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skip college
join trucking school
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I look forward to trucking my way through graduate school and to pay off my student loans. My grandpa use to have his own truck. He was on the road for 20+ years.
When I start, to care, then I find, there is no one there
When I start, to care, then I find, there is no one there
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my dads been a trucker for a little less than 10 years he makes really good money smiley: pimp

im not a bright student (C average) so if i fail in school or something this is my last resort smiley: laugh
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love how diverse nt is smiley: pimp will not be needing this info, but im sure someone here will. it's great to know information from different sides of the spectrum
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My pops is a trucker and it gets steady pay.  Enough to send me to college, I guess.  There's prerequisites to being a trucker, but my old man finished it all in less than a year.  Plus that Class A license looks piff smiley: pimp

His hours vary but work starts very early, from 2-5 in the AM.  I believe you need to buy your own truck but that comes in very useful when we need things to be moved around. 

The problem is, this business tends to be detrimental to your health.  My old man has all sorts of problems physically, from neck to back pains.  I've helped out once and it is far from easy work and it can't be healthy to be sitting in a vibrating truck hours on end.

Basically, I have no plans to follow my father's career path.
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Originally Posted by airedweezy

My pops is a truck driver

Moneys good. You don't have set hours
Usually wake up early crack of dawn and depending how many load traffic etc you might have a short or long day.

You can stand to make 2 up to 5 gs From a week to two weeks
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my homie is trucking right now.. just started last yr and he's making guap ....

he's always calling me when he's mad far.. like yesterday he calls and is like , " yo im in detroit, just came back from Cali"... all in 3-4 days... too much...

sometimes he has a partner so they do 12 and 12 whatever
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Originally Posted by GP9Rm4108

I drive trains.

Who do you work for? I'm at CSX, didnt know anyone else on here had tge same job as me........... MindBlown
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There are some companies that will provide the training themselves. Some cost, and some dont. The company I work for, Prime Inc. doesn't charge you for any of the training and it's very thorough. You even get paid during during your training. Which was a major plus for me. If you stay with the company for a year then you don't owe anything, but if you leave before that then I think the cost you have to pay back is like a little over 2G's. If you're accepted they pay for your bus ticket to MO, put you in a decent motel room, and pay for your meals during that first week of orientation. What you can do though is just look into companies you see on the road and go to their websites and see if they have any sort of training. That's what I did. I've been doing this since January of last year and don't regret it at all.
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Bump. Anyone who owns their own truck. What's your insurance for your truck looking like along with business insurance?
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i hang in trucker bars sometimes.

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Why is there a school for trucking? Is the truck difficult to drive? I thought there would be a regular orientation course.
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I think you mean the classes for your cdl, idk man. Driving stuff like step vans and dump trucks is no sweat.

Never driven a semi. I'm sure the hardest part is backing up and actually knowing where the end of the trailer is.
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