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My distaste for Cyborg has little to do with the statement.They're talking about closing the 125 division that has a crazy amount of talent around the world because DJ makes them all look like amateurs. Yet they made a division for a broad that roided til she couldn't make her old weight class with little other opposition around.Who does the winner fight? Are they going to continue to force 135ers to move up and fight at 145? They should have just stripped De Randamie and...
Anybody else feel like Cyborg/Anderson is the battle for supreme irrelevance?
You type that with Ward sitting on your face?Kovalev fought dirty too, throwing rabbit punches in the clench. Ward throwing low blows left and right with the ref not caring.
Dirty fight
Both guys are so unlikeable.
I'm not saying it's a big deal, but it did make him the lineal champion of all the orgs involved. No other champ in the UFC will ever do that.
If they close it, I think they'd all have to move up to 135. I just don't see them making super fights at 125. DJ has proved time and time again he's the best 125er in the world. TUF brought the champs of many different organizations together and the winner still couldn't beat him. DJ should want a belt from each of the other organizations because he's now the lineal champ of every organization that participated. That picture would outdo his UFC picture 2 fold easily....
Dillashaw walking at 143 doesn't mean he can make 125 whatsoever. The issue that DJ is getting at is why book a guy that has never made weight at 125 let alone has a fight for a title shot. I get that he worked his way back to a title shot at 135, but that doesn't mean anything at 125. Especially when a large part of the title shot is established beef between him and the champ/champ's camp. They should have Dillashaw rematch Cruz if anything and the winner fights neck tat...
It is definitely a plus that the 145 champ will take on all comers at 145 given the issues with previous champs. The division just seems like buns now to me. I feel kind of bad for Rose, Joanna will murder her. At best she ends up like Gadelha and gets multiple losses to Joanna and makes decent money while doing so.
I expected Max to get ran through and Aldo made it look possible the first two rounds, but Holloway took it. Aldo seems more hittable than he was in the past and a little bit gunshot. Probably time to hang up the gloves and call it a day. Max paving the way for Yoel and the rest of the Sudra that can barely put a sentence together to be champs.
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