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App.I used it when I was cycling. It maps out your runs/rides, tells you elevation change, speeds in different areas compared to other people, etc.Really useful
I'm about to go watch the OG British version while I wait for season 3.
Anyone use Strava? It's reliable and puts you in competition with local people.
That's what I ordered it was 2 for $24.
New to the thread, but does anyone here wear compression pants for winter running? Just ordered two pairs on Monday because last winter was w
Probably Christmas time
You guys saying these exotic cars aren't ready for dat maintenance costs  All I need is a modded 280z and I'm set      
I was driving on some old backroad a few weeks ago. I'm doing 55 in a 45 and a truck starts tailgating me. A deer runs out into my lane so I swerved into the other lane to avoid the guy behind me rear ending me. (There werent any other people on the road). The deer ran away, and I let truck dude go first 
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