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Wait and see approach
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"a much more competitve 10-13 run"  





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Lottery tomorrow nerd.gif

could you update the thread title @Blazers21NTNP
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*prayer hands emoji*

After playing the ESPN lottery button it looks like we are probably getting Justise, WCS or Mario unless we jump in the top 3. Not bad but no franchise changers, how do you all feel about that? And how would you feel about trading Faried and the 6th/7th for 1st/2nd?
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Hopefully management doesn't screw this up.
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They'd have to go out of their way to actually mess up imo. I'm more concerned about the coach and potential draft day trades of Chandler/Gallo



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Report: Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried prefer Nuggets trade them if Denver doesn’t make major move

Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried reportedly weren’t untouchable in trades last winter.

If it’s all the same to those two players, maybe Denver ought to just get on with it.

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders:

Sources close to the process say Lawson and Faried have kept no secret of their discontent and unless the Nuggets can pull off something major on the coaching front or make a significant trade, both have indicated they’d rather see a trade instead of sticking around for a long rebuild.

It’s hard to see the Nuggets making a big enough splash to keep Lawson and Faried happy in Denver. Interim coach Melvin Hunt is reportedly gaining ground to get the main gig, and the Nuggets lack assets – at least if they’re keeping Lawson and Faried – to make a major move.

Coming off a down season, everyone’s trade values are low – including Lawson’s and Faried’s. Denver probably doesn’t want to sell low on those two. But what’s the alternative?

Lawson hasn’t exactly hidden his discontent, and at least the Kings are interested. The Nuggets might be more inclined to trade Faried.

Denver is in a rut. If Lawson and Faried unhappy, it’ll be harder for the Nugget to escape it.

I honestly would be down to cut ties. New coach, 3 good rookies (Jusef, Gary Harris, and #7), young pieces from trading Gallo, WC, Ty, and Faried (maybe keep one) and some draft picks
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I'm cool with trading Lawson/Faried or Gallo/Chandler not everyone

Winslow/Chandler/Gallo/Nurkic is a nice foundation imo especially if they can make a move for the Knicks/Kings pick
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I'm not ready for Ty to leave :(

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I'm all for Ty and Faried leaving.
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I want Farried to stay. He's the type of player that looks better when the team is better. Can't give up on him this early into his new contract. He has a lot of value. He'll go onto another team and provide great value. Similar to Tristan Thompson except Farried is better.

Ship Ty though ASAP. He's the ringleader of the nonsense.

Boy ain't been right since he started messing with that Thot from Bad Girls Club. Ty love the yambs man smh.
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
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DEN has supposedly already met with or interviewed Mike Malone and Dantoni


Nuggets Discuss Head Coaching Job With Wizards Assistant Don Newman

The Denver Nuggets received permission to interview Washington Wizards assistant Don Newman and discussed the franchise’s vacant head coaching job with him in the past week, league sources told RealGM.

Newman’s 16 NBA seasons as an assistant coach — including an eight-year stint with the San Antonio Spurs where he developed strong defensive principles and closely worked with Tim Duncan — give him the credibility to discuss a head coaching position. Since joining Randy Wittman's staff in 2012, Newman has served as the architect of an improved Wizards’ defense.

The Nuggets’ front office needed to get permission from the Wizards to discuss their open position with Newman, who spoke to GM Tim Connelly.

Despite many of Popovich’s former assistants receiving opportunities to compete for head jobs, Newman is still seeking his first chance and has been determined to place himself in contention.

Newman has a pedigree across sports as a coach and player, trying out for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks after his collegiate run at Idaho in 1980. He played guard in basketball, being a draft selection of the Boston Celtics and playing both sports in the CBA and CFL, before his start in coaching in 1986.

After spending 10 seasons in the NCAA, Newman joined George Karl’s staff with the Milwaukee Bucks in 1999 and spent a year with the Nets. Newman won two NBA championships with the Spurs.
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Pringles would be a great hire for both sides.
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He's slightly better version GK unless he brings in a defensive coach/great staff it won't be enough. The playoff/first round exit routine is old
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Nuggets bringing in Mike Malone for a 2nd interview 

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Stanley Johnson Pre Draft Workout Video with Denver Nuggets




Willie "Trill" Cauley-Stein talks with after Pre-Draft workout with Denver Nuggets


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Mike Malone and Melvin Hunt had nearly the same W-L record last year....unless it's a proven guy give Hunt a full season or 2

Winslow workout tomorrow smokin.gif
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Winslow would be a good look for Nuggets. Hopefully he's still on the board when Nuggets get on the clock with 7th overall pick. Besides Winslow I've seen a couple mock drafts having Nuggets selecting Mario Hezonja, Stanley Johnson and I seen like 2 having Willie Cauley-Stein getting picked. Who would some of y'all hope to see getting picked by Nuggets?

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Hiring the guy who fired Mike I guess he's out of the running eyes.gif

Report: Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro accepts front office job with Nuggets

Sacramento Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro has accepted a high-ranking front office job with Josh Kroenke, the president of the Denver Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

D'Alessandro will “work to support Kroenke across the Nuggets and Avalanche franchises,” reports Wojnarowski.

In April, ESPN's Marc Stein reported that former Kings center Vlade Divac, the team's new vice president of basketball and franchise operations, had overtaken D’Alessandro as the team’s top decision-maker.

D'Alessandro previously served as an assistant GM to both the Nuggets and Golden State Warriors. Denver promoted him to vice president of basketball operations in 2012, however he was hired by Sacramento in June 2013.
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Guess not laugh.gif
Sources: Michael Malone reaches agreement to coach Nuggets

Michael Malone has reached agreement on a four-year deal to become coach of the Denver Nuggets, league sources told Yahoo Sports.
The fourth year of the deal is a team option, sources said.

This is gonna be a strange offseason.
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Chad Ford: Nuggets have been trying to make that deal regardless, but so far they can’t get Kings (or anyone else for that matter) to bite on (Ty) Lawson.
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Yeah a lot of teams not to high on Ty Lawson
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Man if we can ship Lawson and land Mudiay...that'll be a dream come true.

Mudiay is the 2nd best player in this draft.
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
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Originally Posted by ognikehead85 View Post

Yeah a lot of teams not to high on Ty Lawson

That's because they're basically trying to get a top 10 pick for an undersized 27 year old PG roll.gif
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But if anyone was going to take Lawson, it would be Sacramento. Lawson was George Karl's guy when he was here. GK could get the best out of him.

It's like we just traded coaches lol.
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
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I wanted a Winslow Denver jersey but pimp.gif
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We up fellas. I predicted this.

It's Mudiays time pimp.gif
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
Ravens, O's, Nuggets, Jazz
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Couldn't have gone any better for Denver :hat:hat:hat


Can't wait to see what assets Denver lands for Ty.

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I'm happy with our pick. I'll be happier once I know what we do with Ty
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