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He has a hard time keeping the weight on. He has to overeat to compensate and not lose weight
I'm going for Team Pacquaio but I agree, please give us a good fight
Thanks Rhino! Definitely will, appreciate it homie!
Haha I had a feeling that fool was exagerrating. Nonetheless within the hour sizes started flying off that table from when I got there at 8pm last night.Those looking again be there at 10am for a chance
Yeah but you guys go that Royal Blue "Team Pacquiao" shirt over there! I want that one
My friend went to the SP at Serramonte around 10 mins before closing. Said there was mob around the table with about 15 heads. He needed a Grey Medium but came out with a small.Guess it depends what size you need and color but if you go I would go there first thing in the morning 10am
Haha I know bro, you've been eyeing that grey also!
Anyone in the Daly City/San Francisco area, Shoe Palace Serramonte just got their shipment today. Got every shirt except the Red "Fighting Pride". Hurry! This is, Daly City lol.
That Royal Blue and Gold one though !
So the gold on the shirt is not too metallic and has a nice gold flakey finish to it.
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