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***Air Jordan Commercial List***

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We used to have a comprehensive list of Air Jordan commercials, but they either got lost in the YUKU switch, or fell off the back pages before we moved...Anyways, I thought we should start it up again, since we get commercial topics popping up all the time.

Below is a list of Air Jordan Commercials. I've tried to include every one that I could find. If I've missed any, please feel free to post them and I'll add them to the list.

Air Jordan I:
Flight 23
Man was not meant to fly
Air Jordan Christmas

Air Jordan II:

Air Jordan III:
Hang Time

Air Jordan IV:
Can, Can't
Rappin w/ Mars

Air Jordan V:
Action Photos
Is it the shoes?

Air Jordan VI:
Flight School

Air Jordan VII:
Hare Jordan
AJ23 Rap
Team Barcelona

Air Jordan VIII:
Hare Jordan II
Hare Jordan II: (short version)
What If?

Air Jordan IX:
Popcorn Tape
P.L.A.Y. Charles Barkley Show W/ Michael Jordan

Air Jordan X:

Air Jordan XI:
100 Ft Rim

Air Jordan XII:
Frozen Moment
Tell Me (Full version)
Tell Me

Air Jordan XIII:
CEO Jordan
CEO Jordan (short)
CEO Jordan (Business School)

Air Jordan XIV:
Career retrospect

Air Jordan XV:

Air Jordan XVI:
Umi Says Video
Much Respect
Much Respect: (EJ & Fin)

Air Jordan XVII:
Heart Beat
Ray Allen: All Rythym, No Blues
Darius Miles: Refrain From the Lane
Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles: Duet to You

Air Jordan XVIII:
What is Love?
What is Love? (short)
Goodbye Mars

Air Jordan XIX:
GP: And the ball said...
Melo: And the ball said...

Air Jordan XX:
Big Brother
They Said

Air Jordan XXI:
Let Your Game Speak
Let Your Game Speak w/ original moves
AJ XX1: White
AJ XX1: Red

Air Jordan XXII:
Take Over

Air Jordan XXIII:
Become Legendary
Look me in the Eyes
There are no Cinderellas
Maybe it's my fault
Ray Allen: Become Legendary (Celtic Championship)

Air Jordan 2009 and beyond:
Air Jordan 2009 Movie
Lead the Charge
Break to Build

Air Jordan 2010:
Nightmares Never Sleep

Air Jordan 2011:
Dominate Another Day
Dominate Another Day: Teaser
Dominate Another Day: The Escape
Dominate Another Day: Tech Lab
Dominate Another Day: Air Jordan 2011
Dominate Another Day: Rocket Shoes
Dominate Another Day: Quickness Test
Dominate Another Day: Explosive Test
Dominate Another Day: Gadgets
Dominate Another Day: H the Great

I Am Not Michael Jordan
Common Video: "Be"
Elevate Your Game: M3
Engine: M4
M7: Do Whatever It Takes

Chris Paul:
CP3K Trailer
Quick Can't Be Caught: Ripped
Quick Can't Be Caught: Paint
Quick Can't Be Caught: Isolation
Quick Can't Be Caught: Break

Be Like Mike (original)
Be Like Mike w/celebs (long)
Be Like Mike w/celebs (short)
Uncap Your Dreams
Mike vs Mia
23 vs 39
What's G?
MJ HOF Bottle Art

Jordan and Father
Locker Room
Boxers or Briefs?
Feat. Mathew Perry
Feat. Kevin Bacon
Feat. Charlie Sheen
Tagless w/ Jackie Chan
Feat. Cuba Gooding Jr.
Feat. Cuba Gooding Jr. (Slow Motion)
Feat. Cuba Gooding Jr. (MJ's Dressing Room)
Feat. CBJ "I'm wearing your underwear"

Bird vs Jordan
Bird vs Jordan (short)
One Year Later
Is it Him?
McLean Deluxe
Happy Meal

Coca Cola
Out of this World
Treehouse Slam Dunk
Food Lion promo

Chevy Blazer
Chevy Celebrity
Heartbeat of America
Heartbeat of America 2
Heartbeat of America 3
What's your favorite?

Michael Jordan Cologne

Gentle Treatment

Known Missing:

-Air Jordan X: Featured Mars in his bedroom talking about how MJ gave his "beloved Knicks a double nickel"

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wow amazing list!
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thank you. hopefully i can watch all these soon.
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amazing list, all that i want though, is at least 1 (or2) of those mars blackmon commercials downloadable!(for a presentation)
that would be awsome
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Sticky Please
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thanks man,, hope all is well in nor cal

mithu aka the ambassador
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Thanks a lot for the links men, siiick!!!!
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i love all the OG 1 commercials!! image

great post! thx
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Great Job!!

You're also missing AJXIX commercials from "...and the ball said" series.

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Thanks cweak...I forgot about that one. It's also impossible to find!
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Great post, thanks a lot! The other post was gone before the switch to Yuku, fell off the 20th page on ezBoard.

Here's some of the missing ones...

Air Jordan XVI - Much Respect (EJ + Fin)

Air Jordan XX - Evolution
Air Jordan XX - Big Brother
Air Jordan XX - They Said
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image Man sticky this, you just took me back to when I was 14 and bought the AJKO's thinking I was hot stuff until i realized I had the cheap versions.image Wish I had hung on to them though.smh.gif
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Yeah, can we please sticky this?
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Hey another one missing is the commercial when MJ went 2 play baseball and Spike was talkin 2 Willie Mays and other ball players about his skills... I realli wanna C that Mars commercial 4 the Xs also

Thanx anyway
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I remenber seeing a commercial where Jordan sends Team jordan back to school like devry or something and the domante college basketball. Any one else remenber this..
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thanks image
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Best thread on NT right now...Thanks

Its amazing how good that Christmas commercial for the AJ1 looks compared to everything else made during that era...image
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For a Dummy you make a lot of sense
"..Take that for data.."
Follow me: @YouBigDummy
For a Dummy you make a lot of sense
"..Take that for data.."
Follow me: @YouBigDummy
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how come the XVIII wasn't incorporated in the spi'zikes, it has spike lee
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This is one of my favorite thread on Niketalk
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I don't know if this includes in Michael Jordan's advertisement.
If it's not, ignore my post.
Michael Jackson - Jam

Also, Mary J. Blige - Give Me You MTV?
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Aw3some thread...thanks for all the links! Luv the OG commercials of course, but the Umi Says ad is one of the better "new" ones.
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do Hanes commericals count?
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Incredible, thanks a lot. image
follow me in IG: @thegodfresco, ill follow back
follow me in IG: @thegodfresco, ill follow back
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this is a wonderful list its great.
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After reading all of these responses, I started to wonder, how many of y'all actually remember watching them on tv the first time they came out? lol. The only person I saw that remembered these was 3theman, and he had a reference. I feel old here..image lol


The space between her ears is greater than the space between her legs.... 



The space between her ears is greater than the space between her legs.... 

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In the Air Jordan I Christmas commercial the date of first publication is listed as March 1984. How is that possible?
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Great Thread!
That's my word

-Team RealTalk-
That's my word

-Team RealTalk-
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