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Instagram just banned one of my IGs for seemingly no reason  I hadn't even listed it for sale yet 
Not sure if I should be laughing or shaking my head
Welp GG Tottenham, what a strike from Matic 
Both teams making Belgium proud 
As if Trump or the GOP biblethumpers could ever be convinced to respect science
He should just go back to this
Tielemans gonna get a nice bag  Monaco seems like a great pick to further develop
If someone is incessantly bragging about their "wealth" and continually looks down on the less fortunate such as fastfood workers, welfare, the disabled, ...  it's only natural for there to be some clowning. Especially when there isn't really anything to back up said bragging. To then bring up the jesus piece as some sort of trophy to justify that attitude is at best laughable. I made more than that in 2016 off selling social media usernames  
Maybe sherrif Uncle Ruckus can get all the way out of da paint too
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