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Air Jordan III Retro 2001 Reviews


The Shoe that started it all...


Pros: Jordan III, Nike Air, Classic Colorway, Wide Fitting

Cons: yellowing, cracking, air-bubble fogging, stitching coming loose

Price Throughout high school I have always wanted a pair of these but didn't know where to buy(before niketalk). I saw some on Flight Club and Ebay but the prices were $500 and up. One summer at college I had almost $1000 left over in grant money and my first idea was to buy this pair at a reasonable price. Surprisingly I won a pair for $320 from a NT member named DMoney(I think) through ebay. On the box was a price tag that read $100.00!!!! The shoes came in the mail a week later and I have been wearing them ever since. Style/Look The Air Jordan III. NT understands why the design of this shoe works so well. At the time, peak performance with hi-class style. The elephant print on my...
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The Holy Grail...


Pros: Comfort, Classic silhouette, versatility, waerability

Cons: Cracking, creasing, yellowing (of course)

One of the reasons I love sneakers now. Probably hands down the most recognizable Jordan Brand silhouette. Classic colorway that goes with basically anything. Love this shoe. Just wish it hadn't become everyone's "go-to" shoe when choosing a good pair of J's.

Love at first Sight


Pros: Silhouette, colorway, overall fit, status

Cons: creasing, yellowing, breathability

When I first got into Jordan sneakers, I was immediately drawn to the 3's. For whatever reason, their sleek design and silhouette was eye candy. The colorways were so ahead of their time (white cements, fire reds, true blues, and of course these). To me, the black cements are the greatest Jordan release. Whether its the elephant print or the red eyelets, the black leather or the bold red jumpman on the tongue, these were the shoe that defined Jordan's iconic status. Just owning a pair was like belonging to a selective movement. I will always cherish these shoes and continuously buy pairs of black cements when my old pairs wear out. These are a must have for any shoe head, jordan fan,...
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it's a most have


Pros: the sickest color wave

when it come to being a shoe head theres a few thing one must know and must have if not how can one call his or herself a true shoe head. and the jordan 3 is apple of all jordan heads eye in my opinon the shoe game has come along way from when i myself first started in the game. what started of as just copping shoes turned into a lifestyle or as some will say a culture full of hypebeasting wannabe with their over hyping. social media has murdered the shoe game making everyone hop on the bandwagon of reselling shoes...what happen to the game...the jordan 3 will always be my favorite of the collection...
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