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Ya, I gotta admit...its seems almost impossible for a new Air Jordan, like this XXI, to have lines waiting for it, and selling out in hours...I really don't think you guys need to worry that much...I mean you never know...But I think odds are these will go on sale like most at some point...It just depends on how well/poor they do, for how fast and cheap they will go for...
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from as long as i remember even as far back as the OG XI, j's dont usually just fly off the shelves within minutes. What always tends to happen is that the Jordan heads cop on the first day and rock them. From that the buzz starts growing and people scoop up the rest of the pairs. watch by the time the grey/blue mids release, they will move pretty quick but not as quick as a retro
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u think the ferrari 21's are gonna b easier to get then the dmp?

:lol since when did a GR jordan were harder to get than a limited one?:rolleyes
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the black/silver colorway is sexy, that'll be the only pair worth geting for me
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still not feeling them. they just look tacky and cheap to me.
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I seen someone at Shoney's of all places wearin the white ones.

I have a DMP sz 8. What do you have in a 10.5??

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Just out of curiosity why is there 2 different prices for the XX1
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THESE will DEF not SELL out and they are BY far, HANDS DOWN the worst looking JORDAN ever,, you might as well pay 90-100 buks for some And 1's cause they still look like em no matter what NEW 'SPECIAL colorways come out..Way to go JB for hiring that dude on his 1st JORDAN,,, hope he gets fired on RELEASE DAY
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I think they should have scrapped the all white mid. Pure white is a wasted colorway for a flagship shoe like this. I guess they've got that black n silver mid coming out, but black and red would have been a smarter choice to use. Otherwise, this XXI set is looking pretty good this year.

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dmn, is them XXI's Jada Kiss wearin kids size?
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when do these come out?
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^ in june.
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what happened to the baby blue and white mids?
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wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
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I'm loving the XXI. Im grabbin them the first day they came out. I see some of ya'll sayin you gonna wait till they hit the sales rack but i mean come on they not gonna drop to like $100....stop being cheap and cop at retail. When i first saw these i didn't like them just like i didn't like the XX but they grew on me just like the XX and i know a lot of people feel the same way. Don't be surprised if these sell good especially the first colorway cause this is truly a hot shoe
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im gonna try to let my girl get me the 21's next month. :D

21's to wear and collect. :smokin


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imo ugliest jordans of all time they look like some and1s
or maybe some TEAM jordan shoes

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I like em, looks like i gotta start savin some loot for these. Thanks to the pics in this thread, im gonna cop on release day...for retail.
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i herd the mid black and reds are scrapped so how much are the black and red lows lows gonna cost?
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i wont waste my money.
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The more and more I look at them the more and more they grow on me. I 'm def gonna get them on release day.
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At first they were just disgusting to me...then they grew on me.....but 175 for that....i duno i think its a lil bit too much
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dammit...theyre growing on me...
Playoff XIII size 11 9/10 $215 shipped
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Playoff XIII size 11 9/10 $215 shipped
Team Jordan 1 blk/wht size 10.5 worn 2x $75 shipped
Suns Penny V size 10 9/10 $80 shipped
Dolphins Penny V size 10.5 9/10 $120 shipped
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only the first joints im really liking. everything else is boring to me. and there is no way ill spend 180 on those ugly red joints.

I need stealths.
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After seein da pic of jada wit da red suede XX1 im really feeling them. I might end up coppin but not for 180. Is gonna be like 200 here in nyc w/ da tax.
wanted: DS/Vnds XVII white/blue/blk or white/red sz9.5 :wanted

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game over !! i don't like them too much..
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After the DMP ordeal, I think I'll wait before I pick up a pair of the XXIs.
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Are the RED Suede XXI'S Limited? Might have to campout for these if so.
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Yea the Red Suede are gonna be limited. Kind of like the Quickstrike XX that came out last year. But trust me.. there is no need to camp out for these.
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all i want are both of the lows
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