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Well if those Gucci items are on sale I hope the rest of Fall/Winter is also.
I do like those boots and acups.
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Those white A-cups are on sale at nordstroms? Guess its time for some new ones.
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Not til Dec 1st, so they're still regular price til then. I've just been honoring pre-sales for my good customers starting today.
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Saw your post on SF too airmaxes.
So all those shoes are on sale for 33%?
Are the chelsea boots on the top left Gucci?
I might be interested in those.
Also, any Paul Smith shoes/boots on sale in your Nordstrom?
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wasn't a big fan of this colorway when they dropped but I still couldn't pass them up for the price


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RFX, e-mail me for further details.
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Might be interested in them Dolce...Umm
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Airmurphy? where did you get those gucci for that price? Im so jealous
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Nordstrom Rack. Walked right to the shoe section and saw those and a pair of black/black A-cups(but I already have those) right next to each other in my size. Me and my boy spent like 20 minutes looking and couldn't find anything else worth buying in any size.
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Wow my nordstrom rack never has anything good smh... I woulda copped those as well
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I would of copped those Gucci's without any hesitation, and I'm not even a big fan of that model.
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I just need some tips on how to properly care for leather shoes, specifically dress shoes and boots that you would wear to work. I have some $400-$700 Prada, Varvatos, and Gucci boots that I purchased and I don't want bad creases and such.


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Question. I saw a few of you buy those Yves saint laurant rolling high tops in patent black. would any of you mind taking a picture with them on your feet and posting? i want to get a pair but have no idea how they look on ones feet.
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It never f---ing Fails.

Ofcourse I would buy the Prada's for full price and they would go on sale --I peep them in that pic son posted for Nordstroms. Im wearing um right now to so can't return em.... always happens to me i swear image
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Went to Gucci Phipps Plaza here in Atlanta yesterday. They just released the retro of the Gucci Tennis joints. Toe and side panel are fine white mesh. $375.

Think these were $160 in '86. Read that somewhere.

Also, sorry the pic shows no detail. Camera phone. Bottom is green, back has Gucci green/red/green stripe, tongue has woven Gucci label.

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Pic isn't working for me?
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pimp.gif Guccis for that price. Thats the pair im hoping they go on sale this weekend.
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I need a pair of those black guccis for work, how do they run? I wear 11 or 11.5

If anyone sees them in my size let me know image
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I think I just got lucky finding them at Nordstrom Rack, they were a pair that somebody returned to Nordstrom.
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The joints Hov modelled his Reebok x S.Carter's off of?
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
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^^I think so.
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Originally Posted by DiPlOmAt TDOt

The joints Hov modelled his Reebok x S.Carter's off of?

Yupe... always heard that the styling was influenced by a retro Gucci sneak... those look dope. Damn I don't feel like buying another pair of sneakers this wk. Tryna step my loafer game up and move away from sneaker purchases.
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Originally Posted by The Rat Pack Is Back


Got the sole of the old Gucci's, if you upset, sue me.
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I think these shoes deserve to be called High end designer. if not pardon me and place in its proper place. next week i have a few goodies coming in i'll post. peace all also pardon my "baggy jeans" all my jeans just cant be fitting im sorry lol
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