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All signs point to Florida for Cece

Yea before he visited Athens, everybody loves Athens.


Scabs, you're ignored til August.

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lol ok
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FSU 4th quarter drills begin.

Florida State is in the middle of Fourth Quarter Drills. You may recall that these drills replaced the old Mat Drills under Bobby Bowden. The Fourth Quarter Drills will wrap up a week from Friday (Mar. 7). The players will get a week off and then start Spring Practice on Tuesday, March 18.

Fourth Quarter Drills, which take place in the IPF and the practice fields, are totally closed to the public and media. However, we've confirmed with FSU Sports Info. that one session will be opened up to the media as has been the case the last couple years. Date TBA.

Since the drills have been closed we don't have a ton of information but was able to speak to somebody in attendance and get some intell on some of the newcomers and younger players.

First, newly enrolled freshmen RB Dalvin Cook and safety Trey Marshall have jumped off the page. Both reported in tremendous shape and are right up there with the veterans in terms of keeping up with the drills. The athleticism is through the roof for both players. Been told that as long as they stay healthy both will play this fall (no redshirts here). Cook is expected to get in the RB rotation.

With the losses on the interior of the defensive line (Jernigan, McAllister and McDaniel) I made sure to ask about how some of the younger players have looked there. I was told a couple players have really stepped up here - Desmond Hollin and Keith Bryant (rs freshman). Bryant reported last year a bit out of shape but has really turned that around. Based on how he has looked in drills it is expected that he will contribute this year at DT. Hollin has really impressed and should see a lot of playing time both inside and outside this fall.

LB/DE Ukeme Eligwe and LB Matthew Thomas are two other young players I've been hearing rave reviews about.

Finally, I mentioned it in another thread and wanted to make sure it didn't get lost - everybody on the staff is excited about what they are seeing from RB Mario Pender. As mentioned before, he is really doing well in the classroom and is very good shape academically. He is also tearing it up on the field and is creating quite a buzz in Fourth Quarter Drills. One comment I heard from somebody in the know is that this could be an even better running back corps in 2014 despite the losses of Devonta Freeman and James Wilder Jr.

We'll let you know when the open session of Fourth Quarter Drills is scheduled. We'll have a full report, an interview with Jimbo Fisher, video highlights and photos.

Read more:
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We lost the best player my high school has ever scene to FSU Mat Drills, the whole school was crushed when it was announced
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Originally Posted by dreClark View Post

All signs point to Florida for Cece

Yea before he visited Athens, everybody loves Athens.


Scabs, you're ignored til August.


Well, fine.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Trey Marshall smokin.gif
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Speedy is about to do some damage...

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He looks like a downhill, in the box safety from that film. He plays like a Big 10 safety.

He's be perfect as the LB/Safety in a 4-2-5

But those are only a small clip of plays so it's hard to say how he is in coverage & whatnot

yeah the cane boards have been talking him up and their generally a pessimistic bunch :lol

those clips from his hudl are such a small sample size but i definitely agree with you on him

being perfect in the 4-2-5 scheme

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Ice Harris back at the U. pimp.gifpimp.gifpimp.gif
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So does this mean y'all don't hate Ice anymore?

Al pulling out all the stops laugh.gif
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Al getting all the help he can lol smokin.gif
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Originally Posted by dreClark View Post

So does this mean y'all don't hate Ice anymore?

Al pulling out all the stops laugh.gif

That Ice hate was irrational from the jump. The 6 and Kirkland fiasco was poorly handled on both ends.
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Tim Harris Jr. is gonna be the HC @BTW I'm assuming. Keep it in the family
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Didn't know that Treon was a love child. Makes sense that Ice had less influence than his mom.
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Yeah Ice Jr. and Moms had much more effect on his recruitment. Roper sold mom on how Treon would be used in that offense & that was that.
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Who is Ice Harris and why is he important?
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Originally Posted by CP1708 View Post

Who is Ice Harris and why is he important?

Booker T. Washington's coach, a key school for Miami's recruiting

Imagine if Genron got signed to the staff laugh.gif
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Originally Posted by CP1708 View Post

Who is Ice Harris and why is he important?

Head of Coach of Miami Dade powerhouse, state, national champ Booker T. Washington. 

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Spring 2014 - ACC Team-By-Team Analysis


Atlantic Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Boston College
Start: March 12, Spring Game: April 12

With the wind at their backs, the Eagles want to soar in 2014. Now that second-year head coach Steve Addazio has succeeded in changing the culture at BC, he plans to make winning a habit. Sure, there’ll be challenges ahead, like finding replacements for RB Andre Williams, WR Alex Amidon and LB Kevin Pierre-Louis. However, Addazio has already completed the heaviest lifting in Chestnut Hill, getting an entire program to rethink its potential. This season is all about adding a new level to the foundation, while erasing any possibility that 2014 was a one-and-done fluke.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - The Eagles believe they’ve located a new quarterback in Florida transfer Tyler Murphy, but who’ll form his supporting cast? BC must spend the spring developing a new set of skill position players capable of offsetting the enormous lost production left by the graduations of Williams and Amidon. Murphy doesn’t want a repeat of the power outage he witnessed in Gainesville last year.

This spring will be a success if … the defensive backs appear more competent than they did a season ago, when BC ranked 108th nationally in pass efficiency D and allowed 26 touchdown passes. While the Eagles didn’t lose a single DB to graduation, there are no guarantees that the unit will be more air-tight than it was in 2013.

