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Congrats! @bence23 Really like that pic you posted
Finding a good hoodie is hard.I want a grey one that is basically the same as a JE hoodie without the side zip(pull on+chimney neck)
When I dyed my Margiela boots with Flebings they bled quite a bit. You'll have to wash the leather a few times to stop bleeding, but it's very possible
[[SPOILER]] Knit blazers are awesome. I have a Barena and it's definitely my favorite blazer [[SPOILER]]
Anyone planning on going? Want to get a DR for my lady
Yep. I've bought a few pairs of denim recently and these are by far the best. I'll post a fit or something with them when I get a chanceThe stretch makes a world of difference. If you're looking for a pair of jeans and don't necessarily want raw/selvedge whatever- buy ACNE
Bought some ACNE studios denim recently. I think they're the "ROC" ? Anyway, awesome denim. High rise with a nice taper, plus they have some stretch to them
R+S hoodie has been good to me. I'd actually prefer that it didn't have the zip but it fits damn well
Nudies are good stuff. I've owned two in the past and both held up very well
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