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 Obamacare:    G.O.P. Replacement:     Oh, and this should go without saying - but directing insults/personal attacks towards other NikeTalk members is not allowed on our forums.  If you truly believe in decency and civility, you can't just show it when it's convenient.  To do otherwise is like saying "I believe in nonviolence.... unless someone does something I don't like."   "Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it."
It's a bad loss, there's no way around it.  All this talk about the Wizards showing "championship composure" on this road trip ignored that they played down the entire time.     Perhaps we're starting to see the toll of all those minutes the starters have logged so far.      With the race for the top 4 spots in the East heating up, we can't afford to drop more of these winnable games - especially with that last 5 game road trip against Cleveland, LA, Utah, and Golden...
Jordan Team Elite   (Example:
We actually have TWO listings closing tonight:  currently at $175 currently at $200.01     BOTH listings close at 9:01 PM ET, just a little more than two hours from now.      I'm glad to see the first auction winners are already receiving (and,...
Congratulations, @AirForce1King on winning your auction.   The next auction ends in less than two hours:
Just a reminder:  another auction will be closing in 40 minutes.   We appreciate the generosity and support of everyone who's participated. 
Just a reminder:  auction #2 ends in 5 hours.  It's currently at $157.50.
 On the first point, I worry that Otto will be the one to go.  His minutes and touches are down since that trade, and while I'd like to think that's more a matter of working Bojan into the system and perhaps better managing starter minutes, we know that Ernie almost brought in Luol Deng to replace Porter this summer.  And then, obviously, he didn't come to terms on an extension.   For whatever reason, Ernie's not sold on Otto.   Gortat would be the better option, but, for...
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