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Saw Consumed on Netflix, decent flick for a straight to video joint. Seeing Chips tomorrow night. Wilson, the new movie with Woody Harrelson was bad imo. Interested in seeing Rock and a Hard Place, and checking out Big Little Lies finally. Is the season over?
Prison Break Game of Thrones (waiting for it to be all over to binge watch) The Walking Dead (finally caught up to this season) Friends 24 Westworld (but will watch) American Horror Story CSI Bones
Voted for Nathalie, but aint eem mad that Keri winning.
Dapped up Joe Budden. Drove the Jet Life crew around when they came to a concert. Met Curren$y but mostly had Roddy and Cornerboy in the car. Met Patrick Ewing. Met the RiverMonsters guy and the Cupcake ladies. Spoke to T-Boz over the phone, was a business convo, but she was an a-hole that didnt know her business. Saw Bobby Jackson, old Kings guard at the airport.
The whole house on hills, the ghostwriting message on his last track, the celebrate with your team keep playing games, to the throw in with Jay. Goodbye Aubrey.
I have to disagree on that one. I think Kendrick straight killed that song. Put aside the "diss" part of it, he had bars, flow, and multible tongue twisters. I mean, to me its reminiscent of Em and Jay on Renegades, Sean verse still nice not better than Kendrick's barely above Jay Electronica.
That East-West matchup looks like a finals matchup more than one of them versus Keri/Margot.
Austin - Taped April 2015 LA - Taped March 2016
I like Nathalie for this one. Taylor looks like her face switches day to day.
I am mad Netflix took off the DC Chappelle Stand Up. Or maybe I am just now noticing that it is removed.
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