Start: March 5, Spring Game: April 12

New quarterback, same expectations. Clemson will no longer have long-time QB Tajh Boyd behind center, or his favorite target, Sammy Watkins, running routes. Huge losses, but don’t expect the bar to be lowered dramatically around Death Valley. Dabo Swinney has a great thing going with the Tigers, and he and his staff continue to thrive on Signing Day. The program is bound to take a small step back in 2014, fading a little further behind Florida State, but there’s enough talent on hand to realistically be thinking major bowl game for the third time in the last four years.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Make the running game a bigger priority than it’s been in recent years. Yeah, Chad Morris’ offense is up-tempo and full of surprises, but the Tigers might want to consider a slightly more conservative approach with a new man under center. D.J. Howard and Zac Brooks will compete to supplant Roderick McDowell, with Tyshon Dye hoping to contend after rehabbing a torn Achilles suffered in February.

This spring will be a success if … Swinney and Morris have a workable pecking order at quarterback to take into the summer. Senior Cole Stoudt, dual-threat sophomore Chad Kelly and true freshman Deshaun Watson, the country’s third-ranked high school quarterback, will begin jockeying for position in March. Everyone benefits if one guy grabs a lead before the spring game.

Florida State
Start: March 19, Spring Game: April 12

Everyone is looking up at Florida State. The ‘Noles are planning to keep it that way. FSU is the king of the college football world. Remaining on the throne is Jimbo Fisher’s priority in 2014. He’ll be reloading with a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback, Jameis Winston, and a roster littered with gifted former high school stars. Fisher and the staff know they possess the right mix of talent to repeat, at least as the ACC champ. Maintaining the drive and focus that helped Florida State navigate last year’s schedule without a loss will be a far tougher task than filling a few holes on the depth chart.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Sure, the ‘Noles registered 35 sacks in 2013, but the linemen were a little too quiet. In fact, CB Lamarcus Joyner led the team with 5.5 sacks. Joyner and NG Timmy Jernigan, who was second in sacks, have graduated. Florida State needs its former blue-chippers, like Mario Edwards, Eddie Goldman and Chris Casher, to dominate and continue to make the Seminole line shine.

This spring will be a success if … there’s an undeniable scent of competition in the Tallahassee air. For the Seminoles to repeat in 2014, they’ll have to be as hungry as they were a year ago to get to the top of the mountain. If they have that desire to be great again, the way Alabama did in 2012, it’ll be fueled in the spring by younger backups who challenge incumbents out of their comfort zone.

Start: March 18, Spring Game: April 11

Change is hard. The Cardinals are feverishly nodding their head in agreement. QB Teddy Bridgewater is preparing for a career in the NFL. Charlie Strong is preparing for his first season as a Longhorn. And the American is no more, replaced by a timely relocation to the ACC. Louisville is on solid footing for the long-term, but 2014 will be wrought with all kinds of tricky challenges. Just how well the program weathers the initial storm will depend heavily on the ability of Bobby Petrino to recapture the magic he had as the school’s head coach from 2003-06. Hiring Petrino made for a shrewd reunion, provided the coach leaves his baggage at the airport.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Help turn RB Michael Dyer into the shooting star he was while at Auburn. Dyer has had off-field issues, as has Petrino. It’s an intriguing pairing of flawed individuals looking to use Louisville as a pivot point. The Cards need more backfield help with Bridgewater gone, and Dyer would like to use 2014 as a staging area for a career in the NFL.

This spring will be a success if … sophomore Will Gardner seizes control of the quarterback opening and never looks back. No, Louisville can’t possibly be the same team on offense just a year after Bridgewater departs, but the program really likes the upside of the 6-5, 230-pound Gardner, who served as the caddy last fall.

North Carolina State
Start: March 4, Spring Game: April 12

A new year means renewed optimism in Raleigh. The Wolfpack is looking for a do-over after last season’s 3-9 disaster. The good news is that the program figures to be improved at the two most important places, head coach and quarterback. Dave Doeren can coach and recruit, and the fact that Year 1 is now behind him will benefit both he and his players. Doeren is especially excited to be breaking the seal on QB Jacoby Brissett, the Florida transfer who has already been named the starter. Better days are ahead for the Pack, even if this season still contains a fair amount of stumbles and mishaps.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Treat Brissett like the savior, because he might have to be for a while. The Pack quarterbacks were awful last season, but to be fair, they also didn’t get a lot of help. Doeren and the coaching staff must let it be known that anyone who fails to protect Brissett or drops his throws runs the risk of riding the pine for an extended period of time.

This spring will be a success if … one or two offensive linemen end the session as the most improved players of spring. Doeren owns the right formula for success on offense, but the attack will again sputter if the blockers fail to do their jobs. Three sophomores started up front in 2013, lending hope that an evolution could occur this fall.

Start: March 18, Spring Game: April 12

Decent start in the ACC, Orange, but is 7-6 as good as it gets? Syracuse exceeded expectations by rising above .500 with a Texas Bowl win over Minnesota. Where do Scott Shafer and his program go from here? The Orange proved that it can compete in the ACC, but Shafer isn’t content with simply remaining competitive or filling the voids in the league’s second-tier bowl openings. Syracuse will have a critical edge over much of the conference—a quarterback with starting experience. Terrel Hunt had a rocky debut, but he never left the lineup after taking over in September.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Devise an offense that brings out the very best of RB Prince-Tyson Gulley. Remember the Gulley who ran for 208 yards, caught five passes and scored three times in the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl blowout of West Virginia? Yeah, the Orange need to see that guy again, especially since backfield mate Jerome Smith has graduated. Gulley received a fifth year of eligibility, and it’s up to the Syracuse staff to make the most of No. 23 this fall.

This spring will be a success if … new linemen emerge in the middle of both lines. Two of Syracuse’s biggest holes are on the interior, as all-league C Macky MacPherson and all-league DT Jay Bromley used up their eligibility. The Orange boasts returners on offense and defense, but the units will struggle if there’s no presence on the inside.

