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Space Jam XI: The Best Jordan Model EVER!

A Review On: Air Jordan XI Retro - Space Jam

Air Jordan XI Retro - Space Jam

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Pros: GOAT colorway, good fit, solid for hooping, high versatility, very clean looking shoe.

Cons: Shape could have been better, quality is suspect for the price paid.

To me, the Space Jam XI's are the best Jordan's ever created, so when I found out they were going to be retroed for the 2009 holiday season, I had to get them!


My initial reaction to the Space Jams was of pure excitement. They looked great! The only thing that I didn't like was how there were little bumps on the outsole of my left shoe, and a few on the other shoe. I honestly just rubbed them off the best I could. I'm pretty sure no one could tell from afar. 


I hooped in these a few times early in the basketball season, and I wore them at the end of the very successful season. They were solid for hooping. It took a while to break into them, but they felt much better after two games. They are not the best shoes to hoop in, but for a retro with very little new technology, it sufficed.  For reference, I'm a 6' 1", 185 lbs guard.


After the season was over, I started to wear my Space Jams casually. I've hooped in them only a handful of times since, but for the past few years, I've worn them exclusively for casual purposes.


I've owned these for almost 5 years now, and they are the best shoes ever in terms of aesthetics. 


I will be patiently waiting for the next retro (hopefully within the next two years 8o). I would like the shape to be closer to the original. Also, I hope it goes back to "Jumpman Jam" on the tongue!


I aboslutely agree. Jordan 11's are my favorite shoe and I RESTORE JORDAN 11's! Contact me if you need help. 
According to a colleague of mine, the gammas didn't last very long as far as playing basketball. Many others have concurred his sentiment that they are low quality. But I guess its the sentimental and historical value that keeps the business going rather than the material goods. 
I feel like this review is very biased. I love how you rated this a 5/5 stars when you clearly didn't fill up the "quality,fit/comfort,support/stability, traction" all the way. Then in the Pros and Cons, GOAT colorway is a personal opinion. Good fit (maybe fits true to size would have been better) good for hooping (what position would it best suit? hows the traction? so many things you could have elaborated). Doesn't Shape could have been better and good fit contradict each other?
@anthonyxpark Yeah, the quality isn't the best for retro Air Jordans in general. I wouldn't use it as my main pair of hooping shoes. Every once in a while is cool though.
@VARSITY kid Yeah, this shoe is not a true hooping shoe, which is why I didn't fill up all the sections completely, nor give a super detailed basketball performance review. I use it mostly for casual purposes. It got a 5/5 based on the fact that it is my personal favorite Air Jordan! I still wanted to point out the flaws, though. Thanks for pointing out the position part though. I forgot to add that!
love that movie. maybe you can dunk from half court
love the shoe sooo much the model is amazing but the legend blue is my favorite color tbh
My favorite shoe i ever had, kicking myself in the head everyday that i had to sell due to money being tight. Rent>sneakers unfortunately
Space jams are the best 11's
These are the shoes that killed it for me. Camped out in snow and rain, got the shoes, got home, one shoe too big, one too tight, no padding between the laces like the originals. Just the sorriest shoe Jordan Brand ever released, and everyone lined up with $175 in hand trying to flip them on eBay. Quite honestly, this is the best shoe Jordan ever made, low, high, whichever, but this run was easily the worst produced shoe they ever made, right there with the XIV a few years before where the paint didn't line up and was pealing off it in the stores. How anyone can give this shoe a high rating for that is beyond me. Yes, it looks nice, but you can't wear it, you sure can't play ball in it, and it was nothing but a pure money grab. I even called Jordan Brand about returning it, and they admitted it was junk and had a lot of complaints. This was right about the time the 23 packs were dropping, and they weren't spending but about $10 in materials and labor on 2 pairs of shoes.
All time favorite Air Jordan right next to the black cement 3, i knew a bunch of guys who played in them on a daily basis and they got cooked quick, as far as quality the leather was super stiff and once creased stayed that way, especially the ankle area, absolutely love the cleanness of the toe box when looking down, cant beat that zoom air and overall coolness of the Space Jam colorway
I have 4 pairs of 11s they r not the best jordans ever imo They r a nice looking shoe and i love them but i find them not real comfy like others on here for b ball and training etc Would rather rock other js at the gym or when balling .just my opinion
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