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That's devastating.... Going to check it out
This Southern Reach trilogy doesn't make sense and I don't care. The writing is brilliant. Read it without caring about anything. After reading The Martian and with the movie coming out soon, I had to read The Martian Chronicles I also finished John Green's work. He loves writing about teenagers and does it very well. Current series: FInished the 1st of 5 books in Scalzi's Old Man's War series. Keep on keeping on
Gladwell puts out gold
The author comes off as kind of a douche but the book had some insightful tipsEnjoyed Armada Go Set A Watchman FInished these as wellCurrently on book 3 of the Foundation seriesHad to put down The Goldfinch for a bit but I did start The Girl on The Train and The Intelligent Investor
Does ssense have accurate clothing measurements?
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