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Ali Wong not funny at all. San Fran the perfect market for her doe for obvious reasons  
Thad Young made the list? Iight these advance analytics have gone way too far.
Loved the second part. First part was just okay to me. Good to see my ***** back tho
Dave Chappelle stand up    First part was just okay to me. Second part had me ******* dyin 
Router and modem... i mean if you already have internet you probably already have a modem/router. If you want cable, you can get sling or Vue tv. Just get a streaming device such as a roku or fire stick and you're good.
This years Steph right?
I mean you could definitely make the argument
  No Embiid, no deal.  
Still took that L doe. Damn near was a home game for Hayward saw hella jerseys of his at the game. Local kid so balling in front of his hometown means a lot. Man I can't wait until the playoffs guyz the **** talking is gonna be at an all time high in here 
Damn didn't even realize Hayward had a career high last night and I was at the game.
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