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Can't wait to see this tonight. Should be cool. Interesting to see that this came from Jordan Peele.
Catching up on the thread here.. Arrival was great, movie of the year, nah, imo. Place I go to to find out about upcoming movies, is, they are great. One site that I found, but reveals all spoilers of movie's endings is It also helps you understand some / or hear about other viewpoints of films endings. I found this helpful for some movies I didn't fully understand myself. Saw Fist Fight last night, decent movie, some laughs. Waiting...
Looking forward to this weekend. I think they are pretty dope. But I am very biased with VI's.
She looks very 16 seed there.
John Wick 2 was great. Kill Count:
No Ciera Rogers for Model category?
Netflix: Just finished Bloodline, interested to see what they do this last season coming up. Imperial Dreams was good. Also finished Santa Clarita Diet in one day (10 eps, 30 minutes each), decent show, Timothy Olyphant was funny, but nothing special imo. And finished People vs OJ this past weekend. Amazon: Watching Sneaky Pete now. Might do Bosch or Mozart in The Jungle after Sneaky Pete
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