Wake Forest
Start: March 25, Spring Game: April 26

The Demon Deacons had grown stale under Jim Grobe. Enter Dave Clawson. Grobe had a good thing going for a while in Winston-Salem, even winning the ACC back in 2006. But that was a long time ago, and the program hasn’t delivered a winning season since 2008. Clawson was lured out of the MAC in the hopes that he can do at Wake Forest what he did for Bowling Green. The Deacons are at a perennial disadvantage versus the rest of the league, a small private school that attracts second-tier recruits. Clawson will look to overcome the odds sans last year’s best offensive and defensive players, starting quarterback and leading rusher.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Building depth. Wake Forest isn’t winning the ACC in 2014, and it probably won’t earn a bowl berth. This first season for Clawson and his staff will be all about installing systems, learning the personnel and building depth on both sides of the ball. If any members of the 26-man recruiting class are ready to chip in right away, they ought to be turned loose as quickly as possible.

This spring will be a success if … Tanner Price’s successor at quarterback begins to emerge. Senior Patrick Thompson, sophomore Tyler Cameron and redshirt freshman Michael Radford will start their battle for playing time in the spring, and likely continue it in the summer. Quarterbacks have had success in the past running Clawson’s varied offense, and Wake Forest sure could use an identity and a leading man under center.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Start: February 7, Spring Game: March 1

David Cutcliffe is just getting started in Durham. The Blue Devils, led by their confident head coach, are convinced that last season’s 10 wins and Coastal Division crown were the start of something big, rather than a blip on the college football radar. The team has good reason for optimism. Both sides of the ball are littered with returning starters, and the confidence level at Duke is at an all-time high. If the Blue Devils can remain ahead of the likes of Miami and Virginia Tech, Coach Cut could be on his way to creating the Stanford of the East.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - The defense, but especially the D-line. The Blue Devils are without three of last year’s starters, including leading pass rusher Kenny Anunike. They’re also missing top pass defender Ross Cockrell. If Duke struggles to generate a consistent push, Cockrell’s replacement—and the rest of the defensive backs—could be easy targets for opposing ACC passers.

This spring will be a success if … Scottie Montgomery quickly meshes into his new role as Cutcliffe’s offensive coordinator. Losing Kurt Roper to Will Muschamp’s staff in Gainesville certainly hurts. It’ll be up to Montgomery and his assistants to make sure that the Duke offense remains on track, with both quarterbacks, Anthony Boone and Brandon Connette, aiding the cause.

Georgia Tech
Start: March 24, Spring Game: April 18

The Yellow Jackets just might have peaked after all in 2009. Tech won 11 games and the Atlantic Coast Conference five years ago, helping make head coach Paul Johnson the toast of Atlanta. Since then, the school has gone 23-25 versus FBS opponents, making Johnson’s seat, well, toasty. The Jackets are clearly stuck in neutral, with no end to the mediocrity in plain sight. In a decision that was both symbolic and immediately impactful to the current squad, starting QB Vad Lee voluntarily decided in January that his career would benefit from a transfer to FCS James Madison.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Enter the 21st century on offense. Go ahead and keep the triple-option as a base offense, Tech, but how about injecting a little more passing into the equation? The team is always going to pile up huge rushing numbers, but the rest of the ACC is catching up to the attack. The Jackets may have averaged 35 points a game in 2013, but that output dips to 29 points when blowouts of Elon and Alabama A&M are removed from the equation.

This spring will be a success if … sophomore Justin Thomas makes the locals forget that Lee ever bolted on his own accord. Thomas was always going to be the heir apparent on the Flats, but no one thought it would happen this soon. For Johnson’s offense to click, the guy behind the center must make great decisions, and he must have the quicks to jet through cracks in the defense.

Start: March 1, Spring Game: April 12

Just who are you, Miami, the team that opened 2013 7-0 or the one that ended it 2-4? The Hurricanes have a bit of an identity crisis these days. While there were hints of contention, such as the Sept. 7 upset of Florida, it’s also obvious that this program isn’t ready to compete with the likes of Florida State and Clemson. It’s a good thing the Seminoles and the Tigers are in the Atlantic Division, which allows Miami to focus on seizing a Coastal Division that’s far more manageable. In a backfield dichotomy, star RB Duke Johnson returns from injury, but a new quarterback is needed to fill the shoes of Stephen Morris.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Get a jump start on hiring a new defensive coordinator in 2015, just in case Mark D’Onofrio and his players continue to underachieve. The ‘Canes remain pedestrian on D, yielding an average of 42 points during the final four losses. They’ve had just one All-ACC first or second-teamer over the last two seasons, and more support is needed for LB Denzel Perryman.

This spring will be a success if … if redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen appears ready to take over for Morris. Olsen was one of the top-rated quarterbacks of the 2013 class, and he has the higher ceiling than senior Ryan Williams. The Hurricanes really need the rookie to begin approaching his potential so that the skills of Johnson and receivers Stacy Coley and Herb Waters are maximized.

North Carolina
Start: March 5, Spring Game: April 12

It’s Year 3 for Larry Fedora, so Carolina is hoping to take another step forward. Fedora’s systems are in place, and he’s had a few years to get his kinds of players to Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels now believe they’re ready to move closer to their goals by competing for and winning the Coastal Division. They’ll begin 2014 with a head of steam after winning six of last year’s final seven games, capped by a bowl blowout of Cincinnati. It’ll be a busy offseason for the program as it jostles with a roster missing stars on both offense and defense.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - No area of the Tar Heels requires more time and attention this offseason than the D-line. All-star DE Kareem Martin graduated, as did solid DT Tim Jackson. Carolina not only needs a couple of new starters to emerge, but it has to get better at stuffing the run after ranking 82nd in the country and allowing more than 182 yards per game.

