One of The All-Time Greatest Model/Colorway Combos, TERRIBLE Execution

A Review On: Jordan IV Retro "White/Cement" (2012 Release)

Jordan IV Retro "White/Cement" (2012 Release)

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Pros: Classic Model/Colorway, Comfortable Fit, Crease-Resistant Toe-Box

Cons: Poor Quality Materials, Creases Quickly on Side of Toe-Box

If there was any shoe I was excited about releasing, it was the Jordan IV "White/Cement", which released February 18th, 2012. Just having gotten back into the sneaker game a few months prior, I was not adequately prepared for the release and ended up striking out. I ended up paying a reseller to get my hands on a pair, which is always a semi-painful process, but it was worth it. At least initially. When I started checking out the shoe, I noticed the plastic-like leather Jordan Brand chose to use for this release, and my joy turned to sadness fairly quickly. After several months of releases and copping stuff from the last few years, this poor quality became even more pronounced, especially after the Military 4s were released later that year. Why they didn't utilize the same leather they did on the Military 4s is beyond me. The quality difference in leather between the two shoes is night and day. All that being said, this shoe is still one of my favorites in my collection, as far as wearability is concerned. No shoe got as much play in 2012, besides the White Cement 3s, but that was a 2011 release. If they had went with higher-quality materials, this would've been one of the illest releases for years to come.


The shoes are fairly comfortable, and provide enough support for my daily needs (walking a couple miles every day around town). With a classic colorway like this, it's pretty hard to find something that won't match with them, at least in my closet. Then again, I'm a mostly Black/White/Grey/Red kind of guy, so naturally, most of the OG Jordan colorways are gonna work well with my wardrobe. Overall, this shoe was a disappointment, due to the lack of quality materials, and the fact that we'd waited 13 long years for this colorway to make its return on this model. Hopefully, Jordan Brand hears us, the consumers, and gets the next releases right, although I have a feeling our cries are falling on deaf ears. But hey, I'm not trying to fool anyone; I'll be copping, just like the rest of us. The quality isn't bad, not by any stretch. It's just not great, save for a few releases here and there (the Cavs and Bred 4s come to mind, at least in 2012).


thanks for the review
thanks for the review
besides ebay, flightcluby where can I get the white cements
Nice review, my toe box always seems to crease with the IV's
Yes I also missed out on release day back in Feb 2012 I thin it was had to work it is painful paying twenty to forty dollars more on eBay but I always love the 4's and I had the 99 Cements Im not sure if you remember but to me those were made with better material that's sad Nike! and it also was made in Indonesia back then not China like they are today but im hoping the Toro's are made better and the Fears and the Oreos but we will have to wait an see But I promise if they are still made like a Replica I will stop buying the 4's all together its the quality of material and the money you have to pay its starting to really be not worth it to me I grew up buying Retros but today I guess Nike really has to look into there Distributors or who ever is in charge of there Quality Marketing Materials there made with cause Some Replicas I seen are catching up quickly so there in trouble.
if u want sneakers for cheap the cheapest i know of is facebook. join a sneaker trade/sell market in your area and look for ur size and theyr usually under retail. but be careful theyre alot of fakes and fakers out there
I got a used pair and they fit REALLY small! I'm a size 11, so out of context, you get a size 11. They fit like a 10! WTF?? But overall, the quality was more less dissapointing, Like the true blues, but they were too classic not to skip out on. But obviously, me being the idiot i am, couldn't afford the 2016 pair.