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Really easy to cop the first in line at Mall at Millenia, not really the first but the other guy was returnig his Card's to cop the Flints at Fashion Square but i was the 1 to buy yeah boi Picture8.jpg
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Checked the Cardinals on eastbay last night at work and just for the heck of it I said if they were still in stores at noon I would cop. I thought it would add a little drama . Got to the store around noon today and picked up my pair. They opened at 7:30 and had a FSR still at noon on the Cards. They are my favorite retro to come out in a long time.
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NYC was stupid crazy, i was online early 5 30 in da mourning, like 15 in line i was like o no,
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These retros probably have the best quality I've seen on any of the retro releases. Maybe JB is starting to listen to Niketalk. Enjoy!
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in NikeTown Seattle THERE WAS LIKE 50 PEOPLE IN LINE AT 6:30 AM :eek
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^^^i love my cards 2!! i jus dont know how 2 post pics up on herre lol
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Went to serramonte mall around 3 am with a bunch of friends from school. We were the the top 10 people at the footlocker line. It was an easy copp and we all headed home. WOO HOO ! what a day !

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woke up at 630 to the sunvalley mall @ 715 and I was 12th in line @ finishline....copped the cardinals sz 10....then had to wait till 8:30 for my boy to come that had put the flints on hold for me since wednesday, copped a sz 10..(my flints had black touch-up paint on the left shoe on the side) and my cardinals were in perfect condition....YEEEE! now I'm bout to go home and watch my TivO E-40 & keek 106&park performance.....!
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wats up in the south bay??? i'm still in bed
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I cannot believe that the flints are selling better than the cards.
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Cards are original, but i cop the Grey instead.:hat Both are fire!
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in line from 5-8.not bad tho.copped the CARDINALS mine & my girls...

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SUCH AN EASY COP.. my @#%$ woke up at 8 for nothing.. and the guys at footlocker said there were people at 630 :lol:lol WHY?!? sleeping in next time if its general release
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ALSO... I was thinking about balling in them... the toe area is sooo damnnn tight on my feet.. how will it perform on the hardwood
post #1126 of 1839 still has a lot of the Cardinals left...
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I cant wait 2 bust out my cards for monday at school....they are soooo fresh!
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Hey I am trying to find these for my girl. Does anyone know what size a 7 -7.5 in womens would be in boys??? Is it a 6Y??
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^^^yes, it is a 6 youth, my gurl wears the same size

jus a heads up, has only the cards in kids sizes for $75

and i cant find the flint anywhere cept
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also i ordered mine from finishline earlier this morning, cost me 110 after tax and shipping.....eastbay, champs, footlocker all sold out of kids sizes
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woke up at 645am. got to the mall at 730. went up to footlocker. there was a line with about 40-50 people. All of them wearing their dubs or their retro 14s. :rolleyes i was near last in line. FL opened at 8. waited till 930 to get cardinals cus they were letting one person in each time which took forever>: . didnt want the flints but they sold out fast. the quality of the cardinals looks pretty good.
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Hey they are on niketown too cause those were the ones i was gonna get for her. She isnt really into jays but fell in love with the flints. There should be two boxes above where you select the size, one is for flints the other for cards.
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Went to Footlocker at 34st in NYC last night for the midnight release, waited 15 min and got my pair. Co-worker knows the GM of the stored so of course he got in b4 mostly everyone.

Suprised to get home and see most websites had alot of pairs left. Hopefully JB stops with this "limited release" nonsense and learns from this release.

Jordan hype will NEVER die, so JB doesn't have to resort to a "limited release" gimmick to keep the momentum of the Jordan brand rolling.
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seems like it was easy for some but in nyc it least in queens

cardinals were def easier but alot of people bought them and they should be all gone by now or a few here and there if anything..and i got the last size 9 at my footlocker of the cardinals but the flints were sold out EVERYWHERE

but went home and ordered them off

never ordered off there website b4 tho, any1 know how long it normally takes to get them in the mail?
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I copped my size 12 cardinals with a breeze. There is 2 malls that are right next to each other. One has the best stores and everybody goes there. The other one is the plain, deserted mall. Of course i went to the deserted mall so i wouldnt see any of my friends and wait in line. I would have ordered them online to save time but i had to get these bad boys immmediately.
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Woke up about an my cousin went to Warehouse Shoe sale by my house....couple people waiting outside, nuthin bigg...they didn't have size 13...talkin about "we only go up to twelve"...yea riight...all the employee's had already copped there's...i was heated...

Now i gotta drive all the way down the street to another one...which suprisingly had 3 pairs of size 13 in each shoe...copped both...:hat
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Why get retros when you got the OGs...

Hit me up if you have any shoes in sizes 10 or 10.5


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^^^^OMG, thanks for that but they are all sold out of size 6, guess finishline is the way 2 go...
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^^ because not all of us can find OGs. I settle for retros. YESSSSSS




CHEA!!! CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Both were copped today. Got the shirt to go with the flints. ahhhhhh..........
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