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I think I'm gonna go with Suit Supply for my next suit too. Would go TAT but I've been told Jason's stuff wouldn't work for me
"took the tags off"
My APC PNS stacked a lot like when they were new
Do you wear a belt?
This is cool. Vanson x SF riders are coming soon, check out the thread over there
Brovsko, tell me more about that coat
I need that Theo London swag
To be clear-I've never had selvedge tapered which I would imagine is a bit more expensive. It depends a lot on where you live too, if you live in a city or large town it's likely to be more expensive. I live in a small beach town so the tailors here don't deal with a high volume of customers
Dude, I want one tooGlad you finally got your site up, Wis!
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