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Flow was pretty bad but jesus Nicki got crucified
Surely the Trump administration will swiftly remove this man for using a private email to conduct state business and lying about it under oath right?
No history of serious disease in my close family other than esophageal cancer at 70+ years old. 3 of my close family members on my mom's side died from it. My grandmother on my dad's side died of cancer as well.I wasn't exactly given great DNA, I know that I was also born with a rare and complex congenital lung defect, which resulted in having half of my lung removed in surgery due to internal hemorrhaging ~4 years ago. The condition is called an intralobary pulmonary...
Bless you OP Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey Best wishes and stay strong
Hopefully but I'm not counting on it. It's a pretty physically demanding job and judging by the progression of my illness and my current condition I'm not expecting much. Was it you in this thread who is a nurse? My muscles have trouble with simple activity like showering, walking, making my bed, ... hence why I got my statute of disability last December.It's been over 3 years now and doctors are still working on finding a diagnosis. Prior to a special unit at the Ghent...
It's been years ago since I had a look at the book. I don't recall exactly how many years ago it traced back the family tree but the book is at least a few hundred pages thick. I'm not sure about the races but I remember the book noted the earliest record of the family tree in Canada and somewhere down the line the family spread to the Netherlands/Belgium. Last time I saw it was at least 5 years ago at my granddad's house but he passed away a while ago. My mom might have...
Belgian white person. As far as I know my close family only consists of white people. My mom's family had a huge book about the family tree's origins, which apparently originated from Canada.
Sounds like those people should consult their nearest mental health professional.
In no particular order. I'm enjoying both projects as a whole a lot so I went with a fairly equal balance. Picked the songs I like the most from each project.  Rent MoneyMask OffScrapeSuper TrapperPOAOutta TimePoppin TagsWhen I Was BrokeFeds Did A SweepSorrySoloIncredibleTestifyHallucinatingNew IlluminatiTurn On MeSelfish
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