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 That's a good deal. Best I saw was $225 and the 2 for $160 shipped, I was tempted to get the 2 even though I have an Arizer Air. There's a bunch of deals that have me considering buying all different things.
I was kidding, I don't think he has anything to offer. But it would be hilarious if he took up a Lock Stock/Snatch personality to promote the fight.
Watch your mouf, bruv.
Exposed is a better word than fraud in this sport in my opinion, unless you're talking about the 206.2lb champ. Even then the word gets thrown around a little too much. The women's divisions are where the frauds and unworthy thrive nowadays. The divisions are so shallow that literally anybody can get a title shot. Rose's 1 win last night was a good showing but she's 6-3 in MMA with only win separating her from her loss to the most recent title challenger that failed to...
As much as I dislike Dana, he might be trying to protect DJ's legacy by not letting him fight for the 135lb belt yet. He just tied the record and Dana commented afterward saying he should continue to smash the title defense record until it is unbreakable and then go for the 135lb title. I can't disagree because if he steps up to 135 and loses people won't see his future defenses at 125 as an undefeated run setting the record for title defenses.
My dude's hips were wider than Nelson's shoulder, means a lot in the sprawl.You can say he moved well, but those big dudes always look like they have two left feet. I can't be impressed by a guy that has less than a tenth of the skill, ability, technique of normal sized athletes.Sylvia, Schilt, Struve, Browne, and etc. all can thank their height for getting them into the big show. Absent of the height and lack of depth during some of their tenures they would be lucky to...
 Difficult to say because they'd also have to address the fact that he cheated to make weight. I'd be interested to know what the actual repercussions for a fight getting caught deliberately cheating to make it appear they are on weight.   Check my response above. Dude looked like trash on the scale and appeared shaky, later saying it was a really rough cut. If he preferred to cheat than use the two hours to cut I'm not sure he had it left in him to drop the weight. If...
Really? Volkov and Nelson both looked like garbage.  One thing is for sure, if Volkov wasn't 6'7 and over 205 he wouldn't be fighting MMA, let alone in the UFC. He'll never have the skill set to compete with a guy like Stipe or any of the other top 5.   These huge dudes don't even have half the skill of the light heavyweights, looking like the uncoordinated guy at the gym the kept training for over 6 months without ever refining his technique.
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