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Supposedly from my source at FTL, the 2 stores in NYC getting them only have about 60 pairs each.
Brand new, never tried on. Sz 6.5
You're about to get murdered for this in here. but saturday
I was hoping for you to use your common sense and know what i meant. Hopefully I could of got some info like hey man its random. You can follow these ppl to be updated or something of that sort but thanks bro you're very helpful
This is all i needed thanks bro
i think ppl forget the whole damn purpose of this site smh
thanks man very helpful smh
Whats up fellas, I've never used YS. When do they usually release yeezys?
Got you, thanks. Yea i been just going into a new lobby and usually end up finding one with not that many players in it.
I'm finally back after like a year. add me dwin25 on PS4. @duecedime what is the public lobby trick?
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