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 When the Wizards were among the worst teams in the league, we didn't allow fans of other teams to come in and try to hijack the thread to give it "new blood."  You know what the issue is here.    Banning a user from a thread takes two clicks.  Banning a user from the entire site takes two clicks.   If you want to reopen or replace the other thread, the only way to do it is to prove to the staff that its regulars can be counted on to report all violations immediately,...  Don't get yourselves banned over something stupid.  If you ever want a shot of reopening or recreating the other thread, you'd better at least prove yourselves capable of demonstrating some basic responsibility.  
 If anyone "ruined" it, it's all the people who failed to heed the REPEATED warnings and allowed the thread to devolve into a dumping ground for NSFW content.   The rules haven't changed.  If you really expected to discuss porn on NikeTalk, you were badly in need of a wake up call.    Hopefully locking that post will suffice.  If you'd rather just be removed from the site entirely, we can accommodate you.  Just send an account deletion request to the support account or...
You're trying to talk about porn on a site that clearly prohibits it.   Cry me a river. 
Had even one regular user shown an ounce of responsibility a lock wouldn't have been necessary.  
 People were discussing and requesting porn and sharing NSFW content.  And if that's been happening in here, guess what will follow? 
This lock shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.    Users continually attempted to push the envelope with respect to NSFW content and attempted to turn this into a porn discussion thread.       Violations weren't being reported, so it wasn't just a case of the few ruining it for the many.  Nobody made the effort needed to keep this thread up to standard. 
Please refer to our buy/sell rules:   For security reasons, users can not create listings unless they've been members for over 90 days and have over 300 posts on our forums.  
 Oh, right, the video evidence of Michael Brown breaking the officer's orbital bone inside his vehicle, then running fifty feet away, turning around, and charging at him with no weapon, thus requiring the officer to fire 11 shots, four of which came after a two second pause.   Go troll someplace else.  
Report the insults.  Anyone who breaks the rules will be removed from the thread. The users who try to deflect with this "black on black crime" smoke and mirrors nonsense are getting tossed left and right.    Personally, I think there's no possible excuse for ANY of this - the initial killing, the victim-blame, the "blue wall," the grotesque show of force against demonstrators.... all of it.  It's indefensible.  If someone wants to try to defend it, however, they're...
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