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There is way too many pairs out there to jump on resell instantly. I personally would hold off a lil bit and wait and see. And you say they will go up in value in a few years? It's only natural they will go up after a few years but right now, it's flooded.
Thanks for the info man. I got a pretty basic Evic so I'll just top off my mega tank before heading in. I was worried they would trip about the juice already in my tank though.
Gonna be there with my folks weekend one. Anyone have any issues bringing a vape in there? I'm not talking like a small e cig that looks like cigs, I mean like a big mod with a tank?
Probably around $220 - $240 depending. More like $220ish though
So I've able to make it to both my Championship games in both my yahoo Pro Leagues. Gotta make those right waiver adds this week. wish me luck
I used my last add on Draymond last night. I was hoping for more steals and some blocks with potential 3 pt here and there and decent rebounds. Depends what you need tho
These were far from limited. As GR as it gets. With that said, glad I doubled up on these
Put it that way, makes sense. Maybe they should of still did a separate release a more pairs today
I missed it due to being indecisive at the time. Kind of stupid though to celebrate their so called "Air Max Day" 3.26 by pre sale the week before IMO.
I honestly didn't expect them to sell out THAT fast on FNL. Crazy. Probably had a very limited amount
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