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what's the Resale on these???

               nthat.gif                        "NEVER SETTLE"
               nthat.gif                        "NEVER SETTLE"
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Got a wait time of 30 minutes on FTL. I'm close to calling this a bust. I'm so salty.

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Haven't ordered from FTL in years and I have a 30+ min wait to checkout. Jeez
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pretty sure these aren't going anywhere locally for me

prolly head to the store at 10 and check em out
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Next time i'll check this thread. Spent 10 minutes trying to buy my size on ndc. Finally went through. I hate dealing with that website on release days.
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20 more mins to checkout on FTL......


I just want to go back to bed.  

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Dang needed 12.5
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Originally Posted by AirRaab View Post

what's the Resale on these???

retail plus shipping nerd.gif
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NDC shipped my pair already
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30min wait time on ftl
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just grabbed a 10.5 off footlocker, had to wait 15 minutes to checkout
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Originally Posted by xilegacy View Post

NDC shipped my pair already

nice and dusty... just they way they should be haha
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Originally Posted by xilegacy View Post

NDC shipped my pair already



Thanks fam, this helped me pass


releasing my 11 on NDC

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^^Glad I could be of assistance
post #9285 of 20410 releasing these? They have the AM1s up.
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I didn't know NDC was really as bad as it was. I thought you guy's were kidding lol.

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What a stressful morning. sick.giflaugh.gifmean.gif

I had like 9 tabs open and didn't even try NDC first. Got mine through Footlocker and had to go down to a 13 from a 14 because they didn't even offer a 14.

Checked out dropped them in my cart and got that waiting notice for like 9 minutes... sick.gif

I woke up an hour early to prefill my address and all of that so I wouldn't be fumbling around... get to the check out FINALLY and my dumb *** forgot to enter my cc info. sick.gifsick.gifgrin.gifsick.gifsick.gif

So I got the spiral of death.

LUCKILY it let me correct it and they're on their way. nthat.gif

Had no idea these are a QS. So much for three pairs. mean.gif May double up if I find a deal. And NDC... mean.gif Went on after to try to find that 14 and nah... that **** is Botsville.

Shout out to my girl for hooking me up too. smokin.gif
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bought the trainers instead

still might cop if I like em in person tho
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I got 10 more mins on this FTL timer.
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Whole time, in real life, U can prolly make local moves and cop in an actual STORE. Preposterous isn't it?
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I don't know what kind of moves I can make when the stores here don't open until 10 and it's 8:30.
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also depends on how many pairs local shops will have

but yeah, I think these would sit locally like all the limited huaraches that dropped
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u can go TO the store, stand in line and make sure you get ur kicks.

So many people now are so dependent on the Internet that they fail to make easy moves for kicks that have a better probability of being found locally with the right homework/digging/recon.

Anywho, my post didn't apply to everyone, just a commentary based on observations from posts here in the last half hour or so.
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3 dollars short in my account. wow. talk about not meant.

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i just got cart jacked on a sz.10 bout to throw up never been so depressed!!! 

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Success on FTL...finally.


Now my kid is up, so I just wasted an hour of sleep on these. :{ 

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People are always lining up at stores on Saturdays where I live so standing in long lines isn't something i'll do. I refuse to stand in lines just so I might be able to get a shoe.
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i never knew life could could be so cold!

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i dont know what goes on in real life sneaker situations these days.. but are people really gonna line up for these? did that ronnie fig picture really bring back the AF1 like that?

edit: *fieg
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