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Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now
Here, this might help you.In short, it is telling you that you won't be happy in life if you don't do what you're passionate about. Even if that means you've only got $3 in your bank account by the end of the month. If you can wake up and do your job for free, then you're doing it right in my opinion. A guy a know gave up the opportunity to make a lot of money to become a teacher because that's what his passion is. He's one of the happiest people I know. He's not very...
Here's the pics. I threw the hospital tags in there too
Thursday really has me thinking, NT fam. A few months ago I gave up driving and started cycling. Less money, healthier, and it's cleaner so why not? Anyway, I was at the store picking up some things I needed. As I merged out of the parking lot onto Rt.3 (the main road here in Fredericksburg) the pull tab of my shoe got caught on the end of my pedal, which caused my leg to get caught up in the chain. I fell on the road and my face and body slid across the pavement, my leg...
Anybody see the video of the dude who got all 999. The pipes were raining from da sky, b.
I'm the one selling them, guys. I thought it was implied
The only thing that makes them 9/10 is the slight creasing. He said he wouldn't pay the price simply because of that.
Currently talking to a dude and debating price on these. They are 9/10 condition with all the accessories/box/whatever and i'm asking $300. [Is that a good price seeing they were so limted and they are in near perfect condition? (Not selling them on NT, just trying not to get screwed over.) Thanks in advance
Changed it today
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