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LV's in the office today. Happy Spring everyone.
Going through the sneaker closet. Who remembers these jawns?
Going through the sneaker closet. How many "old school" heads remember these??
"It was all good just a week ago....".
Valentino in the office today. Picked these up in Paris since I couldn't find the others.
Well, if you pay 800.00 + on something (hell any price for that matter) you'd like to get what's advertised.  I've seen dudes in the JB forum complain about far less. 
Just want to ask one more time.  Has anyone seen these Valentino runners around lately?  Thanks in advance.    
Pair with ink pair came in, sent back.  Next pair came in with cuts to heel, sent those back.  3rd time received a good pair.
Wow, sorry to hear this man.  I have two pair of these.  The one's you mention were from the TF store in Paris (the 40% Mr. Porter jawns were fine).  I thought that mine might have been samples or something, but it doesn't make sense why they would do that to a sample.  Anyone else buying h=these definitely inspect them before wearing them.  Cheers.
Speaking of Valentino. Have any of you seen these? I tried that hem on in Paris last August, slept on buying them & now they are no longer here.
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