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 No, the site was down for scheduled maintenance.  We've had a series of these recently to facilitate network and server upgrades.  The window was actually 10 PM - 1 AM PT, so we were back up significantly earlier than planned.   Though there are plenty of Warriors fans at Wikia, this had been scheduled well in advance - and you had at least an hour of uninterrupted slander following the game, so I'd hardly call it "peak."     It seems to me that you were down much longer...
 If you want to help the community, help the community.  Spamming a twitter account and a clique is not helping the community.   If you have info you're willing to share, share it.  "Follow me on IG for info!" isn't sharing info, it's spamming an IG.   The whole "you have to belong to our secret treehouse club" routine is getting old.  Teasing/taunting people with the possibility of info is considered trolling.  That's not what NikeTalk is or has ever been about.  
With the thread starter banned, we need someone to take over and keep the topic post up to date with the latest news and information.     If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer, send me a PM.  (I'd rather keep the thread itself on topic than have a bunch of housekeeping stuff cluttering it up.)       Thanks!
You failed.
The purpose of our price/fake checks section is for members to help each other evaluate product authenticity.   In this case, you appear to know that the site in question deals exclusively in illegal, counterfeit sneakers.      Users are not going to offer you input as to the reliability of a merchant that traffics illegal merchandise.  
Is anyone still experiencing this?  Ad ops has been unable to replicate it in recent attempts.     Hopefully it's now been resolved. 
Guys, keep your childish little internet clique squabbles out of this thread or you'll be permanently removed from the discussion.   If you're not here to discuss Adidas Yeezy products, keep it moving. 
.... And we're back! I expected more than two minutes of downtime for a complete database migration, but the team at Huddler/Wikia performed a full two days' worth or prep to optimize the process.   Thanks to their practice and prep, they were able to complete the process today flawlessly. The site should be substantially more stable now on the new hardware.  You may notice that pages render faster now, too.   Yes, "megathreads" with 1,000+ pages and tons of simultaneous...
 I figured that would come up sooner or later. The key difference here is that our current platform and service providers have been considerate enough to schedule this with us and give us advance notice.  (That, and the maintenance will actually accomplish something and isn't just masking a catastrophic system failure.  Huddler's wizards can do more than just make a website disappear.)  We know that people visit our forums 24 hours a day, so there's really no "convenient"...
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