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I don't see it as angling, TJ isn't the bantamweight champ. He shouldn't get to jump the line for a flyweight title fight by any means. Not to mention DJ deserves some decent money fights and TJ isn't a money fight.
They can say whatever they want, but Davis looks extra chunky between fights. It's only a matter of time before he starts consistently missing or moving up to avoid missing weight.
I could see Ksteezy rocking it if J. Crew makes one.
Y'all dudes are trippin' on Dern's chunky self, she's getting brutally KO'ed when she comes to the UFC. The Honda blueprint is done for, especially if you lack physical strength in addition to stand up skills. I'll give her 1 or 2 fights at 125 before she starts missing weight there too.
But she is an excellent actor.In other news...
Joanna cut it close showing up last with 10 minutes left, but made weight successfully.
I just try to enjoy Kovalev fights while avoiding anything personal about him. The last 24/7 or all access he was in was cool to show how he grew up extra rough in Russia, but he is definitively a racist. I can't get down with that, nor am I going to believe he says or posts things as a joke. Homeboy grew up in a very racist part of the world, he's not kidding. I'd also assume him killing dude earlier in his career changed him. Or he was always a heartless monster.
Problem is one is a killer Soviet troll king and the other has no personality.
LOL at couldn't handle the power.
The alien child he's carrying is probably due in August or September. Can't afford to put it at risk.
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