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so nora had to give back the baby to the asian girl and broke her arm right after that?   kevin  gettin caught    that lady knew she was wrong and did it anyway    i think nora gonna do the treatment and end up in the future 
so i have this straight   the old man who got strangled is carrie **** stepfather and her mother died   her husband is gay and living w his bf   the little boys father is the gay guy   the stepfather didnt approve of his step(?) son in law being gay?   so now she sent the boy to be w his dad?
when she tried to speedwalk from the police    biihhhhhhh that white lady gotta go 
Reese Waters
Hour 6 tonite Edit: Rip Jonaathan Demme director of tonights episode
Lost sucks for how they did michael and walt
Goat scene was end of s1 "ima be the biggest drug dealer in ny"
Yall the ones made it all about that race bs going extra to say how its possible its his kid even tho its RARE it happens like that and LIKELY she cheated I aint even pick on the baby I jus thought it was funny he has a white baby If it was the opposite and a white couple had a black baby yall would be laughing tho
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