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Wilson being able to be signed is a redeeming factor. I just hate McGee, man. I guess if he acts like a bonehead Denver could always let him walk, although I doubt that Masai & Josh are thinking that way.
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Yea this adds another FA situation but that was a shrewd move and it lets me know that GK isn't untouchable.

Someone needs to be brought in to work with the bigs at the very least to much depth/potential to allow GK to squander it.

I wish SAC bit on the Nene for DMC
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@nuggetsnews To the Nuggets fans out there, another key "get" in today's trade is a $13 million trade exception.

The last guy left from the 09 WCF squad 
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Michael Lee
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McGee arrives in Denver eager to show he can help a winning team

Nuggets hope to blend fundamentals with youth, athleticism

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The way I'm looking at it is he could bring more hustle/rebounding to the front line or he could be the thing that he finally gets rid of GK.

Squad is barely winning as is but I could see him being used as a scapegoat 

I'm just ready Chandler in the line up perimeter defense is the only thing I can see getting a little better with not many games left. McGee could help too given the fact that he could cover up some mistakes with his length.
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Ugly win. GK did his best to try to get that L.

Faried is a monster, my goodness. Lucky to have him tonight.
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It looks like Chandler signed. This team is so loaded but we still have GK as the coach. SMH
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Finally. It's only a matter of time with GK. Who would be a good replacement though?
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can a nuggets fan explain why you all hate george karl? i watch most of the denver games(gallo's on my fantasy team) and i'm not seeing what theres to dislike about him. just want to hear some input from the true nuggets fans
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Nuggets give Wilson Chandler $37M

Updated: March 18, 2012, 8:34 PM ET
Associated Press

DENVER -- Nuggets executive Masai Ujiri keeps tinkering with the roster as the playoffs draw near, trying to find just the right mix for coach George Karl.

Ujiri dealt away big man Nene at the trade deadline to free up money, presumably to help pull off this move: Agreeing to a five-year deal Sunday with versatile forward Wilson Chandler that's worth nearly $37 million.

Chandler has been itching to hoist up jumpers again in the NBA, even showing up to a Nuggets game last month where he received a rowdy round of applause from the Pepsi Center crowd and casually chatted with teammates in the locker room after the contest.

He played overseas for Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association during the lockout, averaging nearly 27 points and 12 rebounds in 32 games. Once the NBA season started back up, Chandler was ineligible to return until his team and FIBA, basketball's governing body, signed off.

When all the hurdles were cleared, he returned to the Mile High City.

"It is great to have Wilson back on our roster," Ujiri said. "It was a very unique situation signing a talented free agent in the middle of the season."

The 24-year-old Chandler arrived in Denver last February as part of the blockbuster trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks. Chandler was an instant spark, helping the Nuggets go 18-7 down the stretch before falling to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the playoffs.

At 25-20, the Nuggets are in the thick of the Western Conference playoff chase.

And Chandler could once again be a big addition down the stretch.

On Thursday, Ujiri orchestrated a three-team trade that sent the injury-proneNene to Washington, with the Wizards shipping JaVale McGee and Ronny Turiaf to Denver and Nick Young to the Los Angeles Clippers. Washington also picked up forward Brian Cook in the deal along with a second-round pick in 2015 from the Clippers.

The Nuggets turned around and waived Turiaf on Sunday.

Denver signedNene to a new five-year, $67 million contract in December. He was averaging 13.4 points and 7.4 rebounds in an injury-plagued season. But the low-post presence of rookie forward Kenneth Faried madeNene and his big contract expendable.

Faried had a career-high 16 rebounds in a 98-91 win over the Boston Celtics on Saturday night.

Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press

Benjamin Hochman @nuggetsnews

And so, since the trade has gone through, it appears that both JaVale and Wilson will be available tomorrow, #Nuggets vs Dallas

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Reasons why we don't like George Karl:

1. Poor game manager when it comes to lineups, adjustments, and use of timeouts.

2. Constantly gives minutes to guys that are stinking up the place while impact players ride the bench. See Faried as an example. Nuggets fans knew Manimal was going to be solid but it took Mozzy, Nene, and Kufous to get hurt before he got any minutes. GK claims Manimal just wasn't ready. He kept giving AAA minutes when he played like crap for more than half the season and still hasn't played great since getting all that money.

