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Earlier today, I learned that many post count update requests dating as far back as May were not completed properly by those responsible at Huddler - despite repeated assurances otherwise.     Thankfully, they have made available a tool that will allow our staff to handle these requests in house from now on.  Consequently, I've spent much of the evening going back and personally completing every outstanding request submitted via the updated google form.  (Anything...
Congratulations. Your impossibly childish "thread war" has resulted in the destruction of both topics.
Let it be recorded for posterity:   On October 19, 2014, Ohio took a W.       Congrats, AT.  We wish you all the best. 
 Not yet.  Until they're out of production, I can't rule out the possibility of delays.  I don't want to assign a release date arbitrarily. Once the order is filled, we can figure out what makes the most sense from there.  
 And, let's not forget, the potential exists for future runs.   There seems to be a bit of an expectation gap here, and I suspect that the nature of the offering has a lot to do with it.  Money is often considered the universal motivator.  From that standpoint, I can understand why someone would expect it to be easy to make as many of a product as the market could possibly bear.  Why wouldn't businesses that sells caps want to sell as many of these as humanly possible?...
 "These are facts."   "Yeah... but there's no causal relationship between the two.  All you've demonstrated is a correlation.  There might be an intervening variable, like the relationship between ice cream sales and homicides, or it could be that the relationship between these two trends is entirely coincidental.  The "fact" of a declining murder rate and the diminution of IE's market share does not amount to prima facie evidence of IE as a contributor to...
 If your embarrassingly ample leisure time is spent spouting stereotypical drivel on message boards to antagonize complete strangers, the last thing you're doing is winning.  
"Newbie bashing" isn't allowed.  Users who violate our forum rules are penalized accordingly.   That said, we expect new users to take the time to familiarize themselves with our forum rules, too.  Posting in the wrong place isn't supposed to yield the desired result.     Once you make the adjustment and learn the ropes, you'll be fine. 
Who's ready for another slow start?
Ignore him, he's no longer a member here.    A quick check reveals that he was banned for racist comments under his previous account.  That's all I needed to see. 
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