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Sup, hope all is well
Same. Funny that this convo came up, I was checking the bae for a pair a few days agoLittle does he know, the token white guy just couldn't make it 👀
Black Metallic 5s
Sold to @True Blues
So, in my opinion, these are one of the best Asics releases in a long time. Unfortunately I don't get to wear them too often, so I'd like to send them to a better home. Not worn much, in excellent condition.
Sold! To @Misha
I love these, but I've never worn them and I think they'd be better off in another home. They've yellowed slightly around the sole pods as most 11s do, which is really the only thing wrong with them. Also, one of the corners of the plastic corner has cracked
Lebron 7 Dunkmans in excellent condition. One of my favorite 7s, unfortunately I am not able to wear sneakers much anymore so I'd like to send these to a better home
This QS from 2012 is a collab between Frank Kozik and Nike, and in my opinion one of the best Dunk releases in recent years
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