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Most OGs I see for sale are $300-$350. Gonna wait tomorrow to see if/when shipments start coming in if there will be anything lower.
I had 2 pairs of these and sold my 2nd DS pair 3 years ago for only $350
Ruvilia pair came in today. .5 size up is perfect for me but even then they still have this real snug feeling lol. Should break in nicely though
Is your regular TTS 11? Cuz .5 size down would be really pushing it to pretty much unbearable IMO
Yeah, the day the Shadows released it was FCFS at my local Sheikh and there was no line in front of that store. Everyone was waiting on the Toro 4 across to the Shoe Palace, pretty sure they released that day. Eventually a few people lined up behind me shortly after and come to find out they had only one size run of the Shadows.
You end up copping from Villa also? I bought a pair from Villa on RD and went TTS. Felt crazy snug to me esp the toe area. Returned those and just waited for a sale. Went .5 size up this time around hoping it'll fit perfect. $154 isn't bad at all either considering retail price.
I remember that whole fiasco and everyone trying to get a hold of Kickz101 for a pair. In 2013, I had ended up copping a size 13 from Livestock. Long story short, I saw it sitting on the website about 2 hours after the drop on Livestock. Guess it was either a cancelled order or something. Had to then look for my size 10 after selling that size 13 on ebay. Definitely was a lot of work back then to get a hold of a pair, for most people at least.
Finally got my confirmed L from END.
You should be fine
Splashin over an hour now lol
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