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 Because these can't be easily replaced, obviously.  If they didn't use signature confirmation and someone managed to scoop the cap off your doorstep, you'd be in here screaming about how they should've used signature confirmation.    There's no outcome with you that doesn't result in additional complaint.  Hopefully everyone else appreciates the additional investment in the secure delivery of their caps.  
 The Social Entrepreneurs Challenge has ended and it's too late to receive a badge for contributing through that, but you can still have your contribution matched through December 31st thanks to a private matching grant. Just visit to donate. 
 No.  They are no longer being sold.  We've since lost touch with the staff member responsible before he was able to transfer the remaining shirts to us. 
This is your last chance to vote!     Our poll will close in a few hours.  
I seem to recall only about a dozen or so entries in our NT fitted cap contest. Just saying...    In seriousness, I know this has been a struggle and we appreciate everyone's understanding.  Our goal is always to reward our fellow community members for their loyalty - not test its limits.   Unfortunately, the hard truth is that even websites operated by multi-billion dollar companies like Nike struggle on release days.  There's only so much we can do with an offering like...
 If you guys are effectively DDoSing the site, they can't add the product to inventory. If they can't add the product to inventory, there's nothing to purchase. If you want to waste everyone's time, keep doing what you're doing.  It's obviously working so far.   
Guys, STOP refreshing.     I've been told that Cap City's owner can't even add the item to inventory right now because of this.   Until the item is added, it's pointless to keep loading the page.  
 They will.  They're limited by their e-commerce system, so it can't automatically prohibit people from trying to order multiple caps or add coupon codes, but, given the volume, they can manually review and cancel those orders that don't meet the specified criteria.  So, it's possible that somebody could show up tomorrow and post a screen shot of an order for 5 caps, but that order would be cancelled and returned to inventory.  There's only 288 of these things, and the...
  I would prefer that we handle that in the other thread so this one is clear of distractions and can be of better assistance to those interested in purchasing a cap.  This is the release thread.   The all-purpose NT fitted cap thread is here: 
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