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That was my plan when I got these in. Still waiting on RSS order from Monday. Any day now.
I kinda feel the same. I'm still trying to convince myself if I'm going to keep them. They look better in pictures than in person IMO
When did you order? I placed an order for size 10 Lagoons on Monday around 4pm PST and got a cancellation email this morning.
Welp, my girls size 5 Acai and my size 10 Lagoons were cancelled by RSS. Our faults for waiting a little too long
Same here. My nike dri fit socks and wearing em eventually break em in and they feel perfect after.
I buy online for convenience of not leaving the house.
I know. Contemplated for a few days now and ended up placing an order for me and the lady. I'll decide once I have them if I'll keep or return. Just didn't want them to sell out
my girl is a 6.5 in wmns which is size 5 mens for her racers and most Nikes
Apparently the Footlocker I went to only had one size 10. Hit up serramonte after 20 min after opening and the last 10 was at the register being sold. Didn't think they would be this low stock. Watch it eventually start flooding over these next months like the Oreo 2.0 did.
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