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I just noticed they changed their domain name to  
iight cool the clothing is selling out... no longer possible for me to spend more 
Copped a flamingo track jacket... no queue.   Want more but this adds up quick 
Hmm the prices are ok if true.. could have been much much worse 
Crazy there's no prices listed yet. I would like to know if everything is overpriced in advance smh
Woke up at 10:59 and carted a tee but I forgot my CC info FFS 
MJ Tee and out. Finally fixed my card decline problem since the beginning of the season, hopefully i'll be good to go tomorrow 
Dumbly paid resale for some bamboo curtains. My inner asian couldn't help it though    At least it was under $200 so it wasn't so bad 
Washed this season. All my card get declined bruh 
Y'all should be on the lookout... deals will be coming between this week and next with Yeezys releasing 
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