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Western Europe loves Obama. I reckon he'd do such numbers here too.
What was the username? Did the account have anything special (high follower count, a unique username, ...)Also, is the account currently being used or did the hacker simply swap off the username to a different account?If you have access to the OG email, the email address you registered your instagram account with, you should be able to get it back.I only have a link to IG's contact form for false trademarking/deactivation, ... instead of the hacked account form but you...
Didn't even stay with da Don in Brussels. He was staying at the US embassy and she was in a hotel ~500m away. 
Couldn't even name a single act of discrimination she'd stand against Typical rightwing biblethumpersAnd then there's everything else...
Even Fox isn't valiantly trying to deny or defend the Gianforte incident. What a moron
Looks like another confederate relic needs to be taken down
Our evening news just said that Trump has no known plans for tonight and he will be staying at the US embassy. Melania is apparently staying in a hotel ~500m away from the embassy.
Hannity seems to be having a bit of a meltdown Serves him right.
That 90 CAM Son would be too expensive for me anyway, glad I got the POTM which was relatively cheap for a god-tier player.
Da Don expected to land in Belgium in ~2 hours There's also a large anti-Trump march planned in Brussels Not sure how many people though. The government is using all available police and security services to protect the president. Even extra police etc. from the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
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