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Anger, in this situation, is more than just "understandable."  If this doesn't make you angry, there's something wrong.     That said, some statements made in anger express sentiments that, I feel, are counterproductive - not because they fail to coddle or comfort - but because they accept a false and destructive narrative about race.       One user, for example, posted, "The Caucasoid's are a genetic abnormality. They hate us because we're superior in every aspect."...
Today I made out a check for $10,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative.  It's really not in the budget, but that doesn't matter right now.  Sentiments, sympathy, and platitudes are not enough.  This racist presumption of guilt MUST end - and that clearly isn't going to happen on its own.       Why EJI?  Imagine if Terence Crutcher hadn't been killed - but was instead imprisoned for dubious reasons.  People lose their freedom, their futures, and their very lives due to...
I shouldn't have to say this in every thread about anything media related:   DO NOT REQUEST OR OFFER LINKS TO ILLEGAL, PIRATED CONTENT.     This isn't difficult to understand.  We don't want people abusing our forums to facilitate criminal activity.  Violators will be banned. 
 What OS/Browser version are you using?This is the first anyone has reported of this sort of pop up.  Do you have any browser extensions running?
 We'll probably do two more by the end of the year. Every year since we changed platforms, we've been able to sponsor a project of this size.  Given the ambitious scope of publishing an original children's book, building a freestanding preschool, or establishing a new school library, such projects take over a year before completion reports, such as the one referenced in the topic post of this thread, become available.  Adding a new project to the pipeline allows us to have...
Guys, if you want to participate in the discussion we ask that you stay on topic.    It's called NikeTalk, not TrollSquabble.
Turning a discussion about an earthquake that cost hundreds of people their lives into a petty personal swipe at other community members is absolutely repugnant.     This thread will be closed so that a RESPECTFUL version can be created.  
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