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Ujiri has to have extended the QO to JaVale. I think there's a lot of RFAs whose QO status hasn't made news yet.

Hopefully Faried is one of the other bigs being sent to work out with Hakeem.
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Asik getting 8 mil offer and Hibbert a getting max... 697.gif
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According to Real GM DEN did make the qualifying offer to McGee.

Adrian Wojnarowski
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Things better go smooth with JaVale...
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Marc J. Spears
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Meh, good deal if it's ~$3 million per, but I hate that we'll see Andre Miller attempting to score in crunch time for the next 3 years.
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In a move that should surprise nobody, Rudy Fernandez has elected to sign a three-year contract with his former team, Real Madrid. The move is expected to be announced sometime July 4, of all days.

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JaVale McGhee is a straight monster man...I've seen dude play in DC, and, at least defensively, dude can straight get it...
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Hopefully than means minutes for Hamilton/Stone

With the draft and FA so far some bottom half West teams are making moves for the better... 5-8 playoff spot race is gonna be even closer.

Ken Berger
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Hamilton has been working hard as hell since the season ended, and with his natural ability, he'd better crack the damn rotation this season. Looking forward to seeing what he does in Summer League. 

Good to hear things with JaVale are going good.
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Josh Carter

Kenneth Faried

Evan Fournier

Jordan Hamilton

Derwin Kitchen

Quincy Miller

Julyan Stone
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David Aldridge

Nuggets continue to "grind it out" w/JaVale McGee reps, aware that whichever team (PDX, Indy) loses Hibbert will have $ available 2 offer. 
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missing a page? nerd.gif

Turkyilmaz should be going back overseas correct? Quincy D League?


Harrington/Hamilton first guys off the bench
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David Aldridge ‏@daldridgetnt
Source confirms 4/$44M report from @SpearsNBAYahoo for JaVale McGee. Full guarantee, per source.
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About the price expected for McGee.

As I said on Yuku, I wouldn't be surprised to see Stone cut loose and Miller signed. I think it'd be best for Miller to just sign in the D-League, though, as you suggested.
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I think the Nuggets can take their chances on another team calling Quincy Miller up from the D-League.Its not like hes shown hes really ready to contribute at the NBA level so far. Playing overseas would be even better because the Nuggets can hold on to his rights and not lose a roster spot..
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Mini interview with GK...
Nuggets coach George Karl likes all the team's latest roster moves
POSTED: 07/19/2012 06:20:00 PM MDT
UPDATED: 07/19/2012 06:29:28 PM MDTBy Benjamin Hochman
The Denver Post

Maybe next time the Nuggets' executives go to Vegas they can actually have a vacation. The group has been busy during this week's Las Vegas summer league.

The Nuggets completed contract negotiations with center JaVale McGee (four years, $44 million), decided to use their amnesty clause on longtime Nugget Chris Andersen and locked in free agent forward Anthony Randolph (three years, $6 million).

With the maximum 15 players now under contract, there are questions about just who will play for the Nuggets next season. Nuggets coach George Karl took time on the phone Thursday to discuss numerous hot topics.

Q: With McGee, Kenneth Faried, Al Harrington, Kosta Koufos, Timofey Mozgov and Randolph, you now have six players at the power forward and center positions. How will you handle this?
A: "There's no question, it's too many. It's a situation that if everybody is healthy, it's going to be a tough thing. There's no question that 1-2 players, might even be three, might not be happy with the minutes they get. But I always tell people that it's a much better situation than the opposite one. Having good players usually figures its way out — sometimes that's by trade, sometimes it just works out."

Q: Do you sense the roster is set?
A: "(Nuggets executive) Masai (Ujiri) is excited about the roster, and I hate speaking for him, but he's anxious to see what these guys are going to do. In the same sense, if a situation would present itself that would make us definitively better, I don't think we're afraid to make a trade."

Q: Jordan Hamilton has had some big point totals in summer league but has missed some jumpers, too. What's your take on this guy possibly cracking the rotation next season?
A: "Hamilton wasn't great but wasn't disappointing either. I think he's got to earn (playing time) in training camp. I think he's done a good job for a guy who did not play this year, to get himself into a place where he can compete. He's done all the extra work, working out in the gym, listening to the coaches. And the summer league proved he can be an effective NBA player. His consistency and fundamental base, as well as his ability to fit in and understand how tough it is to be an NBA player, will all be determined in training camp."

Q: What are your expectations for McGee next season?
A: "The expectation is for him to continue to do what he did for us — and get better and progress. We'd like to speed-up that process. Getting him signed early was a great move because it gets us an opportunity to work with him during the summer. It would have been more frustrating for us if it had dragged on into August or September. I think right now the roster is basically set and as coaches, we can go to work. That gets us excited."

Q: What are your thoughts on Randolph?
A: "Randolph is another good pickup — I think everybody sees a great athlete. I think he's a frustrated player from the 3-4 years he's been on losing teams, unsuccessful teams. We're looking forward to working with him. Our roster is very young, but in the same sense, it's very dangerous."