This spring will be a success if … a left tackle and a center emerge as viable successors to all-leaguers James Hurst and Russell Bodine, respectively. The Carolina offense is going to be good. Very good, in fact, if QB Marquise Williams keeps growing. The O-line, though, will miss its two best blockers, which could hamstring the rest of the attack if quality replacements are slow to develop.

Start: March 16, Spring Game: No game

Pitt will struggle to alter its image as a middling ACC program. The Panthers are average by the ACC measuring stick. Yeah, they can step outside of their weight class every so often, but they’ll also lose when they’re not supposed to. Last season’s 7-6 mark was just about right for this program. Third-year head coach Paul Chryst will look to build around his younger stars, such as WR Tyler Boyd and RB James Conner, as he prepares to audition possible replacements for hard-throwing Tom Savage behind center. There’s also the reality of life after DT Aaron Donald, last year’s most destructive defender in college football.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Throw open the competition along the offensive line. One of these years, the Panthers must begin doing a better job of protecting the pocket. Last fall, they yielded 43 sacks, the fourth most in the country. Four starters are back, but no one’s job should be safe until the entire group can prove that it can work together like a cohesive unit.

This spring will be a success if … a leader in the quarterback race steps to the forefront. Savage is gone, which means Boyd is going to have a new battery mate in 2014. The likely starter will be sophomore Chad Voytik, last season’s backup. If he’s not ready for the promotion, Pitt will be in trouble, because one-time walk-on Trey Anderson is the only other scholarship quarterback on campus.

Start: March 1, Spring Game: April 12

Mike London: Crackerjack recruiter, but a mediocre head coach. London has succeeded in getting talent through the door, but that’s where the celebration has typically stopped. The Cavaliers won just a pair of games in 2013, and they’re 18-31 since the coach replaced Al Groh in 2010. Yet, studs, like DT Andrew Brown and S Quin Blanding, have chosen to play in Charlottesville, highlighting the riddle that is London. The coach cleaned up on Signing Day last month, but he won’t be teaching his new recruits for very long if Virginia doesn’t make it to a bowl game in 2014.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - The defense will be fine, relatively speaking. The Cavaliers must focus all of their attention on spicing up an offensive attack that was among the worst in the ACC last season. Virginia averaged fewer than 20 points a game, while norming 4.4 yards per play to rank 119th in the country. A .500 season is out of reach if the Cavs don’t become markedly more potent when they have the ball.

This spring will be a success if … the light switch turns on for junior QB David Watford. London stuck with Watford last fall, even when he was struggling to connect consistently downfield. The hope is that the coach’s patience and loyalty will begin producing dividends. Virginia is painfully short on game-changers, and it’ll be up to Watford to elevate the potential of those around him.

Virginia Tech
Start: March 27, Spring Game: April 26

Now that Frank Beamer has fallen, can the Hokies help him get back up? The school that won at least 10 games during an eight-year period from 2004-11 is 13-11 against FBS teams the last two seasons. Tech went 8-5 a year ago, looking in the second-half like a program whose best days just might be in the rear view mirror. The gap with Florida State and Clemson has widened dramatically, and most of the Coastal Division has caught up. The Hokies continue to be just fine on defense, but the offense is a perennial nuisance, exacerbated by the graduation of inconsistent—yet dangerous—QB Logan Thomas.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Locate the best back in Blacksburg, and then commit to putting a saddle on him in the fall. Tech rarely attracts next-level passers, but it overcame the limitation in the past with a dominant ground game. Think David Wilson or Ryan Williams or Darren Evans. The Hokies have not have not had a true workhorse the past two seasons, which has been central reason to their futility.

This spring will be a success if … Mark Leal looks nothing like the quarterback who spelled Thomas in the Sun Bowl. Leal was lost in El Paso, a big concern since he’s in the pole position to be the starter in his fifth year on campus. The senior doesn’t have to be prolific, but Virginia Tech needs a higher degree of competency from the position for a change. With Michael Brewer coming in from Texas Tech – and eligible to play right away – the quarterback situation will be entertaining this offseason.
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With FSU the running game will be more explosive....interested to see how the WR corps fairs and who steps up outside of Rashad Greene....Christian Green has all the physical talent in the world but no type of consistency, plus it seems like he almost has bad luck whenever the ball is thrown his way...also interested to see how Haggins returns from injury and which young Wideout will step up in the spring....I think the D will be improved coming into the 2nd year of the system....Would like to see what new leaders emerge on D also
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Spring 2014 - Big Ten Team-By-Team Analysis


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Start: March 8, Spring Game: April 12

Okay, Indiana, enough is enough. The Hoosiers aren’t going to win the loaded East this year, but it’s time to go bowling. This spring, the team has to start figuring out how to generate more pressure and do more defensively - duh. The Hoosiers haven’t played a lick of defense in decades, but now with a thrilling offense, the D has to occasionally hold serve. The problem last year was a scoring D that got worse as the season went on, just as the offense lost its mojo against Wisconsin and Ohio State. Head coach Kevin Wilson talked a great game, and it’s a massive rebuilding job being done, but now is the time when the results have to start.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Think about what life might be like if your offense wasn’t going 1,000 miles per hour. Keeping defenses on their heels is one thing, but far too often the IU attack came up with a three-and-out in about 15 seconds. Time of possession on the year? Opponents 34:12 – Indiana 24:48. That has to even up a wee bit.

This spring will be a success if … the Hoosiers can identify more defensive playmakers. The quarterback situation will sort itself out and the O will run just fine with nine starters returning, and there’s hope for the D with ten starters coming back, but who can play? All the experience in the world won’t matter if the run defense is getting ripped apart again.

