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Originally Posted by xilegacy

I don't why but that hat has fake vibe to it. Not saying it is, but just looks it. Hopefully looks better in person.

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nice pickup Q, getting smacked with a $400 ticket kinda deters me from scullys at the moment
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It's not a new pickup laugh.gif I had this since Jan, pretty sure I posted it in my Beanie Collection. There's a reason I posted it (check the small link above it) laugh.gif

and for those saying it's still Hot, yes it is but when October, November rolls around you know damn well all those caps will sellout laugh.gif
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
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Originally Posted by shoeGUINDALOON

does anyone know when saks sale is ? is ther one usually end of summer. the one 45%for employees

Its going on now thru Aug 29th. 44% offimage
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For all those who still care about LV Evidence sunglasses, there will be a red color available.
Not sure when, or how much it will cost, but they are making it in red.
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Hey Spottiswood,

When did those green evidence come out?
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New LV Macassar Line
LV advertises it as the "Monogram for Men".
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^^^eh not really a fan, much more into the damier line. Thanks for posting though.
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few nice pieces nothign i would actually buy though at the moment
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Originally Posted by siirkus


I love those! They were on Shopbop a while ago. Very nice.
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The Khaki or green Evidence were released along with the Bordeaux and Black afew years ago.
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I could see myself using that Soft Briefcase, but I'm not big on monogram.
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need some help finding some good slim fit chinos... this gap, j. crew, polo nonsense is no longer cutting the mustard.
Yeezy Boost V2 350 (Beluga) - 8.5, 9.5 Available.
Yeezy Boost V2 350 (Beluga) - 8.5, 9.5 Available.
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^ band of outsiders, marc jacobs
im partial to j.crew though image
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So if i'm a sz 32 jean should I get a size 85 or 90 LV belt?
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I wear my jeans in size 29 when it comes to Levis and 80-85 fits me just right.
My size 90 LV belt is too big and I am already on the last hole, it fits ok from the last hole but belts should fit you right in the middle hole.
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id say 85... but try both to see which better suites you
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DiPlOmAt TDOt how much was the beanie?
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I think that new 55 will be my birthday present to myself.
Yeezy Boost V2 350 (Beluga) - 8.5, 9.5 Available.
Yeezy Boost V2 350 (Beluga) - 8.5, 9.5 Available.
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My birthday is late October and I think I'll be getting myself a new accessory for my wrist. happy.gif
Just got to decide which one.

Time went by so fast, feels like I just had my birthday last year and posted some pick-ups in here.
I do not even remember what I picked up but it does feel like time just flew by way too quick.
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i dunno iv always personally thought the graphite roadster > keepall 55
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Does anyone have a pic of them or have the Gucci GG monogram polo in navy or brown? Please let me see it. Thanks in adv.
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Originally Posted by mellowg

i dunno iv always personally thought the graphite roadster > keepall 55

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Wings & Horns has a few pieces I want badly.

Once I find out the fit, pre-order might be next.

Others that I wouldn't mind having but not must-haves for me.
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That vest is a MUST, but I'm probably gonna reconsider, as I'm gonna be buying 2 jackets, so there's 'no point' in getting a vest for myself.

Diamond knit henley, cotton/cashmere thermals, are a go though.

Judging by the other stuff you pickup (sizing wise), I think you (RFX) would need a small in the tiger fleece hoodies.
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This thread is so sad it's almost humorous. Newsbreak: while buying a $20,000 set of luggage or a $250 teeshit may make you feel better about your sad little existance, in reality it doesn't make your @$+$ bigger than mine or anybody elses. I know I've got it all wrong, nobody cares how other people perceieve them. That's why you paid $500 for a change purse that you don't even keep in your pocket and you're plastered with the logos for the world to see, inadvertanty turning yourself into a walking billboard. All of those things you work your life away for won't fill the void in your soul. Ah, but such is the mentality of our youth. A bunch of lemmings, blindly following each other. And they ask me why I want to leave this place image

excuse me if you will. I'm off to drink away my misery, hopefully meeting my end in an alcohol induced coma
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RFX45, can you PLEASE tell me how to go about ordering the Wings and Horns letterman? I've seen it all over the web but nobody ever mentioned a location or website. I checked their site but it only lists retailers, none of which are in Chicago [where I'm located] and only a few are in the US. Do I have to just call around on that list of retailers or what? Depending on the prices [hopefully not TOO outrageous], I'd like to purchase both color letterman jackets as well as the hooded sweatshirt above them in your post... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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that wings and horns leather is serious.. i know it's gonna be an arm and a leg though.
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Thanks for the suggestions 5tan, currently working on pre-ordering some items since most of the first shipments are in Canada only.

The prices isn't too bad though, the carsity jacket has real leather sleeves and W&H makes good quality clothes.
The varsity jackets are $700 CAD, which is around $640 USD. The Tiger Fleece hoody is around $200 CAD (or USD, can't even remember anymore).

23soles, if you are still interested in pre-ordering, I'll see what I can do with the store I trying to get a pre-order from.
I'll refer you to them if everything works out. The only problem with shipping from Canade to US is the customs.
I'll see if they can mark it as a gift so that it goes through without a problem.
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