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Air Jordan I Retro


Pros: Cheapest of JB retro line, Several classic colorways, longest lasting out if the JB line, great construction, true fit

Cons: Uncomfortable after long periods of wear for some models,

I've owned every Jordan 1 model because the have great value to me seeing that my first pair ever were the patent leather mid Chicagos back in '03 when I was 13. The 1 has high sentimental value to me, so over the years I've collected each retro from '94-'13, so I know my 1's.

-1985 1's have a roomier fit and larger toe box compared to all later molds. They're well constructed for basketball use, they have extremely long laces, true high cut all the way past the ankle, and are comfortable. If I had a pair back in '85 they'll be even better cuz the cushioning and leather would be fresh.
-1994 1's saw a few changes, like the smaller toe box, nylon parachute tongue, leather all around to stop paint chipping as seen on the OG, and midsole change. The shoe fits almost exactly the same except the cushioning is more solid on these.
-2001 1's had thicker padding around the circumference of the ankle, but it did little to no help on comfort. They were very uncomfortable shoes. The only upgrade was the ankle cut was so high so gave the ankle more ability to more. A less basketball, and more casual feel.
-2002 see '01
-2003 patent leather 1's were comfortable once you broke past the stiffness of the patent leather. Very stylish sneaker one of my favs.
-2004 featured two lows. Decent sneaker an upgrade in comfort.
-2007-12 CDP, DMP, BMP, Metallics, phats, phat lows, straps,etc. all features below par materials and was missing comfort. Felt plastic like and uncomf aside from AJKOs hitch were awesome releases and way more comfy.
-2013 1's are excellent one of the better 1 releases in recent memory.


Soooooooooo comfortable. its crazy. its a good look too. i dont have the breds but i have university blues, but that dosent really matter. but yeah, beautiful shoe, and done forget, these are the first jordans made...


Pros: light oldschool basketball shoe with awesome traction and snug fit

Cons: poorest cushioning of all Air Jordans

First of all I don't own the OGs or the 1994 retros but the 2001 (neutral grey/silver mids) , 2007 (Alpha mids) and 2012 (USA hi straps) ones.
I balled mostly in the 2001 mids and while the cushioning was terrible and the midsole on the forefoot quite nonexistent, it had unexpected grip on the court and even makes the sqeaking sound of asphalt!
The ankle support is between OK and good. Fit is snug and very suitable for balling.
The 2007 and 2012 retros have somehow a stiffer midsole and the forefoot bottom seems to be
less thin than the 2001.
I usually balled in them with some insoles like the spencos from Footlocker to get better cushioning.
Not the best shoe to ball nowadays for sure, but considering it being a shoe from 1985 I still prefer
these over the AJ 6, 11.
Air Jordan I Retro

Air Jordan I

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