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 While looking like that hairy girl that you can find at almost every high school in America
I actually am in Austin and have been to Blackheart on a few occasions to see a friend's band play, but wasn't aware of their bourbon collection (front bar was packed so I hit the one of the back patio and just got beers).  I have encountered 15 and 20 year Pappy elsewhere at Punch Bowl Social in the Domain, wasn't up for dropping $25 a shot though.
Damn, that's gotta be nice. Odds are definitely in your favor to pick up Pappy and any other more difficult to obtain bourbon from their line. You been to the distillery?
Out of curiosity, where do you live? Here in Texas the prices of all the Buffalo Trace bourbons has risen here over the past 5 years. Consider yourself lucky if the prices aren't increasing in your area. There's one store I go to that has seen a minimal increase, other than that everybody is taking full advantage of its scarcity.
Just to be clear, Buffalo Trace is Bourbon not scotch. It's decent, but the price has steadily gone up bringing its value down. It's venturing close to Eagle Rare prices, which is definitely more worth the money.
What gave that away? Was it his dad?
 We know that ain't happenin'. Rousey can't getting punched in the face by legit women, let alone Cyborg. Seriously though, pretty tired of Cyborg altogether at this point. Being granted the TUE by USADA for her recent test failure doesn't change the fact that she abused steroids to the point her genetic makeup is permanently altered. And she needs months to make weight for a class she demanded be made? No thanks, you aren't marketable beyond being the freak that might be...
Rumor has it the delay in negotiations between the UFC and GSP was centered around how much Vaseline he will be allowed to use upon return, had nothing to do with his sponsors.
A battle between two legends in the best shape of their lives.
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