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adidas Rose 3.0 - Mens - Aluminum/Black/Light Scarlet

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Rated #5 in Basketball


Pros: Solid traction, comfortable foam-based cushion, secure fit

Cons: Takes some time to break in traction

Quality: The upper is a synthetic nubuck with solid rubber outsole. It feels like a quality product.

Fit/Comfort: These fit true to size, but were a bit tight/snug around the midfoot when worn out of the box. After a few games, the upper broke in to a more comfortable fit. The cushion is responsive for a foam cushion and heal-to-toe transition is smooth.

Support/Stability: The secure fit of the shoe combined with the Sprint Frame offer good support. My foot was locked down with no slippage.

Traction: Full-length herringbone, took a few games to break in. The traction was excellent on a clean court. I did play on a fairly dusty court later and they really struggled traction-wise, but the court was pretty dusty.

Overall: This is a great guard shoe with quality materials/tech and adidas continues to improve on the Rose line from shoe to shoe. Personally, I'm not too happy with the price even with the slight discount I got on these. It is a great performance shoe, so if you're willing to spend the money, then these are as good a choice as anything on the market right now.
adidas Rose 3.0 - Mens - Aluminum/Black/Light Scarlet

The adidas Rose 3.0 basketball shoe is inspired by Derricks humble roots and exciting play. The Rose logo features three petals that revolve around a subtle letter "D" and number "1" in the center. The petals sharp edges represent his speed and agility on the court and each one is unique to pay homage to the creative cuts, slashes and shots he makes on the court. The petals also symbolize the foundation that brought Derrick from the playgrounds of Englewood to NBA superstardom - his mother, Brenda, in the center, and his brothers Allen, Reggie and Duane as support. Just as sharp, crafted and lethal as D-Rose's game, these shoes are what separates an MVP from the others. Synthetic leather upper provides optimal light weight and durability and incorporates a unique Sting Ray emboss pattern tying back to the stingray leather used on real katana swords; the preferred weapon of the legendary Samurai warrior. SPRINTFRAME construction provides stability and speed through geometrical rese...

ColorAluminum/Black/Light Scarlet
Model NumberG48810
Release Year
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
NikeTalk › Reviews › Adidas › Basketball › adidas Rose 3.0 - Mens - Aluminum/Black/Light Scarlet