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Got you, thanks. Yea i been just going into a new lobby and usually end up finding one with not that many players in it.
I'm finally back after like a year. add me dwin25 on PS4. @duecedime what is the public lobby trick?
thats a fact, complex posted it on their IG 
yo @GrizzlyAnimal thats you w the #ntdemin? that picture is viral 
I have to buy something for $105 to become gold member in footaction if I do it now will I get the head start?
Can anyone look out with the NYC codes pm me or however u want to do it
yea they are, im trying to do the same, and i need to get out to these finishlines tomo
No Pacsun info?
I'm not taking L
I need these reds, and coppers, the green would just make my other 2 pairs free lol.
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