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At this point Highest MVPs should be selling is around $350. Even if you sold on Ebay for $400 you're still only going to net $350. I defintely paid more than $220 for mine though but much less than $350 and that's for a popular size 10.
And Dubnations
lol, I hella hate Serramonte now. We live in what I think one of the worst places in the world if you're into copping kicks
For me all around width and length. All my other curry one mids are a 10 and fit good and perfect. But in the lows seems tighter and not very comfortable. I have a size 10 I couldn't cancel from DSG this morning and will try em again to triple check. For the record, the 10.5 feel much more comfortable BUT now I have a very slight heel lift. Can't win lol
Waited at DSG 30 mins before opening @ 8:30. Heard there was already lines at Footlocker and they weren't even open an hour and a half. Got my 2 pairs size 10 in n out easy. Got home and tried em on, felt waay to tight IMO. Flew back to DSG only to find they only had 11 and up. Returned my pairs. Checked out Footlocker and the line looked crazy. It was already 10AM on the dot. Didn't know if they would have enough pairs so called a couple other malls. All said they had...
I agree, these feel a little too tight and recommend .5 up.
In cart online but thinking I should just go in store. Wondering if I should chance it
I'm going with my usual TTS again
Ended up going TTS 10 like all my other Curry Ones. Although they feel snug it isn't uncomfortable and still has the perfect amount of room in the toebox. I felt that if I did go .5 up, it might feel a little long.
I do too
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