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A Review On: Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite - Mens - White/Black/Metallic Gold

Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite - Mens - White/Black/Metallic Gold

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Pros: everything

Cons: shoe is so pretty you dont wanna wear it.

ive played in all sort of shoes but this is byfar best shoe i have ever played in. nuff said.


Outstanding review!!!
Would love to see more reviews from you, they are insightful, articulate, and very informative when I am deciding if I should spend $220 on a pair of shoes.
Ive seen a lot of pair of these at stores that the laces are dirty and crazy lookin, dont know if its just the ones around here I would like to know if anyone else have seen this
did ya know there is a second set of all white shoelaces in the shoebox in a lil nike ziplock bag like dunk sb back in the days. those "dirty laces" you see are actually the tougher stronger laces made with kevlar!!! look at the lace tips it even says it. they are not dirty jus white and kevlar mixed in the laces... what i can do tell ya is that the gold on the outer swoosh will crack and peel. i personally dont mind battle scars in my sneaks but thats jus me,