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Yall got me feeling old...Trina the slander will be tolerated!
Repped.It happens with every Dc movie now. Dudes convince themselves the movie is horrible before even seeing it. :.yeshrug:: ''tis what it is.
Yea...I say another 1 year deal..dude can't stay on the field... I was impressed by his start tho..up until his injury he was aggressive and swatting balls...
The secondary was very good up until Mo got hurt...they were clearly the strength of the D... It didn't lead to gaudy interception numbers, ill admit...but there was some stellar play from Mo and church this year... Wilcox was even affective and heath made plays down the stretch.. I still think we need a true playmaker in the secondary...but you gotta give credit where its due, for a traditionally weak unit on this team they really stepped it up a notch this year and it...
That Dabo Sweeney logic. Never change NT.
Here's the live stream:'s the podcast link to hear the show in its entirety later:
I'm not sure if you're into it, but Bomani Jones just read that to Dabo on his radio show....Eloquently schooled/ killed Dabo.
Birmingham jail letter is powerful man...I'm so glad to see this going viral today so people can see another side to the man other than what they allow us to see and know...Slowly but surely, more and more people are getting hip
I instantly thought of Rick James;"why would I rub my feet in Charlie Murphy couch?"Next scene;"yea, I remember shoving my feet in Charlie Murphys couch"
Too bad neither guy can post the walking punchline that is Chip Kelly...
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