Start: March 1, Spring Game: April 11

Enjoy the money grab A healthier team, lots of experience, and several new coaches in the mix should make for a fun and lively spring – that and a new conference. There would actually be plenty of reason for excitement in most normal years for a program that should be hitting its stride under Randy Edsall – and there will be. The Terps are playing in a bigger, badder, better league now, but that also mean there’s more of an opportunity to grow on a bigger stage. Yes, playing against Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan in the division is going to stink, but at least there’s no more Florida State to deal with. This spring, it’ll be time for the team to start acting like it’s one of the big boys, too. Or, at least it can be.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - It doesn’t matter what else happens this spring or the upcoming campaign if the offense doesn’t figure out how to stop giving the ball away in bunches. Turnover margin was an absolute killer for this error-prone team, giving it away 28 times on the year. There’s no way the Terps will be better in the new surroundings if the mistakes keep happening.

This spring will be a success if … everyone gets out alive and healthy. The potential is there for this to be a very good, very solid, very annoying team in the Big Ten East race. There’s enough experience and enough talent to be dangerous, and with some key parts to the puzzle returning – especially WR Stefon Diggs – there’s reason to be excited as long as the summer isn’t about looking for possible replacements for starters.

Start: February 25, Spring Game: April 5

But there’s always pressure at Michigan 7-6 doesn’t keep Michigan coaches around for very long, especially if the new offensive coordinator is making so much. It’s not like Brady Hoke is going to magically put it all together in one big shot here this spring, but OC Doug Nussmeier is expected to change things around. Last year was a major disappointment for a team that should’ve been a lot more effective, but it was a transitional season with all the great young prospects stepping in. This year, though, with so much experience and so much potential talent, ten wins has to be a given. This spring, this team needs to set a tone – that might be too cliché, but it’s the truth. If there’s no attitude, a third place finish – or worse – could come very easily.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Get physical. It’s hard to be a nasty team when the offensive line is struggling so much. Hoke’s teams generally skew towards the finesse side offensively, and now the O line is losing Taylor Lewan and fellow tackle Michael Schofield. Finishing 102nd in the nation in rushing isn’t okay for Michigan.

This spring will be a success if … Devin Gardner puts the kid on hold. The last thing the middling Michigan offense needs is a whole summer’s worth of quarterback controversy, but no one will complain if Shane Morris is outstanding. QB should be an easy area, and it should be No. 98’s attack to run. First he has to prove it.

Michigan State
Start: March 25, Spring Game: April 26

Was it a start or a finish line? The program had been pushing to get among the elite for so many years, and it was so achingly close to going to the Rose Bowl three years ago, but now this is the star of the conference. It doesn’t matter how much confetti is falling on Mark Dantonio’s head, Michigan is still going to be the bigger program, and Ohio State is always going to be better. Dantonio’s key this spring will be to convince his Big Ten and Rose Bowl champion team that it’s the underdog. “No one believes in us,” can and will be the cry, and now it’s time to ramp up the swagger to take the first step to show championship staying power.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Make the offense pop. With nine starters and all the skill players returning, that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s easy to keep things simple when the defense is allowing six points or fewer per game five times out of a six game stretch, but MSU has to make teams scared on both sides of the ball. Don’t be afraid to start taking more chances – the D will clean up the messes – and that means …

This spring will be a success if … QB Connor Cook progresses into an NFL prospect. The defense will be amazing again and the offensive line should be fine with a little time, but the reason Michigan State went from great to Pasadena was the improved quarterback play as the year went on. It was almost a surprise whenever he made big things happen last year. This time around, he has to be steady – there can’t be any fear to turn him loose to open up the offense a bit more.

Ohio State
Start: March 4, Spring Game: April 12

0-2, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2. After an entire year of arguments about whether or not the Buckeyes really were as good as their amazing run of two straight unbeaten regular seasons under Urban Meyer, the answer still might be yes. The loss to a great Michigan State team and a loaded Clemson squad soured the season, but it also helped set the tone for what should be an amazing run for the next several years. It’s Ohio State and it’s Urban Meyer – win the national title, or the season is a failure. A few defensive tweaks and the ultimate goal really might not be that far away.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - The pass defense might need a wee bit of tightening, and that’s where assistant coach Chris Ash comes in. Even with a fantastic pass rush and a great all-around D, the secondary couldn’t slow anyone down late in the year giving up 300 yards or more over the final four games and 14 touchdowns. The overappreciated Bradley Roby is gone at one corner and Corey Brown and C.J. Barnett have to be replaced at safety.

This spring will be a success if … the offensive line comes together in a hurry. The defense will be fine – there’s more than enough talent to tighten things up – and the offense will eventually be solid, but Carlos Hyde is gone after carrying the team at times, and four starter are gone up front. It’s Ohio State, the line will be terrific, but it would be a huge plus if the starting five up front is established come April 12.

Penn State
Start: March 17, Spring Game: April 12

There are no excuses. James Franklin won’t allow them. A sheer force of will in terms of attitude and energy, Franklin is the perfect guy at the right time for a Penn State program that’s one coach removed now from the nightmare. Scholarship restrictions? Continued NCAA sanctions? Nothing to really play for? Same division as Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State? Franklin doesn’t care, and he’s not going to let his players use anything as reason to not win, either. Every team wants to bring the A effort and fire, but it starts with Practice One for Penn State – Franklin won’t let the Nittany Lions take it easy for a second.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Offensive consistency, especially with the passing attack. The running game wasn’t all that bad, and the passing game was fantastic at times considering it was a true freshman under center, but Christian Hackenberg is no ordinary passer. With Allen Robinson gone, the go to safety valve is done. All Robinson did is catch 97 passes for 1,432 yards and six scores, and the No. 2 target, Brandon Felder, is also done. The leading returning wide receiver is Geno Lewis, who caught just 18 passes for 222 yards and three scores. There’s work to do.

