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A Review On: Nike Air Command Force - Mens - White/Wolf Grey/Volt/Black

Nike Air Command Force - Mens - White/Wolf Grey/Volt/Black

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Pros: All of that huge 90's style retro goodness

Cons: Noisy. Huge. Expensive.

Bought 'em in late '14. These were some of my grails. I'm old and as such was huge into kicks when I was in high school, these were my era. I had the 180s but not these. By the time I had the money to pick up a pair they were off the shelf, and I wanted a pair ever since. I had to get them as soon as they came out.


They look amazing. Color and size is spot on. They feel good. Pump works. I dont know what else we could ask. The leather seems a tiny bit thin but overall quality is good. They arent for everyone. Honestly, they're too big for most people and they squeak when you walk. But for old people like me who had them or liked them when they were first out, they bring back all the nostalgia. Nike did a great job and I really hope we get to see the 180s soon. IMO this is the best non-Jordan retro Nike ever did.

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