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hi guys. new to this thread. i just got a new watch. it's a Wenger Roadster. I'm not familiar with this brand but its looks good in my opinion. also its swiss made. can anybody chime in on their opinion about the brand? thanks
The 119 price is not PK
Hi guys, quick question: if im a size 9.5 in CLB'16 (.5 down from my true size 10) Should i get the same size 9.5 or my true size 10 in CE Low PK? TIA
SHIEKH - $20 off $100 PRM2ANHOQZ7MW6U9 Please update if used
The code is not valid
They also have the all red knit ones for the same price
R698 are $20 in Got the blue one for less than $8 because i have 20 rewards
Sheikh Shoes has the for $99 plus 25% OFF (In store only)
EDITED i retract my message earlier. the price is indeed $50 Glendale galleria has only 10, 12 & 13 in stock as of this post
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