This spring will be a success if … Franklin gets the offensive line together in a hurry. Getting everyone familiar with the new coaching staff will be vital, and getting all the ins and outs of taking over a program have to be settled, but on the field, the O line is the biggest concern losing Adam Gress and John Urschel on the right side along with center Ty Howie. The depth is a little bit lacking overall, but if the front five isn’t solid this spring, it’ll be the biggest concern this fall.

Start: March 25, Spring Game: April 26

Welcome to your new world. Prepare for a rough ride. It wasn’t a pretty end to life in the American losing four of the final five games and six of the final eight. The Scarlet Knights didn’t beat a team that finished with a winning record. For a program that has the bar set on a bowl game or bust every year, anything less will be a major disappointment, even in the new league and nasty division, but it’s going to take a few big upsets and a lot of luck to make any noise. This spring, the attitude has to be there from the start that the team isn’t going to be a pushover – easier said than done.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - The secondary might want to tighten up a wee bit after giving up over 4,000 yards and 31 touchdowns with just eight scores. Everyone got fat on the Scarlet Knight defensive backs with Eastern Michigan, Connecticut and just about everyone else hitting the 300-yard mark. Rutgers allowed fewer than 300 just four times – and won all four games. Three starters are back, and now they have to be better.

This spring will be a success if … the team forms a better offensive identity. Gary Nova is the odds-on favorite to take the quarterback gig back after leading the team with 2,159 yards, but threw 14 picks and didn’t exactly make the offense hum. The offense needs more from the running game when Paul James isn’t handling things, and the passing game needs more downfield pop after losing Brandon Coleman to the NFL early.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Start: March 5, Spring Game: April 12

Is this a lame duck session? Things aren’t exactly going well in the Tim Beckman era. The recruiting hasn’t been great, there was a big defection – DE Hunter Bates – and there’s a general sense that a new era might be starting next year at this time unless something changes in a hurry. No coaching staff will ever say there’s a sense of desperation, but Beckman has always handled things like there needs to be an instant upgrade. After going 1-7 to close out last year, nothing less than a bowl appearance will keep Beckman around.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Generate more of a pass rush. The defensive front has to be tougher and nastier against the run, but it was an equal opportunity disaster on D. The secondary could be a big plus, but it needs help from a pass rush. That might be tough to do after losing Bates, who wanted to be closer to home in Louisiana, and Jonathan Brown and Tim Kynard. 11 of the 14 sacks generated last season are gone. Even though there was a little pressure and an uptick in sacks over the second half of the season, it wasn’t enough.

This spring will be a success if … Wes Lunt is the real deal. The former Oklahoma State starting quarterback has talent, but he wasn’t able to stay healthy. The Illini need more from the ground game, and the receiving corps is a potential mess if a few key targets don’t shine right away, but with Nathan Scheelhaase gone, Lunt needs to be more than just a replacement; he has to be an upgrade.

Start: March 24, Spring Game: April 26

The Hawkeyes pulled up out of the nosedive. After going 4-8 in 2012, was this the real start to the end of the Kirk Ferentz run? Did this mean it was time for a change? As it turned out, it was an aberration as Iowa came up with a nice eight-win season, but that’s the problem with the program – it’s coming up with nice seasons, not great ones. 2009’s great run to the Orange Bowl is now four full seasons ago, but are things building back up for another big run? The schedule isn’t all that bad, the team has improved, and the West division is the easier of the two. It’ll take a few big breaks, but this spring has to be sharp to have any dreams of getting into the double-digit win range again.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Find even more of a downfield passing game. After a disastrous 2012, the offense started to stretch the field a little bit more last season with Jake Rudock doing a decent job from time to time, but it wasn’t enough. The passing attack hit the 200-yard mark just once over the final six games – throwing for 239 yards in the win over Michigan. The running game, after cranking out 200 yards or more in each of the first five games, hit the mark just once over the final eight. Rudock has to pick up the slack.

This spring will be a success if … there isn’t a major panic attack at linebacker after losing Anthony Hitchens, Christian Kirksey and James Morris, the team’s top three tacklers who combined for 322 tackles with each going over the 100-stop mark. It’ll be an open casting call for the three spots, but the linebacking corps will be helped by a strong defensive front with everyone back.

Start: March 4, Spring Game: April 12

Well that answers that question. Minnesota ended the debate in a big way. Is Jerry Kill still going to be the head coach, and will the program rely on a guy with a few massive health issues to deal with? With a raise from $1.2 million a year to $2.1, and with an extension through the 2018 season, the program is committing to Kill – even if he’s still far below several other Big Ten head coaches on the pay scale. However, according to the contract, if he has to take time off because of health problems, depending on the length of absence, he might not get paid for that time, but as long as he’s okay, he’s the Minnesota head coach. That’s about as stable as the situation can get.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - A downfield passing game would be nice. It might not necessarily fit with the style of pounding offense, but when the Gophers had to throw last year in a pinch, they couldn’t. There’s experience returning, but unless the receivers become more explosive – there’s no one who can take the top off a secondary – the running game will occasionally stall. For a team that scored 27 points over the final three games last year – all losses, more O is a must.

This spring will be a success if … Mitch Leidner takes a big leap forward. There’s no replacing Ra’Shede Hageman in the middle of the defensive front, but with Philip Nelson transferring, the biggest hole to fill might be at quarterback if Leidner doesn’t become more of a passer. Leidner finished second on the team with 407 rushing yards and seven scores – Nelson was third – but he only completed 43-of-78 passes on the tear for 619 yards and three scores with a pick.

