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I hope these come out in true original form at least. Bought the 2012 OG release and regret em, still DS. Waiting for leaks of pictures
Well nothing is certain but I use my 2 different accounts on NDC. 2 different email address. Worked in the past
Seems like a ton out there. Already got my 2 pair on NDC over an hour ago and just had another added to cart about 15 mins ago.
I do too. Didn't he always rock Air Ups?
First thing I thought of as well. Price is just about the same! Although the quality is probably way lower standard as before as well is that newer tiny air unit
I just missed out on the size 10. Only 10.5 showing for me. Oh well
Now I know why I didn't get a 10 at NTSF
Yeah, SP is shady AF. I use to mess with them only cuz I use to know one of the managers. I don't even go there anymore
SP must've learned from Undefeated
The SHIEKH store you win at will send you an email. Pick up is usually 10-1 with ID and Email proof. Emails are sent out typically from now to around 2
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