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with the small % of having one meal/pair
was it all sizes on YS?
Que your floating Winnie the pooh
I was thinking, **** better not go down in these 15 mins I have to do something. Sure enough
Damn working right now and had to do something real quick. Missed YS by about 10 mins! Smh
Dope, just got my W from there also!
Lol I clicked that ish so fast and still caught the L. Probably lumped in with hundreds of people at that point then it's all luck which goes thru. Smh
I would just do it and get your secured pair locked than play the game of chance on ADC
lol, just read that myself. sheesh, thought i'd be okay going right now too
went for not so hyped items. Got a small box log grey zip up and large box.
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