see everyone there!
HOH Harlem had da yeezy 1s. But they were the only HOH at the time. I say majors but don't expect to walk out paying box price.
People are going to be so bitter about the yeezy release they will cop these lol
I know HOH for sure. Ask your local DTLR if u wanna save time n gas. But they should be a easy pick up since everyone going south beach crazy.
I know HOH got them. I think they the only place that got the last ones
Jeremy Lin 4s..
This shoe is super fresh. can't wait to rock with my Jeremy Lin jersey!
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