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I just missed out on the size 10. Only 10.5 showing for me. Oh well
Now I know why I didn't get a 10 at NTSF
Yeah, SP is shady AF. I use to mess with them only cuz I use to know one of the managers. I don't even go there anymore
SP must've learned from Undefeated
The SHIEKH store you win at will send you an email. Pick up is usually 10-1 with ID and Email proof. Emails are sent out typically from now to around 2
Waiting for people to start posting their Shiekh emails soon
True. I'm banking on the fact they get a ton. lol. I usually hit most of the time with GR's. Surprisingly my girl won WTK 8's from Serra HOH. I was shocked
Yeah, Serra HOH hated on me using my rewards on the Kobe WTK. I'm sure they will be the same with the Bday coupon
Was only able to do Serramonte. Was gone on vacay the weekend prior and missed on other spots. A lot of em around here do them a week before now
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