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Fair warning:  if you're going to make this another stupid NY>CA thread I'm just going to lock it.  We are very close to that point.   Don't be obnoxious.  Don't antagonize people.  Accept differences of opinion.       If you can't handle that, go troll somewhere else. 
 Exactly.  I wasn't even sure what that whole tangent was about - save perhaps for the rather egregious misspelling on the original telegram.  
 While Caesar may be commonly misspelled, it's worth noting that Cesar Chavez isn't named Caesar.  
 Another racist banned from NikeTalk.  I'm not sad at all.
 Good.  Read it and stop making needlessly insulting, adversarial forum threads for attention. 
 From what little I've seen, I actually dislike that show as a whole - but the reference gets thrown around on NT pretty frequently and I felt it accurately captures the tone and tenor of most White Nationalist scapegoating.   It just reeks of entitlement and superiority.  
 Dr. King's belief in equality was not limited to "Equality for native-born Americans.  Everyone else can fend for themselves."   Dr. King strongly opposed imperialism - and injustice globally.  He took a keen interest in Ghanaian independence, in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, and in the opposition to the war in Vietnam.     Dr. King supported Cesar Chavez and the UFW.    In sharp contrast to this "we can't feed everyone", "THEY TUK ARRR...
 No, we're still waiting on production scheduling.  Once we have a firm release date, we'll be sure to share it with everyone. 
 That's exactly how I feel about it.  To make matters worse, it's reported that all five years are fully guaranteed.  Ted has ONLY proven willing to let someone go if they're partially guaranteed or if their contract is up.  He would rather hang on to you to the team's detriment than correct his own bad decision and pay you to go away. That...
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