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he straight looks like a walking lick
At least bellicheck finessed some teams in the process. Clear win/win. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if y'all picked before 72 somehow someway. I will never doubt bill.
Damn 28 seems so far away 😔
Ps vue so clutch
Soooo. For those of us that don't have twitter, how do I find the accounts that break the news early? 👀 Help a brother out nt.
Oj Howard can't throw the rock to himself!!! I like what you said about Jamal Adams a lil more...him +that front 7 + the unique aggressive defensive mind of Todd Bowles would be such a nice fit.
That smooth beat, kid Capri screaming in the background + homie with the falsetto all come together to make love a real laid back hot 🔥 track. "She give me a run for my $$$" 🔥🔥
Oladipo wanted no parts of the rock
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