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R+S hoodie has been good to me. I'd actually prefer that it didn't have the zip but it fits damn well
Nudies are good stuff. I've owned two in the past and both held up very well
Got a new pair of Petit Standards. I've worn them for around two weeks now and they've already started to fade-much faster than my PNS did. They fit about the same, honestly, so I don't think it's a tightness issue. Anyway, not complaining. Also, for you dudes with blowouts-I just got my PNS back from Denim Therapy and they did an awesome job. Would definitely recommend
I actually liked one that they had this year... it was the army green colorway I think. Never tried but they look to be an appropriate length and not too slim
Want one of these too. Always thought this pic was super cool, though I'd opt for a two zip
I think I'm gonna go with Suit Supply for my next suit too. Would go TAT but I've been told Jason's stuff wouldn't work for me
"took the tags off"
My APC PNS stacked a lot like when they were new
Do you wear a belt?
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