Q: Finally, first-round pick Evan Fournier is locked into a contract and will be in the U.S. next season, either on your roster or in the D-League. What have you seen out of him?
A: "I think his attitude has been spectacular. He's come in here desirous for an opportunity and worked hard to show us that he deserves one. If you think the frontcourt is crowded, the backcourt is crowded too. We think he can be an NBA player. As coaches, it's our job to get him to that point where we can't keep him off the court. I think he has a great upside, but he definitely has to grow. And right now, you have to grow from being at the bottom of the totem pole. And it's always difficult when people in front of you are good, too."
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Exclusive: Al Harrington healing after multiple off-season surgeries

Posted by Inside Hoops

By Jeff Lenchiner is in Las Vegas for 2012 NBA summer league. Friday afternoon, Denver Nuggets forward Al Harrington walked into the gym on crutches. had a quick exclusive chat with Harrington for a health update: What’s the latest on you and your surgery?

Al Harrington: I had tore my meniscus in April, towards the end of the season or whatever, and got it fixed after Game 7 or whatever. And then I got a staph infection. So I was sick, man. I had like three surgeries. And then a couple weeks later, they checked my knee again and it still was kinda cloudy in there. So I had to wait six weeks and take medicine… and then I had surgery again this Monday. Hopefully it’s the last one. And which knee is it?

Harrington: My right knee. So if everything goes as planned and hoped, when will you be ready to play basketball?

Harrington: I’ll be ready for the first game of the season. I don’t think I’ll be ready for training camp. First game of the season is my goal. I think I can make it happen.
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July 26, 2012
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Eh seems anticlimactic basically 2 years later. I'm more interested in Lawson destroying Felton. happy.gif
Sam Amico ‏@SamAmicoFSO
Teams not exactly lining up to sign free-agent G Lester Hudson, but I'm hearing Thunder & Nuggets interested. He can help someone off bench.
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Hudson had a few huge games for the Cavs last year, but meh, I don't really see where he'd fit in if the Nuggets were to clear a roster spot for him. I'd rather keep Stone on than have Hudson.

And agreed on Melo's return not feeling like anything special, being 2+ years after the trade, the Knicks not having any success, and the future of the Nuggets looking positive.
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9 of first 12 games and 17 of first 23 on the road. sick.gif
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Originally Posted by Executive76 View Post

9 of first 12 games and 17 of first 23 on the road. sick.gif
And 22 of the first 32. mean.gif Going to be damn tough.
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Just found this thread. Been a Nuggets fan since 94. Looking forward to next season! Roster full of talent with and hopefully without any egos getting in the way they can get past the 1st round.
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Originally Posted by zebraska24 View Post

Just found this thread. Been a Nuggets fan since 94. Looking forward to next season! Roster full of talent with and hopefully without any egos getting in the way they can get past the 1st round.

Welcome nthat.gif

IMO Lawson/Gallo need a little ego if they wanna see the second round.
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Gallo definitely needs to change his mentality. Disappears way too much. Need to see more of what he did in NY last season on a consistent basis.

Lawson's performance in the Playoffs was encouraging, but I feel as long as Dre is on the squad, he'll always be deferring. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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I'm hoping Chandler can come back and remain healthy...
Tsukiumi FTW

Please NT help me with these kicks I'm looking for in my WTB list below my sig!!!
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Tsukiumi FTW

Please NT help me with these kicks I'm looking for in my WTB list below my sig!!!
(0 items)
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Galo was pretty upset with his game 7 performance. Hopefully he will avoid the injury bug this year. Not much has been said about the Anthony Randolph signing but I think the guy actually has some game and will contribute.
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Nuggets Announce 2012 Preseason Schedule

DENVER, July 31, 2012 – The Denver Nuggets have released their 2012 preseason schedule which will feature seven games against Western Conference foes leading up to the Oct. 31 regular-season opener at the Philadelphia 76ers.
To kickoff the 2012 preseason, the Nuggets will face Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the L.A. Clippers on Oct. 6 at Mandalay Bay Events Center, marking the first-ever NBA game played on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Nuggets will host two preseason contests at Pepsi Center, first on Oct. 15 against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors and wrapping up their home preseason schedule with their second mathup vs. the Clippers on Oct. 25.

Denver’s remaining four preseason games will be on the road, with contests against Northwest Division rivals Portland and Oklahoma City, in addition to dates at San Antonio and Phoenix.

Season tickets and 10 Game Fan Plans are on sale now. The preseason on sale date is set for Sept. 17. Call 303-287-DUNK or visit for information on pricing and the benefits of being a season-ticket holder. The single-game on-sale date will be announced at a later date.

(All times are Mountain and Subject to Change)
Oct. 6 @ L.A. Clippers Mandalay Bay Events Center (Las Vegas, NV) 8:30 p.m.
Oct. 12 @ San Antonio AT&T Center (San Antonio, TX) 6:30 p.m.
Oct. 15 Golden State Pepsi Center (Denver, CO) 7:00 p.m.
Oct. 17 @ Portland Rose Garden (Portland, OR) 8:00 p.m.
Oct. 21 @ Oklahoma City Chesapeake Energy Arena (Oklahoma City, OK) 6:00 p.m.
Oct. 25 L.A. Clippers Pepsi Center (Denver, CO) 8:00 p.m.
Oct. 26 @ Phoenix US Airways Center (Phoenix, AZ) 7:00 p.m.
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At least the pre-season schedule should get them used to being on the road.
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