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Air Jordan XII Whats the Fit Like?

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How does the XII fit? True to Size or a bit bigger? For Example I wear a Size 10.5 men's in a lot of my shoes, would I have a fitment problem if I were to get a pair in that size?
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Nah, you'll be good in that, they fit true to size.
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sneaker reviews 101
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true to size, and theyre very comfy
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Wow that was quick. Thanks for the help guys!
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I need another pair of XIIs ASAP
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But i suggest you coppin the Retroes cuz they are better for ballin and are much lighter
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I have the OG and they fit a little big and heavy too. But I love em
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They fit true to sz. They are some of the best AJs to hoop in for me.
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true to size
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A great shoe my first pair of Air Jordans they are a little heavy to me. A great fit PERFECT. :D
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If I remember right...dey true to size

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fit like the jumpman pro, but slightly narrow
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IMO they run true to size, but i remember a seller telling me they fit .5 size smaller

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They run true to size, I'm wearing my black/red retroes right now. There a bit heavy though.
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tru to size
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They fit like true to size.
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id say true to size but the retros seem snug imo. not unwearable snug but i can tell. maybe its just me
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Anybody know how the OG's fit. I'm usually a 9.5 but I was going to get a 9. Would I be alright going with the 9
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Wow, I see more than 10 posts saying true to size. That's NT!
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Trying to cop some 12s. If I'm a 10.5 I should just get a 10 or an 11???
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Would there be a difference if I'm a 9.5 and I get at 10 ?

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I would go half size down

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same here, imo they run big so go with .5 smaller or even one size smaller

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Maybe it's just me, but they feel really tough. I can tip toe in my taxis and they feel like ballet shoes or something.
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true to size

big fan of air jordan
big fan of air jordan
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I am wanting the laney 14 low. But I have a wide foot should I go with 10 or 10.5?
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My size is 9.5 and If I can't get Jordan 12 retro in my size should I get 9 or 10?


Somebody did buy Jordan 12 half size smaller or half size bigger and can write about it?

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