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the green ones are dope imo
too bad im broke...
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these am1's are so sick in person. i thought the pics were horrible but when i got there i had to rethink quick.... that blue is sickening in person! sick
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from the moment i saw these i was like image
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just tried a pair on in la and usually i am not into this kind of shoe, but these are really dope. the blue is really nice and the shoe pops when worn.
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These are dope, IMO. I need to trade my sz. 11 for a 13, though.
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how are the Tech Pack Air Max 1 Supreme's going to be released? are they a general release or... and what stores would be likely to get them?
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for you bay area heads,

we just put em out today with the matching shirts:

Air Max 1 Supreme:


Air Safari:

Better Tee:

Tech Graph Tee:
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Richliu, your pics of the Safaris make them look good. What I didn't like about the Safaris was the light green color of the midsole. If it was white or another color, I would have liked.

The AM1 is wild. I saw them this past weekend at Huf and thought they did look much better in person. My boy Perry bought a pair and I can agree with LipDunk - I bet they do look better on.
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incredible to think that the og colors were clearance'd down to $19.99 at Finishline...
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wasn't there another AM1 that was supposed to release with the tech pack? i remember seeing it on blog sites and it had a obsidian midsole and like a khaki colored toe get those but i haven't seen them anywhere.
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Tech Pack available now @ TRUE SOLE. (415) 626-2600
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the other am1's and safaris are on highsnobiety today, i think they both look better than the first round, although i probably wouldn't get either of them, check them out here.
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^ the safari sequel is much better than the first, but i prefer the 1st am1 over this newer one.
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can anyone tell me what the original retail price for these, im on a job for campless and need to gather more data on this pair

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