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Dez dropped it
I wore uptempo's everyday in high school... I don't know if I could rock another pair ever again
Hoodies flew lmao   Red Japan Tee 
778 probably 
Damn the homage gate ending    I was really leaning towards them being U/A... They were too well made for them being completely fake.   But man that's crazy 700+ pairs made for Kith specifically as well. Like why?   Probably still won't cop though because I still can't wear two different shoes  
World Class
Kithmas for everyone else = L on a raffle 
Wouldn't even be worried about not getting shipping for the UBs.. it's Christmas weekend   but for the Columbia drop doe... 
Could have checked out 3 but it's fine Wonder if they'd actually get delivered today 🤔Yeah same. Been entering since they started doing em and never hit on anything
    CONF EMAIL. LIT. HOPE ALL THE OLD HEADS COOKED.    Never seen Kith crash before 
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