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Same here. Saw them a week or two before release and thought they looked nice esp at the $110 price. Didn't keep on it my radar though and totally forgot they released over the weekend
Yeah kinda how I felt when I got my 3.0 Oreos in. It not a sleek and streamlined as the 1.0 or even 2.0. I ended up returning. Can't seem to warm up to anything except 1.0's lol
Anyone know if Triple Black 1.0 fit the same as any other 1.0? I usually half size up so wondering if I should do the same
people buy shoes weeks, months, even years later all the time. Weather you missed out, didn't have the funds or didn't like them at first or any reason. Doesn't seem that farfetched
I had to half size up on my 3m and core black 1.0. I could make TTS fit but I'd have to take out the insole and even then it was still really snug. I would like to try on a TTS pair of some V2s just to see how they feel as all of mine are half size up but that's almost impossible unless you score a second pair to compare.
You wear your ultra boost in a size 10 also?
Wait so whats your TTS?
snapstyle on ebay I think has some.
Do Triple White 1.0 run the same as other 1.0s? I half sized up in my 3m and Core blacks.
Right on for the heads up. I was thinking the same thing that I could show up maybe a hour, hour and half and pick em up.
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