3. Constantly throws players under the bus for his poor coaching.

4. He can never read the flow of the game. When guys have it going he'll quickly sub them out and when we get behind by 5 he puts that player right back in.

5. His offense philosophy sucks. He has all this versatile talent on the team, yet why do I have to see AAA and Al play one on one iso basketball every game?

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Karl's management of Faried's playing time against the Cs was inexcusable. The Nuggets' had a large double-digit lead in the 3rd, Faried is on the bench (having only played 19 minutes), and the Celtics close it to within 2 midway through the 4th. The Nuggets are getting killed on the boards, giving up second chance hoop after second chance hoop. (I believe Al was playing C, and Gallo playing the 4) He finally decides to do what any moron watching the game would have done and puts in Faried with 5 minutes left. A couple of big offensive rebounds, a couple of big buckets, big free throws, big defensive rebounds... Nuggets win. Faried single-handedly saved Karl's ^%# in that game.

I don't know why Karl's so damn insistent on running Big Al into the ground, too. It bothers me that his play has dropped back off after having such a great first month of the season, but I can't really blame him. Karl had him out there the entire 4th Q, I believe. He was gassed, couldn't grab a board. Why the hell is one of the most athletic, energetic players in the L, who had a great first half and has only played 19 minutes, chilling on the bench?!
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That reminds me of the difference in a fan of a particular team watching them play vs a casual or basketball fan watching a team play.

Kevin Cleveland wrote:

At the time GK would rather play the ghost of Chris Anderson if it weren't for injuries he still wouldn't be playing.

Bird has hardly been the problem. He's played as well as anyone in the frontcourt. Mozgov and Harrington are the ones whose minutes should be cut.
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30t6p3b@ the defensive rotations

Laugh@ everyone tuning to see McGee only way he's getting off the bench is in a blowout 
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@Gallinari8888 has a fractured left thumb and will not return.

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Straight pathetic, man. 30t6p3b

If Gallo has to miss any time, this team may be screwed.
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Aw hell nah. 30t6p3b.gif30t6p3b.gif30t6p3b.gif30t6p3b.gif
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So many injuries this season.

Denver Nuggets

MILLER OUT: #Nuggets reserve PG Andre Miller has a separated right shoulder and will not play Wednesday vs. Detroit.

Denver Nuggets @denvernuggets
It will be just the fourth game Miller has missed due to injury in 13 NBA seasons and first since 2002-03 season.

Denver Nuggets

GALLINARI UPDATE: #Nuggets F @Gallinari8888 (fractured left thumb) will not play Wednesday vs Detroit. No timetable for return.

Aaron J. Lopez

FERNANDEZ AILING: #Nuggets guard @rudy5fernandez has a lower back strain and is questionable for Wednesday's game vs. Detroit.
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Dang man.
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Hope Gallo comes back soon.
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Originally Posted by Big J 33

Hope Gallo comes back soon.

You and me both. Him being out kills the Nuggets' offense. At least Chandler is now here to plug in at the starting 3 spot, rather than Brewer.

Ty really needs to step his game up now.
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Chandler starting for Gallo
Miller will be active
Rudy out indefinitely 
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Afflalo traded his all of his defensive ability for some offensive game.

This road trip is gonna be interesting.

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That defense was terrible. They trail the offensive player coming off the screen for the entire game, then with 50 seconds left the decide to switch and get a stop? It really took GK that long & that many made shots to make a defensive adjustment?

I was so frustrated for those final 3 quarters, but McGee's tip in instantly took that feeling away.
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Rudy Fernandez to miss remainder of season after back surgery. The deepest team in the league cannot get healthy

Can't say he'll be missed. Injuries aside I thought he'd do better.
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Meh, not much of a loss. He's hasn't played in that many games up to now, and when he has, he's usually shot worth crap & made terrible turnovers.
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Chris Dempsey

No Kosta Koufos (knee) tonight for the #Nuggets against Utah. Koufos says he's steadily improving but needs more time.
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Chandler attacking rimsmiley: pimp
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Come on guys.
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