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Hunt for The Wilder People is better than What We Do In The Shadows IMO.
I'm in there. I just don't like the Project Almanac director doing this.
I do not know what my fav film is for 2016, (as of right now, Hell or High Water, Handmaiden, or American Honey) but, I can not consider Manchester By The Sea in my top 5, if I can only stand to watch the movie once.
Rewatching Friday Night Lights the TV show. After this need another series to get into, thinking of The OA, even despite the bad things I hear about it.
Plan on going to the new outlet in Clarksburg MD this weekend.
JC in a small room is a good look.
True, but I think overall it has been a very weak year. Runner ups I would say is Shotgun Suge and Ave.
Rex vs Shine..4.8.17, too far away.
I say if you just getting a shape up, save the 35 and do it yourself...Or like others said, find a new barber.
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