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Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite - Mens - White/Black/Metallic Gold

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in LeBron Line


Pros: they look amazing

Cons: kinda tight, order .5 size up

the lebron 9 was his last great sneaker.. the 9 elite was the last great elite.. the white C/W was better than the taxis and black elites.. these were the best CW


Pros: everything

Cons: shoe is so pretty you dont wanna wear it.

ive played in all sort of shoes but this is byfar best shoe i have ever played in. nuff said.

Whats up NT, I just wanted to do a full performance review similar to Nightwing2303 but from a different perspective. I am a much different build than he is so I wanted to give a different outlook on some of the shoes he reviews. I am going to try to use a similar layout as him so you can compare and contrast how its all written.

Specs: 5'9", 210lb. Size 10 US shoe. I play 3-4 most of the guys I play with are around my height so its easy to play a little bigger. I'd say I'm a reliable 3rd option on a team. I like to play around the paint but do have a little range. I do like the midrange game and I dont create my own shot. Its kind of a Big Baby Davis type player but quicker.

Traction - This is an area which I really had no complaints. It was very sufficient, definitely above average but I just couldnt give it a 5/5. The rubber was soft and pliable, and gave me plenty of grip on my cuts and stops. If NT had the option of 4.5/5 that is what I would have preferred.

Cushion - This is where this shoe absolutely excels. With the 180 Max bag in the heel and full length zoom forefoot it was definitely made for performance. However, the biggest difference IMO was the cushlon midsole. The cushlon made the shoe so much more easy to break in than past Lebron signatures. With that combined setup it gave into my foot and molded to my foot so much quicker than other models. Impact protection was very good, and the zoom was still responsive. One thing to note is that the cushlon for some players may be a little to forgiving and wont experience just quite enough responsiveness. I didnt notice this as an issue but I thought it was worth noting. Overall for the larger players or players who value impact protection this is a wonderful shoe.

Material - I personally enjoyed how the shoe was built. From the fuse and flywire setup, to the wraparound carbon fiber side wall. This shoe looks and feels like it was meant to be absolutely abused on court. The fuse was solid yet pliable, and the flywire was supportive and placed very well. The combat bootie welcomes your foot in and the midfoot harness keeps your foot locked in the shoe. I understand why nike wanted to charge so much for a shoe, but obviously it wasnt too well conceived from the consumer.

Fit - These fit true to size and true width. The shoe comfortably molded to my foot after just a few shootarounds. Given that I am a little larger of a player the break in time was still much shorter than other models, I contribute that to the cushlon midsole used for the elite.

Ventilation - I personally liked the overall airflow of the shoe. It wasnt the absolute best. But it attempted to put out as much ventilation as possible without sacrificing all of the support within the build of the shoe. The cutout sections around the toebox proved to be effective and the mesh screen around the ankles kept air moving well.

Support/Lockdown - The best feature IMO. The shoe was built to keep your foot in the footbed. The new carbon fiber side wall kept my foot from sliding off the footbed during hard cuts. The dotted rubber insole kept my foot from sliding around. And the midfoot harness kept my heel locked into the shoe. This shoe kept my foot from ever getting any hotspots and felt the most stable of any shoe I have ever played in. It was very supportive without being restrictive.

Overall - This shoe is has been an absolute dream since I got them. It may have cost me a pretty penny, but I have outcasted most of my other basketball shoes for the time being. I have really enjoyed playing in them and am trying to get more pairs for when this shoe finally has had enough. I havent even wanted to rotate them. Either way, this shoe should be playable for almost everyone.

I know its a long read, but thanks for looking.
Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite - Mens - White/Black/Metallic Gold

The Nike Air Max LeBron 9 P.S. Elite is an unapologetically innovative basketball shoe that was designed and engineered to the exact specifications of LeBron James for the playoffs. Hyperfuse technology upper with supportive midfoot wing and first generation Flywire construction harness provides lightweight protection and lockdown. Max Air 180 unit in the heel, Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot. Carbon based shank adds cushioning and protection. Solid rubber signature outsole pattern offers exceptional durability and storytelling. Non-removable insole. Wt. 15.6 oz.

ColorWhite/Black/Metallic Gold
Model Number516958100
Release Year2012
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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