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Still can't believe buddy got the top from hiis cousins BM while he was locked up my lord. 
yeah EVOL was trash..
**** compromise. Either go to the zoo today with your girl if she can actually go or wait until Saturday. Pitch her that Saturday/weekend zoo visits are always going to be crowded. 
Man this sounds like the corniest **** ever. See this is why you don't **** where you eat. Yall end up looking like losers  . 
My ***** I had to really go take a walk around the block after smoking this loud and listening to Feds Did a Sweep **** had me tearing up thinking bout my dawg doing 25 in the feds and I ain't want my girl to see me getting emotional. Real **** cuh Future gotta be one of the realest rappers ever b. This man damn near helps me get me through my problems than some people can. Future can't miss b
  true but a lot of the posters are from the same area so they're able to cop at their disposal. I'll begin to contribute here soon.
ohhh yeah . i need to feed the skreets more but i always forget about this thread. I wish my girl would take pics like that cause shes a pawg but she has "class" so she doesn't take pics like dreadhead. Lemme get some of that loudpack you got goin tho  
Don't think I've posted a pic in here  of this kind? You must've got me mixed up breh
The online portion you have to have a line of credit account to verify your identity. For example, they ask for your account number to either your mortgage, car loan or credit card. I'm a straight cash type of ***** so i could've verify myself online.
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