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To add to 30clearance code in presto utility black is $31 shipped.
Good looks on the citygear deal. To add: presto utility black is $31 shipped.
Forgot to add in adidas factory: Crazy explosive low blue AW. 100 - 40% off FSR Also lillard 3. 100 - 40% off
Citadel adidas has ultraboost and pureboost today. 180 for the ultraboost and 90 for the pureboost. Plus 40% off both too. This was earlier today. It was going fast so check your local adidas factory stores if they have any. Good deal imo.
No size 10.
Gil II Zero. Gilbert Arenas 2nd sig shoes from adidas released in 2007. I was surprised to see a 10 yr old shoe that's not giant sizes(i saw size 8,10,11). Condition is great too. No yellowing whatsoever
Unbelievable find at ross. Check your stores
Check your local Ross. Flyknit racers for $55
The white explosive low is $67 shipped in that site also
Used. Thanks
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