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Happy Thanksgiving, NT Fam 
 This.  Can't come out the shower without a game plan 
Is there a manual version?   edit: Just watched the first video. I wonder how it does as a driver's car
 That thigh gap tho chrome one was actually the first vape I bought. It lasted months until I started building. Variable voltage, decent sized tank, and fits well in the pocket.
 What's the story behind that? 
Got a TOBH clone and I love it. There is so much room to build. Currently running quad parallel 24 gauge 6 wrap coils. Reads at 0.14 ohms.
Once I finish up school and have some cash saved, I'm looking to move to Albuquerque. I'd be the first in the family to move more than 3 states away     Balloon Fiestas for days has a thing that with every juice you purchase they give you a second bottle of a random flavor for free. Their bottles range from 3.99 to about $9 for different sized bottles. Just ordered peach melba max VG        Also removed the nano coils for dual twisted 28 gauge coils. biggest clouds I've ever vaped. Anybody else make their own coils?
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