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What's up NT? I've just gotta say, ya'll know I been loving these since the get but now I think it's turned into a full blown obsession !!!
I'm gonna hoop in these until they got holes in tha soles ! You know how I do it. I can't wait to own people on the court in these things. People can say what they want about Dwayne but I'm most impressed with this shoe. Keep it simple, less is better. This is a quality shoe and made good, end of it.
4fit, HOLLA !
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XXI commercial is great ! It reminds me of all the times I've tried to do MJ moves. Thank you for your redemption to me JB.
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^ i was thinking same to, since i just ordered it today. But it says 1-2 days for process and 2 days shipping. So, im guessing we'll get it by wednesday for sure.
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everyones not feelin the XXIs.. thats why i like em. more people NOT wearin them is always good
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That XXI commercial is pretty funny with all the kids imitating MJ's moves. I wished they showed the shoes more.
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Does anyone know if UPS runs on sat? and if so till what time? thanx
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i seriously cannot wait for these to drop on the 18th. they'll perform better than the XXs (which are amazing to ball in) and they look a whole lot nicer too.
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ups doesnt run on weekends.
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^^^^ yeah i just remembered ups dont run on weekends ... guessill be waiting until wednesday or thursday
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I tried the black light on my Red suade XXI's & it did not work, I dont beileve that they are fake since I order them for PYS but I'm a little worried. Anybody else try this on them?

...That is disappointing. I ordered from PYS too - but mine haven't come in yet. I was thinking about getting the white/red's anyways.

Maybe I will just DS my red suedes.

Got to get the red suades but like the blacklight message on the white and red.

...So everyone is confirming the red suedes DON'T have the blacklight message, right?
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Got to get the red suedes but like the blacklight message on the white and red.
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Wore my white XXI's today and people were jockin' :eek . One guy literally stopped me and complimented me on my J's. I kidd u not i broke so many necks the ambulance came to give neck braces away.
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^haha, sounds like fun man.
I feel like I'm about to have a relapse into buying Js. I haven't bought a non-retro Jordan since the XIVs...Might have to go for it on
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Just saw the commercial for the first time and now i really want to cop these!
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just ordered my 9.5 from uptempoair. $160 shipped is not bad. ordered this LRG to match



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UPS only delivers on weekend for sonicair sorry bro Gotta wait. (((SMH))) @ UPS I order some xxi's red suede on weds got em thursday overnight delivery but they didn't show up till 8:00, Damn they slow.
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To answer everybodies question that doesn't have em yet. Yes they fit true 2 size, these sneakers are dumb comfortable. Taking care for da red suedes is gonna take a lot of TLC. You'll know that when you get em.
-LIFe is toO SHORt.... Wear ur JAYs-
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I am so glad Jordan Brand did the hidden authentic thing because I was up in the Old National Discount Mall (College Park - Atlanta) and when I say it was crawling with fakes I mean it was BAD!!! I had never seen so many in my life. There were maybe 10 boths selling fake J's. They had fake 21's in all types of colors.

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that hidden message thing where you gotta unscramble the letters to spell authentic is CRACK!!!! :eek:eek:eek

i use to do that with my sig...:rollin:evil

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Got my shippment from PYS last night. I have the red suede I did the black light test and couldn't find the message and I have ordered from them b4 so I think that eigther I looked wrong or there is no message on the red and black XX1
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^I don't think there is a message on the suedes...It would probably mess the suede up? I don't know...
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Nothing on the grey suedes either.
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Well if there's nothing on the suedes then there's a colorway we don't know about if Jordan is keeping with their 4 codes thing.....

1- Blk/white/red
2- Blk/silver
3- White/NC blue
4- ?????
"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pok├ęballs at her"

"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pok├ęballs at her"

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I guess no hidden mesage for the red and grey suede xx1s. However, will there be a XXI.5 or XX1+. Maybe there's gonna be regional XX1s. Wat u guys think?
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This is a message for all of those who are not feeling these shoes: GO GET THEM.... These are the lightest b-ball shoes ever.... The feel is unbelievable... Sometimes kicks look better than they feel.... One example is the Kobe's... They looked nice on paper and online but damn are they big looking once they are on the foot... These might not be as appealling to the eyes (to me they are), but the fit nearly perfect... Once they get released tomorrow we'll see how many people jumped on these and the reaction.... I'll guarantee a lot of opinions will change in the next 24 hrs....
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Man that black light message is DOPE :hat !

That really brings new light to this release!


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I wasted my money on the black light since there is no message on my red/blk/silver XX1 from PYS. I will go get the wht/blk/rd tomorrow :\
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Whats so dope about this black light message? Yeah its never been done before, but seriously it adds nothing to the value of the shoe. A black light message now makes it ok to spend 175 on a shoe you hated when it first leaked onto NT? I also doubt this is some security feature JB has implimented to curb variant shoe makers. If that was the case, it would be on ALL the coroways not just on the white / red ones. The bootleggers will eventually catch on. Anyone can scribble something on the shoe with glow in the dark paint lol. This more or less something pretty gimiky, which I didnt expect from Dwayne Edwards. Maybe unlocking the code also unlocks your wallet? hah.

Anyways, I cant wait to get mine. Thank heavens I only have to pay 139 for them, which makes unlocking my wallet relatively easy.
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There is also an all white colorway...correct?...
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Sorry for the huge pics. But.... Got mine pimp.gif






and like i said there will be a package including the IV and the VIIIwink.gif
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I am not paying for my shoes thats why you have females that are dumb for...:lol
I also had the girl cop my lebron All Stars last night had her sitting infront of the computer at while I went to class sick.!:lol
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