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Wasn't aware y'all had a literal Patriot's Day on top of that So there's already 2 holidays to celebrate the country and patriotism. Adding another one, coincidentally the day he became president, sounds like something straight out of a dictator state. No more than self-glorification at that point.And isn't Jan 20th already a federal holiday?
Pretty sure you already have a day of patriotic devotion. I believe it's called the 4th of July.
Did you end up checking out Migos' catalog yet? No Label 2 is damn near flawless 
ACG always delivers with the in-depth reviews. I actually get a good idea of what a game is like as opposed to crap like IGN.Will be picking up the game tomorrow, can't wait
Pence probably saw that and came to the rescue and posted this
What about Canada? Is that an option for some people to get less expensive surgeries etc?I think I've mentioned the story before about an American kid joining our highschool because he needed a complex leg surgery and it was less costly for his parents to temporarily move him to Belgium for a year with some distant relatives so he could get his surgery and full recovery treatment done here.I didn't talk to him much as we weren't in the same class so I'm not sure what kind...
With all my medical costs I'd be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt probably.A little over 3 years ago I required a very complex lung surgery, this was another medical problem before I became chronically ill and disabled.It was a rare lung defect called intralobary pulmonary sequestration, which in my case was very severe. I had an extra aorta sized artery branching off from the top of my aorta into smaller vessels in my right lung. Because of the...
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