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@KEVLAR it's Temple of Jawnz
Definitely worth it. I usually get a new pair of both high+lows every spring or so [[SPOILER]]
Yup. Like the lows, I wear a pair of all whites
Not those specifically, but I wear a pair of white authentics. They are fairly comfortable
I bought a pair of boosts last year and I like them a lot. Those and Flyknits are my go to summer sneakers
Congrats! @bence23 Really like that pic you posted
Finding a good hoodie is hard.I want a grey one that is basically the same as a JE hoodie without the side zip(pull on+chimney neck)
When I dyed my Margiela boots with Flebings they bled quite a bit. You'll have to wash the leather a few times to stop bleeding, but it's very possible
[[SPOILER]] Knit blazers are awesome. I have a Barena and it's definitely my favorite blazer [[SPOILER]]
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