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damn, my order from pickyourshoes has been delayed to this friday so i cancelled it and bought it off uptempoair.

anyone have any problems with uptempoair or knows exactly when it ships? i ordered two day air and i bought it today.
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man i have no idea what to do., for some reason i am feeling the red xxi's so much. i can only get one so i might have to skip on the vii's. just might. pray for me lol
Black/UNI Blue 14's for sale. size 12 email me for a reasonable price. loocated in GA
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You order it 2nite from Then ur order should be processed and shipped out early 2morrow, so you should def receive by friday.
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^ thanks for the fast reply, thats all i needed to hear. Is there a slight chance it will come on thursday? because i really want these to wear on friday since im doing a stagemaster for my english class.
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Just saw the XXI commercial - a great piece of promotion. Reminds me of the classic XII ad with the guy out on his driveway.

Hey Jordan Brand, why not include a DVD containing all the great TV ads with the XXII or XXIII? That would be worth an extra $5-10 to me.
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With the red XXIs costing $180, I think we should get a metal case with it too, like the 17s.
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In 10 years, there's gonna be so many people pissed they slept on the Red XXI's. I'm gonna buy a 2nd pair to keep ds.

All you passers, just wait. You'll be sorry.
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what do ya'll think yay or nay??
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Air23 gettin em on thursday that's highly unlikely unless you live very close 2 where uptempo is located. If they are shippin via ups you might be waitin for a while on friday cuz ups like 2 deliver late I was wait 4 my suede xxi's until 8:00pm (((SMH))) and that was an overnight delivery. If you live close 2 uptempo maybe but hopefully ups brings em early friday so you can rock em friday.
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No bad with the black...I like the red myself, but the black has a quality to it...Thanks for posting
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Please keep in mind these shoes run about .5 sz big. I got a sz 11 but I need a 10.5 so I am going to ask if anyone wants it for $150 shipped brand new. I got pictures of it for proof and I will only deal with paypal. If you need other sizes just email me and I will see what I can do. Please only email me if you are really interested I dont like bothering with all the 50 questions games. Hit me up...
get at me
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^^ Really I also wear sz 11 & they fit me just fine
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hows the quality on these?
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thanks jordanman1 for your input, im crossing my fingers because i'll be at school in the morning, hopefully it comes before friday. Otherwise i spent a wasted 40 bucks to get them earlier.
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How's da quality? lets just say it's not a retro:lol da quality on these babies is pretty much top notch very solid. 2 apperciate this shoe you must hold it in ur hand and put them on, once you do that you'll say WOW NICE!
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I was admiring my XXIs, when I suddenly came to the realization that I had just spent $180 on a pair of Penny IVs with the Jordan logo on it. Oh well. I still love 'em.
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Omar, do you take your pics using Best Shot? Because man, those are some insane pictures. I don't really want the VIIs but with your pics, it's almost making me.
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i think imma cop the suede ones.
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the Eastbay pic is up.......
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they are the nicest balling Jordans to drop. point blank.
not the best eye candy. but handles and traction wise very Hot.
wish i could get an extra pair to keep for walking too, cause i know im gonna ball these to death!
white var red are killah.
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i can only get one pair of these so if u had to choose one which would it be the white or the red pair
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these shoes are very underrated imo. i saw them in person and i think they're :hat .. cant wait for the red suedes and the black/red lows..
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what do you rekons better to ball in considering the suede and leather differences....the review on @#%$ said they are too hot and dont ventilate as much as they thinkin i should get the whites but i cant turn away from the reds.....i know i should make up my own mind but somebody help me!
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I'm gonna buy a 2nd pair to keep ds.

planning on doing the same thing soon
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my friend just copped the white ones, got to admit, they look fresh
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There are times when eastbay actually makes a shoe look good instead of horrid, and the pic of the Black XXI is certainly a good one.

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wish they were black reds.....the low black red r good but the mids would havee been popular..
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i can only get one pair of these so if u had to choose one which would it be the white or the red pair

Personally I got the red suedes. The white ones are alittle plain in my eyes. Also the suede dont look bad when it creases.
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That Eastbay pic of the black just shows how crucial colors are to the relative hotness of a shoe. The contrast stitching ain't working. The whites are the only XXIs working. The reds are too red. The only other color that would work in this shoes is a black upper with red accents.
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