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The code is not valid
They also have the all red knit ones for the same price
R698 are $20 in Got the blue one for less than $8 because i have 20 rewards
Sheikh Shoes has the for $99 plus 25% OFF (In store only)
EDITED i retract my message earlier. the price is indeed $50 Glendale galleria has only 10, 12 & 13 in stock as of this post
30% Nike Coupon was valid until 02/27"launch product" exclusion was only 48 hrs (so ended Sunday)i got mine on Monday 02/27, and even used the $10 survey gc. $119 + some change out the door
Wearing today for some mini golf with the kids
that's a shame. i really wanted that 14! but im in LA and its about 45 min drive...
I just got order confirmation
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