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Soooo, what would that make the skins? Considering both teams strength is their passing game, Pitt just happens to be better at it.
This and that. The same 4-5 people too(ironically the guys with the most posts in here hate the movies)...I mean, fam literally said "I don't gotta see the whole movie to already know the plot" Where they do that at???!???!!!?"And this is with whom you wanna place your trust"
I concur. 3 years stationed at ft. Bragg,15 months spent in Afghanistan. I've NEVER come close to being offended by kap.I know the type. But they don't speak for every vet.
Not to mention his kneeling had NOTHING to do with the military... thats such a bs cop out.... Kap is looking more patriotic than these 'muricca' fools by the day.
The complexion for protection...Kap is such a "distraction" bringing to the light issues of police brutality and a lack of accountability around these murders.NFL teams just proving my mans point over and over again. Shame.At least the all lives crowd will be pleased. Buc em is rejoicing.
This show has been on fire the past 2-3 weeks.... I can't say enough about Lenny, such a great performance from her. When Lenny/Farouk snapped her fingers and folded homeboy up Sheesh!! Man this show has been a true treat, a true mindf...I just roll one up, and strap in for the ride Someone help me out. Who is the guy in the wheelchair that melany found stabbed? Is he Oliver? I didn't really understand who he was, although he was on screeen a lot.
What's your guys thoughts on the Akorn Kamado? It's the "affordable" alternative to the seem legit, I think ima pull the trigger soon... Anybody have some experience on it?
Yo. Wth is baron Davis wearing ? why fam ankles out?
I'm in for the shenanigans.
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