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Yeah, I definitely had some "PCD". Post Coachella depression. haha
right on! lol, I was thinkin that when seeing the GP in action. I was an easy "in"
Anyone try calling their local NT store just to check if theirs got any in?
Wondering also. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks
Haha, true that. Except for Billy Crystal.
Yeah they were, everyone yellin' out "Warrrrrriors" and showin love. Except for this one Clippers fan. She was just angry and couldn't stop telling us how much she hates the Warriors and that we f*^king suck. Kept saying we're gonna lose lol. Other than that, everyone was koo
That's how I feel about the I.G. I just can't do it.
My boy finally got around to making a quick short vid of all of us out there with the Go Pro. Not crazy, just a koo lil short vid. My one homie was being greedy using the GP everywhere, I'm sure you'll know if you see it lol. Had to rep Golden State Warriors out there. Good times though. Waiting for next year already but until then, Gotta maybe hit up other events coming up. Hard Summer looking pretty cool. Favorites performances were Pharrell Flosstradamus (killed...
Pretty much everything on CL around my way is $400 - $500 .
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