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AS OF 6:19PM EST, PYS HAS red XXIs IN SIZES 7.5 TO 14 FOR $165

THANKYOU :D:D:D , just bought my pair. Good lookin' out ;)
If any of u can hook up a DMP in sz 13 or 12 (13 prefered), I have at least $475 CND waiting for u!!! (wink, wink)
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Is the white/carolina/navy colorway coming out in the mid version of the XXI?

Anybody know?
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LMAO...i went over to the mall at 8 pm..2 pairs left, copped both. reds are so lovely. got the whites from
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These are straight butta!!:hat:hat:hat:hat:hat


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This is the only shoe I had to do a little bit of traveling to get, ever. I only got myself to blame though, cause I waited until just this morning to get them.

Hit up 2 malls, nothing. Made a few calls, got word one store had them. I went in, they didn't have any size 11's. Dude working there took down my number and gave me a call like an hour later and told me he had one of his workers drive over with a pair from his other stores. I was like "Damn, good lookin out"
One of the nicest color placements and use of materials I've ever seen.
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Question to all Red XXI owners

do they make them in sz 13.5 ?
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One thing I really wanna reccomend.

Get yourself a really soft suede brush (100% horsehair brush, sold at any shoe-repair spot) ...Don't even think of touching your joints with the regular stiff Suede & Nubuck brushes that come with the little square bars, those are good for dark suede, but if you ever try to do it on the red suede, it'll make the suede peel over time.

If you need to clean em up in the future. Use Sof Sole Nubuck/Suede cleaner (Finishline stores got a grip of em) with a really soft cotton cloth...Don't use the plastic cap that comes with it. And wipe gently. After they air-dry fully...use the soft brush.
Main thing is the brush though, make sure its a soft one. They got em at shoe-repair spots and alot of big-name pharmacies (CVS, Eckerds, etc...). They're usually about 6 inches and run $5-10.

That's why I sing the blues

...Lord knows how I wish I was dead...
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went to the mall n found out that shiekhs was sold out
so i was pretty disappointed n my friend wanted to go inside footlocker
found out they still had a 9.5 (my size left). so i got it n went home happy
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AS OF 6:19PM EST, PYS HAS red XXIs IN SIZES 7.5 TO 14 FOR $165

Definately good looking out. These were just on my brain all day today and I had to pull the trigger. Now I got them in white and red. I gotta cool off until the VIIs drop in April.
Love the shoe game.
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red jordan jersey, red jb shorts, blk/red jb socks and red XXI's?? offense, but u gotta look like a walkin billboard. dont u think thats a lil TOO much of the same brand?
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Eh, I'm head-to-toe Jordan Brand most of the time. They release clothes that match their shoes perfectly, and they're generally hot. Plus it's my favorite cothing brand far and away.
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ATTENTION AUSTRALIANS>>>>>> XXIs white and red ARE BOTH the same price in foot locker which is AUS$300....this is crazy coz normally a US$175 shoe is AUS$350 so we are getting them $50 cheaper than usual so buy up!! dunno what the cause to this is but i expected to pay $350 then he only asked me for $300 and i was stoked! also the chick didnt know what she was talkin bout there coz i heard her tellin other people that the white ones are limited hahaha
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I got my red suedes at the NBA store in NYC... I was in a long line for about ten minutes until I realized the line was for the Chambray VII's... so I walked to the front of the line and asked for my suedes... in and out, no problem.

I was still iffy about them after I left... UNTIL i got home and put them on my feet. No regrets. They are the hotness.

I'm keeping them DS until a very special occasion comes along.
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can't wait till april 8
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Got My XXI's for $96.00 ....pimped the footlocker for the 50% off employee sale.. even though jordans weren't included...
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Just got my red suedes off of time I ordered from them Hope I'm not disapointed...But I guess you can't beat less than retail shipped to my door....

Blue0230 if you work at niketown why did you have to go to the NBA store?
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I've ordered off PYS about 10 times. I've never had a problem. Usually takes about a week to get to me in South Carolina.
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ok i have a red XXI in sz 10... but im looking for one in a sz 12... if anyone is willing to make a trade, send me a msg to my inbox.

my order on eastbay got cancelled... which really sucked, so i ended up with a sz 10.
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For alll of the people that said they hated the XXI's now everyone has them. But how did they sell where you live because, in Arlington they nearly Sold Out.



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The uconn and villanova game got madd people wearing the white/red ones and Red/black ones
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I havent been to any shoe store this weekend so I dont know but did the RED suede XXI's sell out in most stores? Especially here in SoCal (Valley)?
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i can still find the white XXI's in a 12 in buffalo, not to sure if the red XXI's came here, didn't even get the chambray VII's so thats the way the dunk hangs u...
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You can get any size you want in here in SoCal in either white or red.
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I can't wait till mine get shipped from finishline. I also live in the SoCal area. I can't wait till I ball in the red suedes.
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the red ones doesnt look too bad in person
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yeah, the red suedes are pretty cool, but since I don't wear that many flashy outfits anymore I decided for the white/blacks. I love the interchangeable IPS pod at the heel!
The Box is really a big surprise =)
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my jeans rub off on my white XXIs too muchh>:
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For alll of the people that said they hated the XXI's now everyone has them. But how did they sell where you live because, in Arlington they nearly Sold Out.

fsr here in new jersey.....
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can anyone hook me up with a Red Suedes in sz13.5

<- drop me a message

and take pics of the shoes & shoe tag
must have some feedback reference from eBay
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Got my red/ suedes yesterday! I got mine in Baltimore, MD. I went to the mall type late @ 11am, and there was no lines or nothin. The people at Footlocker said that no1 had bought the red/suedes yet. And i was the first to buy them!! I tried on 3 pairz of size 10 before i found a flawless pair. I notice these sneakers have a lot of small defects on them? Itz nothing real serious, but i'm kinda picky and i have a eye for detail! So i can pick on on those thingz right away. I told the people i hate to keep sending u back to get another pair but sh#t if i'm gonna spend over $180? I expect these kix 2 be flawless or near flawless? So yea i finally found a near perfect size 10 that felt great! But then i realized i still had a little bit of room left. I told the guy let me try a size 9.5 just to see what they felt like? He came back with the 9.5, and they were flawless with no marks or glue stains or nothin! The fit was nice and snug the way i like it! I said YES!! Itz a go! Bag these up! I asked them if they had the retro 7's? But the guy said no, and suggested that i check Footaction out. Went there and they were sold out! So i went right next door to the Downtown Locker room and kopd me a pair of the 7's! I must admit i am not all that impressed with these new 7's!
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