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 You sold it on the 24th, and yet here you are on an alternate screen name shilling for the site and misleading people:  Both accounts have now been permanently banned from NikeTalk.    If anyone has been impacted by this alleged phishing scheme, I encourage you to report the incident to the proper authorities.  We'll be happy to cooperate in any official investigation.  
 I didn't move it here because it's garbage - otherwise I'd throw in the CA>NY crap.  I moved it here because it's Nas vs. Jay Z garbage, and I'm not going to pretend that's a General forum topic.  It's people who ought to know better obsessing over some stupid rap beef that happened more than half their lives ago.   I don't care who won, but I can certainly tell you who lost: anyone who still argues about it in 2015.
 All this Nas vs. Jay Z crap is getting moved.    Have fun. 
Guys, if you'd like to participate in this discussion please stay on topic and follow the rules.   Those who refuse to do so will be removed.  Just ask Head Detective and So Much Sole 23.
For security reasons, posts from new members are sometimes held for approval before they appear in the forums.  Wait times can vary based on the number of other posts awaiting approval and the availability of our staff.  We generally process these multiple times per day.  I see that yours was approved earlier today and is now visible in the Jordan Brand Price/Fake Checks section. 
  Those who attempted hoaxes and other nonsense have been banned from the discussion. 
Sounds like a common scam.  This link offers reporting information and call handling suggestions:
Looks like a good turnout for Wall's minicamp in LA:     Pierce's departure undoubtedly created a leadership void in the locker room, so it's great to see Wall stepping it up even further in that area.  Nobody's going to compare a voluntary offseason workout with MJ's now legendary 'breakfast club,' but the truly great players set the standard with their...
 I wish we could harness these powers for good, but selling rep privileges isn't a viable option.  As it stands, reputation points per day isn't something that we can increase on a per user or class basis.   As much as we'd love to incorporate a charitable component to this, or allow users to pledge for new .gifs/videos as part of a future group fundraiser, this just isn't something you can reasonably ask people to replicate on demand.  Threads like this,  ​ , etc. occur...
 The staff and I are happy to help keep things civil and informative.  That's what we're here for.   Just help us out by reporting any nuisance content to use rather than trying to take matters into your own hands and insulting those whose conduct you find disrespectful or disruptive.  When people try to fight fire with fire, it just creates an even bigger mess for us to clean up further sidetracks the discussion.   We prioritize reports based on what our fellow community...
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