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My first post here :D But I have to wait till saturday for my XXI's>: . Can't wait..
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Just came from my spot not to long ago to cop but they won't let me cop until thursday>:>: I want mine now damn it. They let me try them on and everything. These feel sooooo good. I wear a 12 but the 11.5 felt better maybe they are true to size for some and not for others
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This is niketalk fruit loop. I'm entitled 2 state my opinions freely. I know people got bread 2 buy these kicks, but they don't wanna give it up. That's cool. Wats not cool is u trying to flame me. Doggy u don't know me. Don't come at me talking like a g cuz ur safe behind that keyboard. I bet if I made that comment in front of u, u wouldn't say a thing. Ur a real fruit.:lol
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E-Thug at its finest :rolleyes:rolleyes:rolleyes:rolleyes
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SN24, Your post and use of grammar say it all...very sad...
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The only difference between the two is that a men's 7 is wider than a kid's 7Y.

Couldn't be much more further from the truth. There's almost a full size difference between a 7Y and a regular 7.

Let's also not forget the price difference and that 99.9% of the time GS and under are stripped off the technology that their 'bigger' sized counterparts possess.

In the case of the XXI the GS will not have the switchable cushioning or IPS.
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damn where yall cats liin at where you can get yall jointz??

im chillin at sckoo here in Arizona at the U of A

damn can i go sumwhere n coppem lol

--"Ay, what size is those shoes foo" "what?, **** they yo size now what" love that high skool life n LA--
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^^^^:rollin for a moment i thought you were serious until i started reading earlier posts:lol
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Man i cant wait to get my hands on these 21's
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You really can't speak for the general public you don't know what a person may look for in a shoe.
Might not be able to speak for the general public but when J's that dropped last year can still be copped that does its talking for me at least in Philly.

Anything is possible and IMO the general public may take to these better then the 20's.
You might be right but I've shown them to about 10-15 cats that weren't hype about J's and none of them were feeling them. You always going to have a couple of high school cats copping but selling out I'm sure about that.

Its not that I don't care about performance unless its super good cushioning or really light I don't feel the difference. My game is the same no matter what (unless the sneaks have gripping problems or are too heavy) I wear so thats where I was going about the nobody cares about performance.
$crooge McDuck"Work Smarter, Not Harder"
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looks like ll cool j is wearin the xxi on trl. they look hot:smokin
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ay waz good wit apparel for tha red suede XXIs? any of yall seen any yet. good lookin out;)
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ay jus got bac from finishline & champs out here in tucson AZ n these catz talkin bout they only got the white/red's in...but im trynna cop the red/black suedz...looks like imma do an online purchase..once again! @#%$ retail stores man
--"Ay, what size is those shoes foo" "what?, **** they yo size now what" love that high skool life n LA--
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Supersonic1414, your a loser. The only reason u flamed me was to start a conversation. Ur obviously a sad lonely dude. I have notin more to say. Wat a loser!!!!:rolleyes
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When is the official release date of the reds, i ve heard 18th and for the help
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All you newbs need to check yourself and stop flamin each other PERIOD, all of you. Ya'll are gonna get banned before you get 5 posts. This thread is for the XXIs and anything to do with the XXIs, OK, is that clear enough for you? If you wanna ridicule each other, do it somewhere else. You see all the NT fam wants is shoe info, pics, and help getting shoes.
Basically I'm saying make a valid contribution to this thread with information or go to the @#$%^ ISS forum.Mods correct me if I'm wrong.
C O O K # 4 5
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Calm down with ur ignorance its people like you that give us newbies bad names and why we get flamed for asking questions, your not gonna get no respect or ?'s answered by replying that way.
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10.5's will sell on eBay....just watch...
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Jordan Brand does it again. These sneaks is beautiful just copp my two pair 2day. Yes they fit true 2 size, very, very comfortable and the quality is off da chain. Da only bad thing is ALL THIS FREAKIN SNOW, SO I CAN'T WEAR EM>: GRRRRRRRR
-LIFe is toO SHORt.... Wear ur JAYs-
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I'm sorry but the XXI's are hideous, I would not pay anything over $100 for these.:x
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So everyone whos got a pair, Is the "black light" watermark a bunch of BS or not? Come on I know some of ya'll are in the college dorms....
"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

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i hope to have mine by thursday. gonna use my 25% discount plus a $25 gift card i got from our store winning this thanksgiving sales competiton. so im lookin at about $120 after i buy another set of laces. :hat:hat:hat

"Get wise kid, open your eyelids, cause that last abortion? that was my kid"-Killa Cam
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i can't bring myself to likin the hi top version of these..i've seen both in person..tried on thee red pair and even played around w/ the interchaingable support thingy (which i must say i pretty damn cool)..they juss look hideous to me..looks ugly on my feet too
anywayyyyyyy, this "black light" thing has me interested..and on the red XXI's that i've seen they've all siad "authentic"...i laughed when i saw that..the box is quite interesting to say the least, i really like it..but i dont need another "dmp" sized box in my bedroom..nice package imo tho
i can't wait for the blk/red lows..can't wait

oh, and to the guy that said this:
I'm only 19 and I can afford them. If I can afford and u guys can't that should say something about u.

i kno ur entitled to ur opinion, and maybe ur less fortunate than others and dont really get a chance to cop a lot of shoes but.....
eff outta here w/ that @#%$, cuz it says a lot about a 19 year old who's about to drop nearly 200 on some sneakers too..don't be so quick to judge idiot, drop the ignorance..theres a lot of more important things to take care of then shoes for some people, goon
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does ppl have the XXI's already? I see pics of them that look like they were taken at their house
**** *** !!!
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my new babies...

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Please tell me that booklet comes with the shoes.

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it's actually free (booklet)...just got it at my local finishline... not included when u buy the XX1s...
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^ no it doesn't.
-LIFe is toO SHORt.... Wear ur JAYs-
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got it for free dude... just lying around the store... get as many as u want... at least at my local finishline... if u think its a freebie when u buy the js then ur wrong... copped mine at my local copeland sports, they've been out for almost a week now...booklet not included...
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^^^yeah they are for free grabbed like four of them at finish line
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