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Got a TOBH clone and I love it. There is so much room to build. Currently running quad parallel 24 gauge 6 wrap coils. Reads at 0.14 ohms.
Once I finish up school and have some cash saved, I'm looking to move to Albuquerque. I'd be the first in the family to move more than 3 states away     Balloon Fiestas for days has a thing that with every juice you purchase they give you a second bottle of a random flavor for free. Their bottles range from 3.99 to about $9 for different sized bottles. Just ordered peach melba max VG        Also removed the nano coils for dual twisted 28 gauge coils. biggest clouds I've ever vaped. Anybody else make their own coils?
I tried to upgrade from dual micro coils to quad nano coils, ended up with three nanos
A friend of mine's vape has holes the size of nerds (the candy) and the pull on it is so much smoother than the holes on the nautilus.
I use the big Nautilus currently. I want to drill the holes bigger but I haven't yet.
A shop down here called avail sells a cherry limeade flavor.I would buy some flavored like the Starbucks frappes tho
Currently using a Hades 26650 mod I highly recommend it, the only con is a short full battery life (~3 hrs)
What's the point of keeping overpriced shoes in a storage locker that you're inevitably going to forget about until you start wondering why you're missing $70 a month? If you aren't going to wear them or sell them, what was the point of buying the shoes? To look at them? You're probably going to regret this series of poor investments later down the line, you might as well just wear the ones you like and sell the ones you don't.
I haven't been on NT for a long time
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