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Damn, well thanks for the info
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Can someone post pics of their kicks after they applied sea glow? I am about to purchase some, but I just want to be sure it works. Thanks in advance.
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I am posting this for one of my clients. I produced a short video for his product. He has patent pending for this product that goes on the soles of your shoes. It's not to keep your shoes ds, but to allow you to wear your shoes. Whats the point in having a stash if they never come out. Pics below are just screen shots from the video. The video has no sound, we are still in the process of putting the video together. He just wanted the video to be leaked to get a response.

any question direct it to the website.. i am noway involved in the creations of the product.. only produced the promo vid

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^ would that thing be able to prevent yellowing on shoes with clear soles?
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i have kinda geryish looking spots on my playoff 8's does any one know how to get rid of them?
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anybody know how to get that old, kind of moldy smell out of Jordans?
I got VNDS XII's (Playoffs and French Blues) that smell musty.
if not, on to ebay they go..

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Sole saver ain't gonna do crap. Sometimes you get heel tab scuffs and what not.
I dont get why people put that toe uncrease thing or whatever. Just buy 2 pairs. 1 to please your senses, another to give you peace of mind of having a DS pair.
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to the dude with the flints u can use suede shampoo, worked wonders on my stashes, but how can I clean the midsole on blk cement 3s? I think its more paint fading away then dirt..
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anyone know a simple way to clean patent leather? i got a few spots on it that i cant get off... and barkeepers friend didn't work too well for me on my xi's =/ it didn't come out as white as i expected it to
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Originally Posted by JordanzFiend23

anyone know a simple way to clean patent leather? i got a few spots on it that i cant get off... and barkeepers friend didn't work too well for me on my xi's =/ it didn't come out as white as i expected it to

I use black magic tire shine cleaned my space jams and leaves patent looking like glass!!!

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Anyone know how to take this off don't know what it is looks like paint or white out? Bought my DMP DS of Ebay and this is how I got them....
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Thanks for all the help! Really helped out for cleaning all my 4s and my 10s
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HELP....WITH SEA GLOW..... NT I have two pairs of XVI that im tryin to clean up from years back now.... Both soles our yellow like no other... str8 ugly... I have bought some SEA GLOW and tested it out on some beat AF1 with clear bottoms.... I red on here and the the bottle but i still dont understand how to use the SEA GLOW in the right way.... CAN SOMEONE HELP ME FAST... ASAP... THANKS NT




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Hi all, I have a few questions:

- Has anyone tried Jason Markk sneaker solution? Is it effective?

- Are there any ways to repair cracking on the midsole of older retros like the 2000 retro VI so that they become wearable? Thanks
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hey RICO7JT, in regards to help with your sea glow attempts, let me tell you what works for me when i apply it to my xi's...

1. wash the soles with soap and water before applying any seaglow!!! (use a toothbrush and rag to really scrub the soles and rid them of any excess dirt on the soles.)
2. get some paper towels and fold them several times to make a pad for the seaglow. Drop a small amount of sea glow on the paper towels. ( several drops or so, enough to spread thinly and evenly on the yellowed areas.
3. Now, really work the seaglow into the soles by spreading the paper towel onto the soles.. (Also, after the paper towel, i use a toothbrush to just spread the liquid around and to get it nicely coated on the soles.)
4. MAKE SURE THAT THE SEA GLOW DOESNT RUN ONTO THE PATENT LEATHER AND DRY THERE!!! (this can leave stains if not taken care of within a short period of time.)
5. take the shoes out side and place them under direct sunlight. (dont worry about the temp, it doesnt have to be hot outside to work, its all about the direct rays from the sun, so make sure that sunlight is accessbile).
6. Leave them there for 30 min. under the sunlight. You will results at this point!!
7. wait another 30 minutes.
8. Now, go check them out and they should look considerable better!!!
9. you can now repeat the process if you would like to. (not necessary but for some extreme yellowed conditions, this is a good step to take!!)
10. After you are finished, take the shoes inside and wash off the seaglow with soap and water, and scrub them down just like you began in step 1.
11. now you are finished and the soles should look much, much better!!!

good luck and pm me if you have any other questions.
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how do i clean the netting on my 5s when it gets yellow
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^^^^U dont
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Yo, niketalk I need your help! I got my pack on sat, and I wore the X's to a party and got some potato salad on one of the shoes and left a small stain. What is the best way of removing it?
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Would Mr. clean magic eraser be good for cleaning up mid and out soles on these? I heard ajax would work also but i don't want to take any chances of scrubbing the paint off the midsole. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks


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Have you tried water and a rag? Or bleach?
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I tried ajax on my airforce ones and they leave them fresh and a bit wrinkle but still good though
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how do i un yellow the patent leather on white chrom low 9s ?
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what about the decreaser, does it really work? and is goof- off really good for clear soles and if it is which one should i get?
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pcitures of seaglow work? all talk but no real pictures or experience about it, even post seaglow experiences.
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help pls

so what is the best way to keep your kick from having yellow parts

pm me for your answer pls
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Originally Posted by swingshot

Is there anyway to fix faded XX2s?

My black (beater) pair got wet and they're more like an anthracite color in some spots.


co sign same here any help?

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How do you unfog the airsole for nikes? I tried the Blowdryer trick, that didn't really work... The reason is I have the OG Foam Max and still ds, I looked at it to sell but they were fogged up like the SFO runway, anything you guys think would really work? Thanks
Instagram: @x_bomb0_o
I follow all #nt famz...
Instagram: @x_bomb0_o
I follow all #nt famz...
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Hey guys, I wore my XXs in the rain by accident (forecast hadn't called for it) and unfortunately that coupled with some pretty decent use has resulted in the strap not staying on well. Is there any way to restore the velcro? or is there a place where you could send/take them to be fixed? Any help is appreciated.

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can i get help on my Jordan Team Elite II low, they can't stop squeaking from the bottom.
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