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 Oak Liquor Cabinet on the southbound side of 183 between McNeil and Oak Knoll, dude has a lot of stuff you can't find elsewhere. For the less rare items, I like Total Wine.
The note he has to pay for his wife's makeup supply will probably have him selling jerk vids 2 for $5.
I don't think Ferguson hits harder than Michael Johnson and Khabib was able to deal with him. Ferguson's awkwardness will be the wild card for this fight.
 I don't disagree at all, just like Mayweather/Ortiz without the dirty antics on the loser's part prior to the KO. Protect yourself at all times, even during acts of good sportsmanship.
Just saw that on Twitter. I know it isn't against the rules, but I don't see how you could celebrate a win like that or expect a promotion to bring you back.
 You are aware they already fought with Khabib winning decisively, right? A rematch would only make sense if RDA stayed at 155 and racked up some decent wins. Y'all see the Kelvin Gastelum interview on Bloody Elbow where he discusses his issues with weight? “When I’m outside of camp, I gain 40 or 50 pounds above my weight class,” he said. “It shouldn’t have to be that way, and that’s on me. I go out and I eat all this delicious Mexican food. It’s just little changes of...
They stripped Cruz, but in a lot of instances the UFC is paying their opponents show money when they pull out time and time again. It's like the dudes that always miss weight being forced into another weight class. Marketing takes a hit everytime these dudes screw up a card. I didn't say cut all injured fighters, certain circumstances are understandable. I'm talking repeat offenders that clearly don't change their prep to avoid injuries.
UFC needs to cut dudes that will obviously never be champs and can't complete a camp without an injury. Scratch that, they should even cut the champs that are constantly getting injured and getting shelved.
I think TJ soundly beats Garbrandt.
They need to cut Hendricks, dude can't make weight and is trash to watch. Watching him eat is probably more exciting than watching him fight.
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