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i aint eem watched the new fear yet but why is snooki big fake titties on talking dead 
white people gonna wypipo 
i thought dre said she was pro like a working girl   she a dope fiend?   he aint tommy he dont gotta fall in love lol
julio the distro    been rooting for him since day one   and he got the baddie asian now too
irrational fear of the black man doesnt mean she can have any reaction she wants its racist
 this one?   im not judging but'My name was Shayne and I was born a boy!' Glamorous Wentworth actress Daniielle Alexis publicly comes out as transgender
isnt there a white women appreciation thread?   ashley graham?   iskra lawrence?   alison brie?   doris burke?   milanya vantruyb?   mckayla maroney?
tommy x tasha? dre x tasha? angie x captain?
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