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Why do you need WiFi in a 360, so you can play XBL in Starbucks?...
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Originally Posted by M00DSWING7

M4SAW with red scope is all you need... image

What's an M4SAW?

You mean M4 Carbine or M249SAW?

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gdam 2k8 is pissing me off

idk how some dudes dont miss shots in traffic or make all these 3ptrs when dudes is in their face

i mean come on

and does everyone have to choose the gdam spurs and play fullcourt press? Really? REALLY?

yea i'm mad.
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more sf4 info...

Brazilian gaming blog Blogeek says that they have some new, unreleased details on Street Fighter IV. Normally, these sorts of rumors would be dealt with a snort and a dismissal, but Blogeek's got the also unreleased screen shots to back it up. They're both similar to the screen via 1UP that was unleashed today, but happen to feature Ryu's counterpart, Ken Masters. That would either make Blogeek extremely adept with a PhotoShop stamp tool or lend weight to their credibility.

Fortunately, reader Douglas was kind enough to help us out with a translation of the leaked (and still rumored) details on the game. According to Blogeek, Street Fighter IV will take place some time between Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter III, which makes the return of Chun Li and Dhalsim more understandable.

The site also mentions that the game will run at 60 frames per second, pretty necessary for fighting games of this kind, and feature online play.

Gone is the parry system, they say, as it will be replaced by a canceling system dubbed either "Saving" or "Revenge." On the offensive side, an "Ultra" move will be available as well as the "Super" moves in the style of Super Street Fighter II.

What we don't quite believe, though, is the rumored inclusion of Sheng Long. Take it all with a grain of salt, but we're willing to believe for the time being.


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im missing out on everything:{ the @#%$ my xbox takes 3 weeks just to have a refurb shipped back to me?...they actin like they fixin my joint:{

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Originally Posted by NobleKane

i might play some old games just to see if the games change in the gamer cardimage

It does. I changed my gamerpic to the OG Halo one and it changed on this.
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Originally Posted by nnarum

Anyone have this system? I've heard it's a really good deal for $99.

i dont have it, but thanks to that link i will in 3-5 business days haha...

for only 90 bucks with the google checkout discount, i couldnt pass it up...ive been meaning to buy a cheap setup, but i never felt like dropping 500 on one of those other "in a box" systems...i did a little research on cnet about this, while the cnet review wasnt great(it was like 6.5/10), the reader reviews were all more than satisfied. and they all had spent 250-300 dollars on it, so im sure for only spending 90- ill be more than happy...they all said this works perfect for bedrooms and such...

good lookin out with the link image
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Originally Posted by ShannonsCrooks

NobleKane, why is Microsoft a bunch of D Bags? I think I missed something.

because xbox live has been messed up for alot of people for a week now and they have yet to publicly acknowledge it. major douche nelson said they fixed it but they havent. its running slow, weird, and now gamertags cant be recovered yet new live users can create new gamertags...
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
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WOW... just finished campaign on COD4 - what an awesome story... there were some annoying parts, but mostly it was SICK.. loved a few parts but i don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't beaten it..

Very good storyline though, one of the better ones i've played in a video game.
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Just finished all the achievements of COD4 on Sunday. Now I can finally get to playing H3 again. Target is also selling NBA 2K8 for $28.


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Who the hell is Gimme the loot?
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ya i cant play madden
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can someone repost the sig? lost it in the move
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Seriously, I try so hard on GH and I just totally suck at it...when it comes to the 4th and 5th buttons It's like my mind totally spazzes. I guess its off to the tutorials and not leave my house for a day. Anyone have any "tips" (if there is such a thing lol)
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nevermind i figured it out
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I'm worried about copping Rock Band, there are supposed to be severe shortages
Yeah, all Gamestops are pretty much reserve only. and im pretty sure its one shipment until next year.

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ouch, i was proud of that score too:lol
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For people complaining about the lag issues just get use to it. There are more users online then Microsoft planned for and as a result are killing ALL the servers for any game and Xbox Live period.

In another thread some guy was talking about him speaking to a rep from Xbox on the phone (18004myposxbox) and the rep told him they should have it fixed by the weekend. Don't bet on it. These reps do whatever they can to get you off the phone as happy and as quickly as possible. This guy has no idea how long this is going to take. Just sit tight and play some single-player crap right now.
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Squalie413 - Leemo204
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so if i want to buy another guitar for rock band, do i have to buy the rock band guitar or will the guitar hero guitar work?
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TEAM CHEESEHEADS ..... HoustonRockets
Jordy Nelson: Best WR in the game .................................. The Roc Boys in the building tonight
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Street Fighter IV Info Coming This Week
BLOG - A Capcom rep has told Next-Gen that this Thursday, we just might finally find out what Street Fighter IV is going to look like...

ImageChatting with a Capcom rep Tuesday, we asked how Street Fighter IV is coming along ("great," of course) and what exactly it's going to look like.

"You'll find out Thursday," said Capcom's Chris Kramer.

Capcom confirmed Street Fighter IV back in October, releasing a trailer that looked like an animated watercolor painted somewhere deep within The Matrix. So we can't wait to see how that look translates to the actual game, if at all.

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YO people with COD4 ADD ME, theres never anyone with the game online when im playin

GT in sig
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Originally Posted by Jerry Everyday

BIG IN 2008 - Xbox Ultimate

31 DEC 2007

Xbox Ultimate - the gaming daddy?

We've already had the Xbox 360 Premium and Elite. Both are, of course, fine gaming machines with the best games catalogue in the next-gen field. But come autumn 2008, we reckon both will be rendered obsolete by the Ultimate.

This PS3-killer will benefit from almost three years of Xbox development, featuring 1080p HDMI output, built-in Wi-Fi, hi-def audio output, cooler 65nm hardware architecture and a near-silent fan.

It'll also have the ability to make the most of the by-then established Xbox IPTV service, which will mean recording TV shows to its vast 320GB hard disk and watching live TV shows via your broadband provider.

But the piece de resistance? It'll have a built-in HD DVD drive. Let Round 12 with the PS3 commence...

imageimageimageimage verrrrryyyy niceeeeeeeeee

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Originally Posted by daaznfella

Originally Posted by Xtapolapacetl

My gamertag is: "I keeI u"..

The "I" in "keeI" is a capital i, not a small L, because the username with a small L wasn't available.

...why dont you just say it's "i keei u" ?



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Toss me on the gamertag list would you? I'm always down for madden or halo - eLNiNo4530


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2050 in a little over 2 years? it's no secret you stay on NT too
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Originally Posted by areyouin729

it's a sign you need a ps3

yeah he should buy one so he can rock with the 6 games that they have.image

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anybody on here have orange box and play team fortress 2?
i want to get a little group of niketalkers together
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