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alright. where to find 1.0 solar reds in an 11-11.5?
anyone know if the white UBs are in stock in an 11 anywhere?
For ~$40 they aren't bad but just to warn you my strap snapped within a few months and the damn dial fell off too
yup. a lot of EG tends to be fairly boxy though, which isn't for everyone
EG is a really cool brand. I had a jacket from them but ended up selling it, quality was incredible
Are you actually looking for something to ride in? I'd look at Thurston bros or Aero
Yeah, that's a good deal. Might even be able to make him go lower, honestly.gonna echo the other guys: make sure you check those measurements. a lot of those jackets have wonky sizes since sizing is in the hands of (mostly) inexperienced customers
Yup.I don't understand how someone can use a staffed service(which costs $ to operate) and not expect to pay a fee.
^looks like they sold out already(not surprised, though) I'm just over here wondering how long I have to wait until I can wear my beloved white vans again
CP.*Cheat code for identifying CP=Gold Lettering. I actually got stopped the other day wearing my black CP boots. Dude was telling me about how bad he wants achilles but doesn't want paper cuts on his toes
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