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OG color XX outlets - 79.99 in San Ysdiro (sp?)
Other colors...IVe seen at 89.99 and they weren't all b-grades.

end of discussion.
...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
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end of discussion.




If you like the XXI's, BUY THEM NOW.
Team Bullets

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Well as neat as it is reading through the clutter of an argument over $10 at the outlets, I'd rather move back to the XXIs......

Grow up.
...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
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Once I got there...I fell in love w/ these joints.

Same story every single yr. Tools hate on the latest Jordans then once the marketing/hype machine starts running,they all seem to love them,and drop the 175 without hesitation.
click-a-ty clank, click-a-ty clank, our money goes into Nike's piggy-bank.
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for those who have worn their xxi's, how bad do they crease?
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^^^^^^^^ your link doesn't work homie
"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

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yeah, my local footlocker had both colors for sale yesterday mroning :D picked up 1 pair in each color :p the red xxi's are straight fire :hat:hat:hat first time i pick up jordans before release date from a retail chain store 8o
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rip in XXI

:lol I thought it was going to be a picture of ripped XXIs.
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I got my white XXI's today from Niketown in Honolulu and they were just straight cool they let me look at every size ten and pick the ones I thought were the best. I have gone there for 2 releases now(DMP & XXI) and plan to go there for everything else. now that said I think the reason a lot of these shoes have the black marks on them is because of the air unit or the box rubbing off onto the shoe. I have looked at a lot of XXI's and most of them have the marks but they come off easy. If you are ever in Hawaii hit up Steffan and Wellington those dudes are mad cool...Haole boy rep
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i got a xxi white ones sz 11 if anyone is interested. i will let them go for $150 shipped. email me

get at me
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I have been playing in these for the past month and a half.....HANDS DOWN THE BEST PERFORMANCE BALL SHOE EVER.....imho. It's one of those shoes that have no annoying distractions, straps, tpu cutting your leg, cheap velcro..etc you just put em on and ball. You don't even realize they're on. Just don't wear thick socks with these , they can get a little toasty. I don't condone the ridiculous price, but if you want the best ball shoe ever, I'd have to say go for it.
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for some odd reason the stealths look sickkkkk on ray-rays feet i might end up having to get all colorways:eek:lol:o


Yall was takin too long, so we had to do it...
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like the greatest jordans ever

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Gotta love that 33% off discount :)
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damn i have to say those are some wack jeans to rock with xxi's haha im being playful but forreal... wack

i wish i had a digi, ima borrow one soon show you how its supposed to be done ;)
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Ray Allen is wearing Red XXI in All-Star game right now.
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Many of the XXI's have black marks on the toe box...wheres the Q/A

He speaks the truth. Good thing I copped offline.

for those who have worn their xxi's, how bad do they crease?

They hardly crease. Some dude that was severely overweight was rocking his XXI's at my spot, and they still were good.
Another post for me!
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I'm wearing my Wht XXIs now watching the game. I can't wait to hoop in these, it's over !!! I also can't wait to get the Red XXIs come Sat. Ray Ray wearin them with that dunk was niiice.
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change of heart...... i have to cop....tried a pair on and felt like i was wearing a sofa on each foot!
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justed got back from daly city to cop my pair of xxi. going to cop another pair to rock and keep this one stocked.
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:lol A pair of sofa's :rollin LMAo..... But it's true. Da red suedes are soooooooooooo light it's retarded
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i cant wait for mines, pickyourshoes is taking a while to process my order. I ordered on thursday to. But its understandable they probably dont work on weekends.
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Forever Alone Crew
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I ordered mine on saturday. I hope I get them this week. I think I should have copped the red ones first. Hope they still have some.
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i can't get enough of the pics of the OG's (even though i have them) and the red's. haven't been this excited for a NEW SERIES jordan sig shoe in a looong time. i loved the xx's, but i think jordan outdid themselves w/ the xxi's.
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comfy as all hell, plus they look fresh, cant go wrong, only thing is that i had to go to like 5 spots in bklyn to get a pair with no marking.
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Now that I have my wht/blk XX1, I have no non-retro to look forward to since the breds mids aint coming out. Doubt ill get the bred lows. Now I guess I have to wait for the XX2's!!!:rolleyes
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copped the reds today
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Just ordered both white and red from uptempoair, can't wait to ball in them!! pys has better price but since they'll me charge tax so turned out more expensive than uptempoair....

Does anyone knows if Nike will sell the individual air pods for the XXI??
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Ray Allen really pulled it off with the red suede XX1s. Yesterday I was watching the UCONN game and was like :x seeing Marcus Williams with them but tonight I was like :eek seeing them on Ray Allen.
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I am using my pair for basketball, but I am curious as to what will happen to the uppers if I wear ankle braces. I don't want the uppers to stretch out too much. Also, I am hesitant to wear my ankle braces with the 21's for the fact that they are already a pretty high cut shoe. Anyone have any pics of Ray Allen in the all star game? He wears the same ankle braces that I do and would like to see an up close shot of how the uppers look after some wear.
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Looking to TRADE DS size 11.5 white/black/maize XIII lows for a size 11.
Also have size 10.5 black/red XIV retros DS looking for size 11.
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