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Washed this season. All my card get declined bruh 
Y'all should be on the lookout... deals will be coming between this week and next with Yeezys releasing 
 I hate Brady smh 
I didn't even get a captcha 
Oh no 10 was impossible, had friends strike out mad hard  
Copped a 9 manual easy. Last time I struck out was Volcano GLV    Honestly if you know how checkouts work on Kith it should be easy unless you're one of the rare sizes.
Yup too easy. 
Good luck NT. Should be easy iif you've done this before 
I know new pairs get shipped to goat for inspection.. but does anyone know if USED kicks get inspected too? Looking to pick up some really nice used joints but wondering if they still authenticate used kicks as well. Don't want some shoes that are used AND fake 
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