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is there a reason why some stores might of only got men sizes of th vii's?
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got up at 5, got to modells on FORDHAM RD around 6:30. got in around 7:45 passed on both.>D but i did get a pair of cardinals for my 5 yr old:D . i was surprised at how many people were buying the flints. they look sooooooo much better in person.
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wow still a FRS on eastbay, imma try and cop 1day when i get my paycheck
Hey check out my Brother's online page to buy a variety of kicks from Diadora, Sauconys, Nikes and Jordans
Hey check out my Brother's online page to buy a variety of kicks from Diadora, Sauconys, Nikes and Jordans
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There ain't a FSR on Eastbay like everyone is saying. Try putting them in your shopping cart first. Everyone should know this by now.
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Does anyone want to trade my size 11 for their 10.5 Cardinal
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....and everyone thinking there are unlimited amounts available, think again.

Don't let the fact that these are general release perturb you from keeping in mind they are jordans.

And might crispy:D ...(not the flints>D)
I love you and have a nice day
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I got to the mall around 8:15am, my finishline was supposed to open at 8am but they didn't. I waited till 8:50 and went to @#%$ instead, i saw like 5 dudes with shoes boxes, luckily they hadn't sold the only size 12 they had. I got 1 of the 3 size 12s in my mall...East Lansing sucks! Cards are fresh tho

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^^sorry 2 hear bout that glue on the flints bro

but on the upside, there were warnings from people that got em early that there was some glue on the toes and to look out for it.....
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easy copp, walked in at 10 walked out at 10:05 man I love my city! But didnt the smaple purps have more purp on them I feel like the ridges on the side were black and purp not black and white. They should have had more purp, but they gettin rocked today cards is on chill!
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i woke up at 7 got 2 tha mall at about 7:45 1 dude was walkin out wit a pair, i got tha white/blk 7's easy no lines. i saw the white/flints in person and they look better in real life. i might get them later this week
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Wow, this pickup was easssyyyyyyy

I called my local modells, they said they have both 7s and opens at 9

I was a little tired that morning so I decided to get there at 10

The store was really quiet and I went to the shoe section. To my surprise, the only guy that was there was a some senior trying on some new balences from the sales rack.

I tried on some sizes, and they were true to size for me. I decided to get the cardinals instead of the flints because they all had some realllllllly noticable black glue stains on the toe. The stains werent as bad as the last shots, they were worse. The grey toe highlights the black glue stains and are a huge turnoff.

So people buying flints online, beware.

I went to the Modells on Hyland, and they sell have Alot of sizes left in both flints and cardinals.

Got them for $135 plus $11 tax.
:lol at the people who paid $200 to get them a few days early.

heres some pics:
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Damn, the flints are nice.

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Got to fordham at about 8:50. Waited in front of Foot Action to see if they had my size... they didnt. Moved to Finish Line and then saw Jimmy Jazz open up and went to that line instead. Turns out I was second in line behind some little kid and his mom. OH YES... these Cardinals are mine... now back to sleep... lol
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im going right now for my pair.. its 753, and the mall opens at 8.. WISH ME LUCK... :hat:hat:hat
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these flints are no joke! my store only had about 50 pairs total. they had that many in size 9 for the cards alone!!! ppl keep on asking how they look w/ shorts. ill post pics ina few.


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I got mty flints. not as crazy as i thought it would be. both will be gone by the end of the day IMO
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I hate this, I don't have any money to get either colorway, I just have to get a loan from my mom for this.
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just woke up went to my spot 3 minutes before it opened walked in copped my sz 12 ( my spot only get 1 of every size) copped a mami heat hat and left no back to bed I go.
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^^^same with me, easiest pick up in a longggg time.....

i still wanna get the Purps also, only had enough money to get the Cards lol
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CARDINALS, hands down one of the best colorways in the Signature line.

To all those that are sleeping on these I advise you to get a pair while they are at retail....laneys..:lol

I love you and have a nice day
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heres my story woke up at like 8:15 get ready leave the cribbo at 8:50 then i head to the mall... finishline was the only store getting flints so i was going to wait there for an hour.... i get to the mall at like 9:15 and as i start to walk to finishline i see people walkin with finishline bags and footlocker bags i was jus :{ in shock knowing that my size was gone... so i get to finishline and ask for flints n they said it was long gone... i was like :| gimme the cards in a size 9... i asked dude i thought u guys were opening at 10 he said nah i opened up at 9 cuz they said it was going to get busy... he said 15 people were already in line... so i walk around the mall every1 still has FSR in cards but no flints... i go home and i look on NDC cuz i wanted to order there FSR but my 9 is gone... so i jus order on despite me being disgusted at them this morning ... i trust finishline cuz i ordered stealths from them last summer and even tho they messed up my order they got me my stealths from a finishline store...
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cardinals are hot....
woke up late and copped without any hassle
every release should be like this
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woke up @ 845
checked NT and eastbay, saw it was an easy release
rolled to the mall, got there @ 946
opened at 10, out by 1004 with my 11.5 Cards
walked to ecko and footaction to get the shirts and some clothes
back home to eat
o yea flints sold out early this morning
That's Jeezy, if that matters

If you have any 11.5-13 shoes (especially Jordan) for sale, email me at
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the last couple of months have been good to me...oh i love the 7s
.:.:hotter than a bisquick biscuit out the oven:.:.

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Copped my Cards at The Parks Mall with no problems.141233661.jpg

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^^^nice lineup D E C K211 hova

They my size 2 ;);)
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is there only one shirt for the cardinals because i only see the one with MJ wearing them, i saw other shirts but i cant find them online, n e helpers
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Damn it was crazy for me.

So I had to get the money from my dad but yesterday I only seen him for like 10 minutes cause I had to leave and went to Chuckie Cheeses and came back around 11:30 :lol And he was sleeping so I didnt wanna wake him up to ask him for the money cause he would get cranky and not give me it. So I set a alarm at 6 cause thats the time he usually leaves to work. So its 5 o'clock here and I wake up and right when I take the covers off me, I hear the door close. So im like Sh!t. So I call him and I ask him if hes gonna give me money for them and hes like yeah I left the money in my room. So im like :eek:hat . So im like aight. I tried to fall back asleep but I just couldnt thinking about them Flints.:lol

So then Im gettin ready around 6:30 cause the mall opens at 7 and then me and my mom leave. We get there at about 7:10-15 and the first thing i see is a line at City Source (An Urban Account) And i see like 5-6 of my boys from school and i see about 3 of them already got thier pairs so im like damn. So then I run upstairs with my friend to finishline and were on line and since i know one of the girls that work there I told her to get me my size. She said we dont have your size no more. So im gettin heated so me and my friend run downstairs and they have at Footlocker but they didnt have my exact size so i just got a half size smaller. I dont really care as long as i got them. (Flints) Ill post up pics in a bit.

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absolutely amazed that a "gimmik" jb money maker colorway sold better than an og colorway. whoever said that every release should be like this is absolutely correct. JB dont screw up the 4 releases, espescially the online one

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Yea they are more shirts for the cardinals...

Just look on page 13 and 14 of this post. Nice fits...hope you find what you are looking for.
I love you and have a nice day
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