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Bloodline!!! Can't wait. Last season too, should be good. Will complete this weekend. War Machine comes out tomorrow on Netflix, Brad Pitt's movie. No Netflix, but currently on season one of Bosch and 2 episodes into The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu.
Look the part, be the part. The finger wag
I thought Part 2 of Get Down was weak, but I wish there was one more season to see Books grow up and see what happens to the girl and him. Keepers was good and crazy.
Maybe I missed it, but I don't know why Joe really apologized for yesterday, seems pretty Regular Joe to me....
In blank stare news...
Any word on when Surf is outta jail?I have a feeling it will be Showtime/Ballgame vs NWX. I would really like to see NWX vs. Quest/MarvWon tho From the trailer, I'm thinking the Showtime/Ballgame vs Math/Tez
I know most might have seen the bootleg already, but here is the final production.
One episode away from finishing The Keepers. Fascinating series, I think it is just bringing up my questions than answers...
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