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"Fonsworth, make me a sandwich" (I like the waaaaaay you move)
Puff on Young G's Puffy on the world is filled with pimps and O's with biggy and too short is ....such an underrated song
Ahhhhh...I feel yall now... my bad... Yea, I guess that ain't so common..
I'm assuming he'll call his own plays...that's pretty normal IMO...
Unfortunately they are @651... Also Ryan is a fraud, and Atlanta was 'lucky' to be there.... Never change NT...
No doubt about it...goat
Yea. Nobody choked. It was a game of wills. NE had double the plays and double the time of possession, they were bound to crack thru at some point.I do think Atlanta should of never threw the rock on the sack play. But like they did all second half, the pats took advantage. Great great game.
The damn best ever... damn Thomas. Re-spek!!!!
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