Start: March 8, Spring Game: April 12

You still have Bo Pelini to kick around Husker fans might be angry the program isn’t back to its national championship-level status of the past, but it’s been more than ten years since winning the whole ball of wax was realistically on the radar. Winning nine games and beating an SEC team in a bowl game should be good enough – especially considering the loss of Taylor Martinez early on – but the relationship between coach and fan base is a bit strained. With a little boost of a pay raise, he’s now over the $3 million mark and the program is committing to him. It remains to be seen if the fans are on board, too. They will be with a Big Ten championship, but probably nothing less.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Everything about the spring has to be focused on holding on to the ball. Among the worst teams in the country in turnover margin, Nebraska was on the negative side of the stat in every game over the final seven in the regular season before finishing a +1 against Georgia. The Huskers were 3-0 last year when they’re on the plus side of the turnover, and they’re 29-1 since 2007 when they’re in the positive.

This spring will be a success if … the secondary comes out looking bright. RB Ameer Abdullah needs a revamped offensive line to pave the way, and getting even more out of the defensive front would be nice, and Tommy Armstrong Jr. has to show he’s ready to be the full-time star under center, but the team needs the most help in the secondary, especially at corner. Safety Corey Cooper is the only returning starter.

Start: February 26, Spring Game: April 12

NOW you want to unionize? After THAT year? It might have been a disastrously disappointing season for a program looking to show a little staying power, but there are more than enough pieces in place – even if several of them are banged up after a rough year - to rebound quickly and be a factor again. The Wildcats never seemed able to get the right breaks, but they didn’t exactly make their own good fortune, either. As long as the fight to unionize doesn’t become a major distraction, the 2014 team could be very, very good. However, this was a team that didn’t seem to have its eye on the ball throughout last year – focus will be vital.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Tighten up the secondary. The pass rush was okay, not great, but the secondary didn’t help itself throughout the rough second half of the season. The defensive backs gave up too many big plays a year after allowing a few huge deep balls that kept the fantastic 2013 from being truly epic. Teams were completing close to 60% of their passes on NU, but the Wildcats can’t take a lot of chances to sell out on the short stuff – the safeties aren’t good enough to handle the speedier deep receivers.

This spring will be a success if … Trevor Siemian becomes even more of a factor. He always had to look over his shoulder waiting to see if Kain Colter was going to be healthy enough to play, but now the offense is all his to run. With ten starters back on offense – eventually, when RB Venric Mark returns healthy – there’s experience and potential, but Siemian isn’t the playmaker that Colter was. He has to use his arm to make everyone around him better while elevating the inconsistent attack.

Start: March 7, Spring Game: April 12

The redshirt year is over. Okay, so the 1-11 2013 season didn’t work out quite as well as planned for first-year head coach Darrell Hazell, and now the team has to find something it can do well this spring. The defense was awful, the offense worse, but 15 starters are back and Hazell is a good enough coach to tweak things just enough to get a few wins out of a team that needs a little bit of luck.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - After allwging 39 sacks, get the offensive line working. It’s not this simple, but the better the O line, the better the nation’s second-worst running game can be. The better the running game, the better the offense can be overall without having to deal with so many long second and third downs. The better the offense, the better the ball control for a team that only had it for under 28 minutes per game. The defense didn’t do its part – it couldn’t seem to get off the field – but with the interior of the line back, and the tackles needing to be replaced, it’s up to the offensive front five to set the tone.

This spring will be a success if … there’s hope. The team needs players and producers, and it needs weapons. There’s experience, but are there enough talented options to start improving a woeful offense and a soft defense? It’ll be hard to tell how good any of the units are – if the offense rocks, it might be because the D is still bad, and vice versa – but by April 12th, the coaching staff needs to see something to build off of going into fall camp.

Start: March 5, Spring Game: April 12

August 30th, 2014. Houston, Texas The Badgers will know where they stand right away when they face LSU in the season opener. The rest of the schedule is a relative piece of cake, so if they can knock out the big boy from the SEC, it might be lookout time for one of the big four spots in College Football Playoff. However, for a team that came up with a weird finish with an odd gameplan in the loss to Penn State and a tough defensive day against South Carolina in the bowl loss, going cliché and taking it one game at a time is a good thing, especially if that first game is against a true national title contender. There are a lot of pieces that need to be put in place before the Badgers can think about taking the Tigers.

Unsolicited advice on what to work on this spring - Somehow find a pass rush among the new guys. Six of the starters on the defensive front seven are gone including the entire front four, and now there’s work to do to get into the backfield. The sacks came in bunches, highlighted by the seven coming in the stomping of Northwestern, but there wasn’t any pressure on Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg, and there wasn’t enough happening behind the line in the losses to Arizona State and South Carolina, not to mention the first half against Ohio State.

This spring will be a success if … a wide receiver emerges. The quarterback situation will be fine as long as Joel Stave can somehow show this spring that he’ll be more consistent and can hit the open man, and the defense should reload in a hurry. But if a go-to target doesn’t emerge to replace Jared Abbrederis, a big season could fizzle immediately.

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We only have 4 running backs that worries me, Dallas could always move back in case of an injury but still mean.gif
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Notre Dame Football Spring Practice Questions: Offense


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Notre Dame opens up spring football early this year with the team beginning the first of its 15 practices this upcoming Monday, March 3rd. As Brian Kelly heads into his 5th season, the offense isn't quite at a crossroads as much as it is doubling back towards the road it began two years ago. A lot of pieces have finally fallen into place--the team is full of Kelly's players--and many fans are expecting the best offense of the Kelly era.

The pressure is on.

Here are some questions worth asking as the Fighting Irish get back on the field to set the tone for 2014.

How Rusty will Golson Be?

Obviously most eyeballs will be squarely on Golson as he returns from suspension. What kind of player are we going to get right out of the gate after such a long absence? Will his work with George Whitfield pay immediate dividends? Or is it possible Golson might be a little shaky coming back while trying to put the past behind him, improve his passing, expand his knowledge of the offense, and take on a position of leadership?

