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You should go with Rony Turiaf. NO ONE will have that authentic...
And a *****ty pic of the back. Seeing this compared to some of you guys collection snapshots inspires me to unlock the vault to get better pics of the collection.
Been looking for this pic for awhile. Jersey is tucked deep in storage but wanted to post in tribute to Big Nate. Truly an all time great both on and off the court. He made an impression on me back in the day when I was a kid and he'd visit the local Y hoop camps and later in life when we'd chat at Oracle for a few minutes pregame. RIP
Sorry. Props to Antawn and Joe Smith for playing hard but this has gotta be the bottom of the barrel with Dubs jerseys. Terrible team Lightning bolts and the move to San Jose killed a lot of my enthusiasm for the team in the late 90s. Probably best thing Cohan did was to change the style after only a few years (to the now retro Curry rookie / We Believe era versions)
My first thought with the MN tagging was that this is fake looking. But man. chef curry has come along ways Retro already. Is that a record???
Thanks Tim for setting me up. Saving me a ton and thanks again for making it happen quickly.
Saw one on eBay but its signed and inscribed with 2011 Skills Challenge winner. Listed @ 600 for it....
Havent been in this thread recently but loving the Warriors stuff being posted of late... Keep em coming. Ill see if I can dig up a few more I havent snapped pics of yet...
Nice! Powell and Zarko? I'd like to see the backs too.
Just 2 here on NT. but had a few other inquires elsewhere. Also since its Xmas - thought I'd thanks those who responded
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