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Dirty Mouth, Harley, and Peekaboo are amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥
   Breh if TO ain't in the HOF, I honestly do not think Rivers should be although different positions. Rivers top 8 in TD passes all time though is really impressive.
Aye the feeling you get when you realize you completely blew it be the best though. Thinking "man how the **** did i mess this **** up man" 
Having a convo with a buddy of mine. He thinks Phil Rivers will be a HOF. What do you guys think?
Aye what grilling IG pages do you follow? Off topic my bad 
Man i was on vacation like a year ago. Met up with this girl i grew up with. We were kicking it at a bar and making out and ****. Then we leave get an uber. I'm like damn near sleep in the uber then I get out at my hotel and didn't invite chick up with me. After like 20 minutes of realizing how fried I was I called her to tell her to come over and she was like "i'm already in BK bae otherwise I would" i'm just like  . Tall mocha skinned girl with big boobs and is in dental...
Your girl sounds mad insecure b. You gotta tame or talk to her about it because that can definitely put an end to things. Eventually if she keeps being on some insecure BS whether it's old pics of an ex,you following sexy girls on IG, liking another girls pic, etc. Sounds like its not an everyday thing or anything but eventually you're gonna call it quits if she keeps it up. My girl kinda insecure too but not this bad 
She looks like she gives some A1 Topperooni 
This the same dude who called RG3 a corn ball brother right? 
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