Everett's weight gain will also be something else to monitor this spring. He came to Notre Dame at a skinny 170 pounds and was able to get up to 185 pounds during his redshirt freshman season. Although head coach Brian Kelly mentioned that Golson finished 2012 under 180, there have been numerous reports that he began his training with George Whitfield this past fall at 190 pounds and got up to as high as 204 pounds.

Can Zaire Challenge for the Starting Job?

But wait! There will be plenty of eyes on Malik Zaire this spring too as he enters a mano-a-mano quarterback competition with Golson. It would be surprising to see him usurp Golson, however, as there is enough pressure on Zaire to get himself ready for real action on the field this fall.

It's one thing when you're battling mono all season, the starting quarterback stays healthy, and the coaching staff wants to keep the redshirt on you. That was Zaire's life in 2013. Now, he's one injury away from being the starter, and many are expecting Malik to take a big step forward after lurking in the shadows last year.

Greg Bryant: Good or Great?

If you recall Greg Bryant was getting the bulk of the attention and hype going into 2013 compared to his classmate Tarean Folston, but it was Folston who ended up making the big impact as a true freshman. Bryant carried the ball twice in the opener against Temple and then once a couple of games later against Purdue before a knee injury shut down the rest of his season.

Following some rumor and speculation of a possible transfer, he appears 100% healthy and ready to make a big impact in his redshirt freshman season at Notre Dame. There have been other whispers around the program dating back to last August that Bryant was the most talented back on the roster, so can he show the world he's ready to be a No. 1 type of back for this team in the spring?

What's Happening with Carlisle & Mahone?

Notre Dame will return Cam McDaniel and his 838 career yards, while Tarean Folston figures to be the favorite to be a mainstay following his 470 yards--the most by a true freshman since 2004 when Darius Walker's 786 yards broke a school record. We already mentioned Greg Bryant, so where does this leave Amir Carlisle and Will Mahone?

Carlisle, a rising senior academically, will be participating in his third spring practice but the first one in full health. He missed 2012 with an ankle injury and broke his collarbone very early in spring ball last year. Big things were expected from Carlisle last year, but he finished fourth on the team in rushing attempts, only caught 7 passes, and only picked up 3 carries over the last 5 games. He should figure prominently in special teams, but what about as a running back?

Mahone has yet to make an impact on the field and sat out his redshirt freshman year with an ankle injury. He should be completely healthy this spring and a move to the backfield from the slot (where he worked last August) is likely with the departure of George Atkinson. Can he fill a niche as a power back or will Bryant and Folston fill that role by themselves?

Who Will Step Up in the Absence of Daniels?

I'm looking at you, Chris Brown! Okay, not all the pressure is on Brown, but a lot of certainly should be. Will someone step up over the 15 practices and head into the summer to make the coaching staff a lot more comfortable about DaVaris Daniels missing the spring? Is one of the rising sophomores ready to take the next step? Will Torii Hunter amaze in his first spring? Does Justin Brent have starter potential as a true freshman?

What Do We Have with Heuerman and Smythe?

With Troy Niklas scurrying off to the NFL, the tight-end depth chart suddenly became very dependent on some young players. Among the 5th-year seniors, true seniors, and juniors there's only one player (Ben Koyack) on the roster and he's the only guy with ANY experience. That's why we'll need to find out how much the redshirt freshmen Mike Heuerman and Durham Smythe can contribute this spring. Depending on their development the offense could stay very tight end dependent or shift away from the model used heavily in 2012-13.

What's the Plan at Left Guard/Tackle & Who's Next Up in the Rotation?

We've been discussing these positional battles for a couple weeks on the site. So many options and so many different combinations could be used. Does Stanley stay at right tackle or does he move over to the left side? Is McGlinchey too good to keep off the field and does he keep Elmer at guard? The spring battle really goes far beyond replacing Zack Martin and Chris Watt on that left side. Nearly every position is in flux right now depending on where a handful of players settle in during these 15 practices.

Will any Changes to the Offense be Evident this Spring?

It's been a topsy turvy 4 years. The Brian Kelly Spread at Notre Dame has been a mish-mash of styles and performances. Little changes have come and gone inside of a single game. Other changes have stayed around longer only to disappear later. Up-tempo has stuck its head out of the sand a few times too.

Where is this ship headed in 2014 and how apparent will any changes be this spring? Will we see some of the stuff I've personally been clamoring for (more option, up-tempo, multi-back sets, motion, etc.) and if we do will any of those things be a part of the regular every game offense? Or are we going to see the 2012 offense except with better passing?

What questions are you asking of the offense this spring?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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This spring will be a success if … if redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen appears ready to take over for Morris. Olsen was one of the top-rated quarterbacks of the 2013 class, and he has the higher ceiling than senior Ryan Williams.



.1% chance of this happening. Job is all Ryan Williams.

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Whoever wrote that dialogue for Rich Rod needs to be fired.  So corny, could've been decent with better lines.  I get that he/they were trying to get a point across and taking shots at Saban & Bielema but it was way too literal.

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You don't think RRod wrote that himself?
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Originally Posted by CP1708 View Post

Who is Ice Harris and why is he important?

DADE COUNTY LEGEND ,  treon harris and brandon harris's father



arguably the best high school coach in the country and a miami native that will be a huge factor in dade and broward county recruiting

so al can focus the important building that fence around new jersey

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.1% chance of this happening. Job is all Ryan Williams.

i think olsens gonna compete for the spot , wouldnt be suprised if he's the starter

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Originally Posted by ScarsOrScabs View Post

Whoever wrote that dialogue for Rich Rod needs to be fired.  So corny, could've been decent with better lines.  I get that he/they were trying to get a point across and taking shots at Saban & Bielema but it was way too literal.

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