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^^^ What are looking to use it for? Those are all have a rubber sole and good if your going to do a lot of standing or walking but their a bit more casual than the leather soled dress shoes.

Check out Bluefly, they might have some in stock otherwise,, or any high-end department stores like Saks 5th, Neiman Marcus, Barney's and some Nordstrom should have these available. I'm not sure if it's still happening but Barney's had some loafers, slip-on dress shoes on sale for around low to mid $200. Check it out if you have one near you.

preciate the help there. yea i kinda wanted something with a mix of comfort/style. preciate the info. the pics i posted are off saks and they're all basically 400 bucks, but im gonna check out these prices and hopefully I can come across something. I think we have a Barneys outlet where I'm located. I went there last time just checkin out there BBC stuff and it was pretty bummy. Good looks on the info tho
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Hey kicks409, you said the Neiman's at the Galleria in Houston didn't have the brown Gucci Chucks, right? Would one of their sales rep. still be able to identify the shoes (provided that I bring in a pic, SKU#, style code) and place an order for me? Or would it just be better to call the Neiman's over on Rodeo like you did? Thanks for the help!
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yo rabbit they sould b able 2 order them for you
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thanx for the compliments dudes...yea RFX is correct....these r a j.crew exclusive but all red wings are similiar...there are dope ones at zappos as well...dont eat up all the sz 12's n 13's boys...still gotta get to all
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I got some new+#%@...but I dont know where to post it at :/ its 2 different designer threads laugh.gif
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^^^ I guess you can post on both? Or if it's shoes, it could be posted here. If it's clothes or accesories, it goes on the other one. Either way I just want to see some pick-ups.
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copped these a couple days ago at the Prada store
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Um hey nice gucci sweatshirts anyone know?where i can shop for those jackets and are they 100% real??? authentic someone post nice thread...
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I appreciate the help, kicks409!
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Yo paycheck nice yellow joints didn't know they made the high tops
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yo Paycheck26 those are really nice... good pickup
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prada seriously needs to stop the ridiculous colors
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^^^ Prada makes decent colors, at least it's usually one to two solid colors. I would hate it if they start making A-Cups in 5-6 different colorways. Plus these colors aren't usually overproduced so that the public isn't too saturated with it. As long as they stay with solid color combo's, nothing drastic, then it's all good. image
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no I agree that they haven't overdone TOO much, YET. My ex actually got me the navy, blue, white and aluminum patent cups for christmas which is weird because i'm not an acup fan (just have black crocs) but the orange and this yellow are HIDEOUS. Basic colors are all well and good, but they're heading down a bad road here
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What colors did the Gucci slip-ons come in? I saw some guy at the mall today with some white leather slip ons with the logos all over the shoes and they looked pretty nice. Just wondering if they were real...
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Could any redwing owners help me out on fit? If i wear a 10.5 usually what size should i get?
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Huuud i usually wear a 13 in kicks but i can fit n 11.5 to 12 in red wings..go a half to a whole size down...
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Hey if anyone is interested I have a pair of white black and red gucci chucks size 11g pm me
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Copped my first pair of Prada kicks. I have to get the white patent now. I feel the addiction starting...

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Still need to cop all blacks, nice pimp.gif
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Yea nice pickup beekizzle
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RFX -- Did you NOT see the picture right above your post?

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Originally Posted by B1LLY HOYLE

RFX -- Did you NOT see the picture right above your post?


I'm sorry, am I missing something here? I'm kind of lost right now?

Anywho, some new Gucci's for the Spring/Summer 08 collection. Just posting pics of the high-tops:

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additional 40% off sale going on at neiman marcus.. limited sizes though so hurry and check it out

Neiman Marcus Sale
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^^^ Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it!
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Originally Posted by HUUUD

Could any redwing owners help me out on fit? If i wear a 10.5 usually what size should i get?

depends on the style, but off a quick guess, i would assume this is the style you're looking for


if so, they run about true to size to me. but they do come in wide widths so you can also go half a size down if you have a wide foot.
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Originally Posted by RFX45



I think those hightops r pretty nice wat u think fx any potential purchases out of this collectionimage
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^^^ Just the plain all black hightops (not the one with the stars), those are the only one I can see myself wearing from this collection. I'm waiting for Neimans to start selling those. I kind of like this one too:

I think Gucci raised thier prices though, some of these hightops are going for well over $500 now. I know more shoes will come out for this collection so I'll wait a bit before making up my mind.

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Originally Posted by RFX45


Bottom right's and the chukka looking ones would be rocked to death. But I'm sure they'll be well over 4 bills

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