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I've only seen that size in the actual YSL stores.
Mr. P & SSENSE is now up to 70% off.
That's terrible.  Looks more like white out then paint.
No, it wasn't just here.  I've shopped in the NY store as well & they were having the same sale.  There's 50% on the actually site right now. 
50% off whatever retail is.  All shoes (clothes as well) were 50% off during the sale.
Found the text, here's the one that was/is on sale.
The SA I deal with from the Atlanta store sent me a bunch of pics when the pre sale launched back in Nov.  I'd have to go back & check my messages.  But I believe they were the 'sand' pair.  Yes I have the runners.  Great sneaker, I was able to find a 2nd pair on Mr. Porter for 50-60% off during their summer sale back in July.
Tom Ford store had the lighter version of those 50% off during their sale.  Not sure if the sale is still going on though.
Yes can return items to the store ordered from NDC.  Wouldn't see why you couldn't exchange.
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