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All my Flyknit trainers are size 10 and I also have a size 10 in the Zeros.
I don't have my pair yet but I personally went TTS as the more recent AM90s have been fitting TTS whereas about 5 years ago they ran a .5 smaller IMO
Wassup Rhino! Thanks man, been awhile since I bought a pair of kicks.
^ Damn, QC sucks on that pair. Sorry man. How's the material at least? By the way the pics look, they look way more durable than reg AM90 which is partly why I want a pair.
This is what shows up on my acct
Yeah no worries. WIth my TTS there is a nice amount of room in the toe area. I feel sizing up with just make it too long and a lot of unnecessary room in the toe area.
It's really hit and miss with customs. Sometimes you get hit and sometimes you get lucky. As of now I've been lucky ordering several time from various overseas sites and have not been charge customs. Knock on wood
Thanks for the info
Also, anyone know which shipping service is used?
I went TTS and it's a perfect fit for me. I have normal to very slightly wide foot
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