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I have a normal to slightly wide foot but TTS usually fits me okay. These fit exact for me, almost too exact with not much wiggle room. Kinda feel I should of maybe went .5 size up also. I just tried on my black Supreme 5 and they have a little more of a roomier feel in the same size, size 10 for both
Just went with my regular UB size which is half size up. I hope these fit the same
I'm still on the fence with these. Should I copp the same size in my reg ultra boost which I go half size up in?
ya'll refresh. I feel like I got a stale *** tab lol Core Black 8.5 and Wool Grey 8
I got lucky so I got em slightly under retail from JJ last week. I went TTS and they fit snug and fitted but still comfortable for me. Half size up feels good to but tend to have even more room in the toe area
Straight onto feet an hour later lol. Gonna try to work em in a lil.
Fresh off the FedEx truck. Ordered from JJ last weds. 9/15 date
Definitely will do that if they feel too tight. thanks
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