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I've always liked the lows.
Soooo I completely slept on these. Anywhere still have a 13 or 14 available? Thanks in advance.
I agree, there's nothing wrong with the boots, the outfit...ehhh I'm tired of the distressed trend & those just don't like right on him. I'm just not a fan of the boots.
Being a 13, I've always been somewhat on the fence about rocking these type of shoes. I've always though kicks w/o laces make my feet look longer, so I can see @alps argument here. But it is all about personal choice and could be pulled off it done correctly.Here's Marc Gasol rocking a pair of Mezlan Chelsea boots. They aren't SLP (not sure of his size, but I'd be surprised if they made these off the rack in his size). I personally don't like the look of these on him, but...
Bally "Chuck Taylors" today.
Absolutely do.
Appreciate the feedback guys.
My 93 ASG just came in from Jefferesons. Is this white line on the front seem on anyone else's? It definitely doesn't show in the product shots on any site I've seen these being sold. The white line in on the back center seem as well, just not as visable. Thanks in advance.
I really wish M&N would release this again or if I could find it somewhere.
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