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Meermin? Story et Fall?
You could get a good amount of wear out of a lamb jacket, especially if you're going out at night
Sorry, but SLP has never been about materials or quality. You're paying for cut and the brand name.
As stated in the first post, calf is heavier. Both lamb and calf will last forever if you take care of them, reallyThe jacket you're talking about is the MDR, which I have in calf
It's difficult to give you an answer not knowing what the rest of your wardrobe looks like. As for black vs brown, that will depend on what will work better with what you already have.What kind of leather you want is tricky. I have both a calf DR and a lamb CWU, and can't really say I prefer one over the other.Calf is heavier, will generally last longer(it's basically armor), but lamb is a bit easier to wear. Calf leather can take a beating, with lamb leather you have to...
[[SPOILER]] good read. Made me want to buy more leathers, though
Coat is cool but not $1200 cool. Coats should be practical as well, and this one isn't. If you're working with $1200 for a coat, you have A LOT of (better) options.It's also cut kinda weird at the bottom hem? Could just be the pic, but it looks like it has a weird drape.
This is dope AF.
Hey guys, It shouldn't be a big deal for a good cobbler. With that said, if you're confident it can make for a pretty fun DIY project. Brown-Black or Grey-Black shouldn't make too much of a difference as to how hard it is to do, honestly. The pair I dyed was a pair of Margiela side zips, I made a post with some general instructions about it here
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