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Same here
For reference my 04 def needed to go .5 up. The recent OG retros from end of 2012/beginning 2013 fit TTS. Hope it's TTS again this time around
it is airmax. It's lower case and the "r" is fused with the "m"
I was also curious about the differences as well. Noticed a few things from pictures but it's little things. A side by side would be better
Thanks for the link. My size is already sold out though. Interesting they are already live on DSG but it seems like their inventory is low on these at least for now.
Anyone get the new 2015 OG Neons and also have the 2013 Neons? Looking for comparisons
no, I don't think so. lol
My girl likes em but too bad they don't make em GS. Pass for me. Way too many Curry's coming out now.
Just in
So limit 2 even on limited releases? Doesn't make sense. So many people for example missed out on MVPs but yet they were limit 2 per with nowhere near enough to go around.
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