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I agree. Really the best bang for your buck, though I do prefer American Apparel over Uniqlo for tees
Congratulations brotherHenny- I like that. Wore my black trainers today as well
Glad to hear it- EnjoySurprising that it's not. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see it
A- Are you going to remove the belt?
So, I ended uo buying a pair of RRL slim fits. Do not regret.My one year anniversary is coming up with my petite new standards and the fades are coming along great(washed once after 6 months)I'll post pics when I can
Did you pre-order or did they already release?Most of the time, SLP "distressing" looks much different in product shots than it does in person
Depends on the person whether or not it's more versatile
Check out Aero, they may have what you're looking for
Any recs for grey/dark grey denim? Thanks in advance dudes
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