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Thanks for the info. Yeah when I got in my car, opened the box to check em out thinking to myself "W T F, why they shiny though?!" That alone throws of the entire shoe for me. Probably gonna return em, don't even want to give em to my girl anymore. lol
How's the womens sizes lookin? I'm tryna gauge if there is a difference between Womens and GS pairs.
Hate when stores do that. Expect smaller boutiques or Shoe Palaces and Shiekhs but Champs?! Btw, you heard stores are suppose to get their shipments sometime today? lol
Yeah, maybe should of just hit NTSF. Didn't think it was gonna be like this though. Lol. Just wanted a pair to beat up. Still got 2 pair 2010s. Might be time to search for a HOA pair
Btw, ended up grabbing a GS size for my girl. Took a lookat em in the car and I dunno. For me personally, that leather mudguard looking shinier than it needs to be. Throws of the shoe IMO. Dunno if I wanna give em to her anymore lol. Anyone grab or see the actual Womens pair in hand as opposed to GS? My sister got a pair from NDC but won't be in till Monday/Tuesday
Did you try hunting for a pair a local spots? Maybe they got delayed shipment here? I find it hard to believe that many places didn't get men sizes
Yo, I lined up at Footaction Serramonte and was like 10th in line. Got to the counter and only 11 and up left. Went to HOH FL and no mens sizes. Called 2 other Foot Lockers, 2 Finish Lines, and 2 Shoe Palaces and nothing. WTH is goin on here?! Lol. I find that interesting one store had mens sizes in a limited run, Esp out here. Smh
I gotta start looking for tickets for game 2. Gonna get myself and my girl in there one way or another for some lowers
Damn out here at Serramonte Foot Action about 15 mins to open and got a line about 10 deep for em
Finish Line economy shipping. Free but slow as a snail
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