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Discussing or promoting illegal, pirated media streams will get you banned.
 Again, it was not the same ad or the same ad network.  We did have a problem with auto-playing audio weeks ago, but that's like saying we had unscheduled downtime two weeks ago and any time we have unscheduled downtime for the rest of eternity it's a related issue and WHY ISNT IT FIXED YET!??>!?!?  Unfortunately, not everyone associated with NT or Huddler works 7 days a week.  This issue is known, but was not addressed over the weekend.  I expect that to change...
This is, what, your fourth attempt at a "female appreciation" thread today?      Close this window.  Open a door.   It's said that real women exist in the realm beyond.  
Take a break.   NikeTalk doesn't need a new thread every single time you're aroused. 
 We've identified this one and it's already been reported to Huddler for removal. Unfortunately, web advertising is more complicated than most people think.  Saying "this NFL mobile verizon ad is driving me crazy" doesn't really help.  We have to find the ad network that serves the ad, and that's harder than it really should be because some ad networks effectively "sublease" their inventory to other, less scrupulous networks.   If we could fill 100% of our inventory with...
All the badges relate to group fundraising drives and serve to recognize individual contributors.  This donation was funded using NikeTalk's ad revenues. 
 Not to worry, he's been banned from this thread, too.
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