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Need this new track on the Apple Music!!!! Joint is
Yup. They each took it to a higher level than the previous dude(commercially)..Bg was Ill...juvie took things to another level...Wayne blew the roof off... he never sold like 400 degree. But he had multiple #1s. First week plat...Baby robbed em all 🤦‍♂️
Destroy and rebuild says otherwise!!
Yea...I'll just leave this here...
And Ima cut the tv off and go to sleep on that O then!!!
Cop give a damn about a ne-groe/Pull the trigger kill a N he's a he-ro
Ancient Egypt goes back way further than 1500 years...some of the pyramids were built 2500 BC...Egypt was conquered by the romans at this point..
"They" just allowing players to celebrate again me, "they" don't want future at the bowl..Yea every player would LOVE it....but the powers that be not going there....As far as superstars ...cole/Kendrick getting plaques week 1...I love future as much as the next nter, and he's risen like I didn't think possible....he's still gotta catch up to Kenny + cole tho...
Got the pleasure to hear him Murillo times on the dan le betard west brought the lols for sure. He was also the voice of mayor Adam west on family guy... Rest In Peace man. You had a good run.
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