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The people that decided to cave in. You will be satisfied with these shoes. They rock! Especially, the reds.
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Got my Red XXI's from PYS today srt8 fire :hat only took a week. I was in no rush. I get paid on Friday so I'll be ordering the White/Black/Red XXI's from PYS looks they got another FSR in those
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I played in my White/Blk XX1s and I must say these are a great pair of basketball shoes! The IPS cushioning is fantastic and the ankle support is great. A very light shoe as well. They remind me of the XIIIs but with better cushioning and support. Since I only played in them for about an hour and 15 minutes, I didn't notice my feet getting hot or anything. I'll have to play longer in them to see if my feet start overheating. pimp.gif
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I'm also going to cop a pair of the White/Black. The Reds were for collecting purposes and occasional walk. The White/Black are going to be for ballin'.
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once again did n e 1 ever order 2day shippin from PYS? if so what happen
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i found a spot has the wht 21 150 plus tax in NYC
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i don't wanna cave in and get the reds, i don't how much i'll be able to wear them casually...i' m mad the stealth colorway isn't releasing. I will be copping the graphites for sure (whenever they come out)
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Do theses fit true to size, or should I get a 1/2 size up? Sorry didn't feel like going through zillions of pages to find the answer. Thanks in advance.
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im a 10.5, and ordered/recived a 10.5 theres a lil room in the forefoot but the heel and ankle are firmly in place as far as sizing ppl seem to think that .5 down is the way to go id have to agreee that its closer to reality that the shoe runs big.
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People are in buy/sell forums saying " I want these for like 150-160$ " that's funny !!! You can't buy mine for that. I guess they'll have to wait for sales or something.

many places are selling them for 150-160 and both are selling them at 160

I just got my second pair of white/red from footsoldiers for 160 shipped
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wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
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I sure do love my pair:

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that looks nice Mossified ^^^^
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For the next 2 weeks will be selling the White/Red XXI for $155.00 plus shipping.......

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^^^ayy nice pickup homeboy! congrats...fresh 2 def
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I definately need to cop those shorts. Just copped the Red Suedes for 173 shipped :)

Those XXIs, Moss, looked like a chameleon next to that tee and shorts laugh.gif
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^^What shorts are being release to go with the XXIs?
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I just got my XXI's in from and they are SEXY. Unlike most of you, I have liked the XXI's from the beginning and won't stop.
I'm confuddled by this whole situation...

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Next, Blk/Silver for me. Passing on the White/Blk/Silver.
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i'm going on vacation next week to more cold maryland weather for me! i'll see what i can find over there. i hope the 21's are on sale so i can get another pair


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you want war i gather my troops then kidnap ya girl and make her.. eat.. my.... sea-man.. soup...then put it on video like bin-laden do :lol
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I wore mine to work. Got a couple of people to say what shoes were those and that they were hot! hehe. Soon I hope to have the white/red/blacks
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havent been able to wear mine cus its raining here in L.A.
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Hey ppl I am looking for the


if anyone has this size and this size only
<- give me a message or
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Love them. Champs on 42nd.
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^Nice,those pics make the red XXI look great.
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I'm late but i got my Italian Suedes from UptempoAir. I also did some shopping. I got the slippers for $20
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where did you get the slippers for $20?
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I wore mine. I live in Diego, Cali. It started to sprinkle and I was just like Oh Crap!!! I thought it would rain heavy. And, I was wearing mine today. Now I probably won't wear them ever again. Probably buy the white/red/black and wear those from now on. Oh, and moss where did you get those shorts? Need shorts that fit my J shirt
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I got my pair....but they will stay boxed..
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ROCK'D MY PAIR TODAY AND MUST SAY THESE ARE FREAHpimp.gifpimp.gifpimp.gifpimp.gif
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