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Yes, it's a pick-up. I just don't bother tagging my pics.

As for size, they are a bit narrow for a snug fit.
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allornuthin11 - Lovin' the strapped Gucci' high with that belt, didn't know they made that belt.
angonas - Likewise, lovin' the new additions..pimp.gif

Originally Posted by RFX45

Sole, nice way to pull off the Gucci Hi's with a dressier pants but the s/s shirt with vest and tie isn't working. Just nitpicking.

Trust me, it looked way better in the mirror laugh.gif, that image with my shirt belching out doesn't do justice, lol. Although, agreed, I did' layer up a bit much though; the sleeveless button-up needed a s/s underneath..
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icebergslm, did you pick them up under retail?

I've had my eye on them for a while but I want the brown ones too, just waiting for a sale event...
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^no, I try not to pay retail for any of my shoes when I know it's just going to be on sale the following season.  I got them from the Barneys sale.  They only had a 10.5 left when I got mine, but they didn't have the brown ones.  I would like to grab the brown ones too.

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How much did you get the CL for? I'm deciding between the black studded and them. Are they a US exclusive or something?
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Nice pick up's allornuthin11. They definitely set you back a little
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DF sole
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K8S- I know nothing about their exclusiveness, but the price was $625 plus tax.
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Oh ok. The model name is Louis right? Any names for the colorway? I'm going to try email their stores.
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Originally Posted by SoLeSuPrEmE

Last night:

Feeling the blue.
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I just picked these up saw them on the site for 200 couldnt pass it up , just wanted the nt fam to know
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Sole- Nice navy blue Gucci highs, they are definitely the best color out of that style.

Angonas- Nice CL's love they grey canvas.

A Few recent pick ups, and my wedding shoes.
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mrmar23 you just scored the only Gucci sneaker that was ever hot. The 84 tennis are so simple and clean. Not like this ludicrous crap people are wearing these days.
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Thanks for the remarks fellas;

Mikele for some reason I thought you were already married, when's the big day?

And belated Happy 4th of July to all of you:

And Last Night: LV Punchy's Brown, kept the layers away this time, was going to be a long and sweaty night...

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Dude how bout you post something or even put a profile pic up your just some random dude goign around throwing dirt on peoples post just some nerd behind a computer with a bunch of negatives very very interested as in what you wear I would love to see this mad.gif
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if u ignore trolls they eventually crawl back under the bridge

dope fit sole but i think a more classic solid brown leather belt woulda been better, just imo of course

belt kinda screams while the rest of the fit is nice an subtle
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I am conflicted because I'm being a total jerk for dissin peoples styles.  I'm an old head and look at this nonsense you guys think is haute couture.  Banana yellow high tops with flourescent green stripes is not dope just because its LV.  I lived through thugs rocking biker shorts. I also dissed my own style from the 80's.  I should shut my mouth and let you do your thing........ but man the stuff you guys are posting is WACK!
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Being that I live in the heat I'm a nice jeans, white T type of guy. Presently I'm loving my new Adidas Ivan Lendl's with the Orange soles instead of the classic green. In the desert we can't rock the jackets and hoodies etc. I think SoLeSuPrEmE is rocking it in the above pics..... but these gaudy sneaks gotta go IMHO. I wish I could post pics. You know us old heads are too dumb to figure old this new tech. But I do apologize for being a HATER.
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Birthday gift from my wonderful woman!  Seen the gray ones but after seeing these, I like these much better!





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Nice taupe colorway of the Louis. I can't decide between them, grey's and black studded.
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Originally Posted by K8S

Nice taupe colorway of the Louis. I can't decide between them, grey's and black studded.

Go with the grey's. I don't think you'd get to wear the black studded that much
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Originally Posted by quik1987


pimp.gifpimp.gifpimp.gif kind of look like boots, kind of look like sneakers
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thecoolshoeshine has a pair of LV Elan Damier Graphites on eBay right now if anyone is still looking for them
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Picked these up today...

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Originally Posted by Vancity74

Picked these up today...


pimp.gif Dope, I always liked those, good find
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nice pick ups everyone
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Outer Banks, North Carolina

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